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[gmg]Marnix Oliver by millemusen [gmg]Marnix Oliver by millemusen
Marnix Oliver
33 years
1st of march
136 lbs
Nature and Characteristic

Scatters things often

Magic Bounce
''Reflects status moves, instead of getting hit by them.''
The user lands and rests its body. It restores the user's HP by up to half of its max HP.
The user makes the target float with its psychic power. The target is easier to hit for three turns.

Me First(normal)
The user cuts ahead of the target to copy and use the target's intended move with greater power. This move fails if it isn't used first.

The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.

Warps the user to another spot on the same floor.

Omnious Wind(ghost)
The user creates a gust of repulsive wind. It may also raise all the user's stats at once.

Confuse Ray(ghost)
The target is exposed to a sinister ray that triggers confusion.


He's an average to slightly skinny bodied, slightly tall natu with a mostly green body with orange hands and feet. His feather plume stops right after his elbows and slightly below his knees, leaving his wrists, hands and the rest of his legs and his feet in thick orange scales. His plumage is slightly scruffy around his neck and shoulders, however he normally wears long sleeve shirts and long legged pants. His tail his long with orange feathers covering and creating his steering feathers, hiding the thin base for his tail feathers beneath them. His wings are not big enough to fly but they're able to aid him with climbing and he can hop further than without them. The overside of the wings are yellow with a black line all the way to the base and along the first 3 flight feathers. The inside of the black marking of the flight feathers are orange along with the underside of the wings. His eyes are dichroic with a dark blue outer color with a pupil ring of uneven, fiery orange.
He's a generally friendly and nice guy, however he's shy and doesn't tend to be terribly talkative towards strangers. He's a listener and seems attentive of others emotions, although he's very oblivious about his surroundings, especially when he manages to focus on thing. He likes to do things that challenges his brain, such as puzzles and such, although he can overthink things. He can be easily startled and can seemed scared of everything, although sometimes he's just nervous instead of scared. He have a strong loyalty to those he manages to bond with, given that he can have a hard time bonding with someone and feeling like they're his friend even if they consider them friends. Due to his past bullying, he can be slightly distrusting of others, but will lay trust in others if its necessary, such as if someones or his life is in danger. He is rather shy and isn't to keep on really big groups of people, getting stressed and nervous and needing a way to get away and calm down. if his patience is tried, he can get worked up and angry, yet he usually just leaves to calm down instead letting himself blow his lid, although he still can if he's pushed far enough.

:bulletgreen:Patient | :bulletgreen:Loyal | :bulletorange:Curious | :bulletred:Shy | :bulletred:Oblivious

He's a generally patient person, having learned to be patient through his experience with bullying and his outbursts. He shows patience with others, even the hostile ferals, although he will defend himself.

He's a very loyal kind of person, especially to those he cares about, whenever they're family or friends. It can be hard on him to break his loyalty, even if the person clearly did something they weren't supposed to.

He's rather curious and might accidental eavesdrop without noticing. He seems to be able to notice small and often shiny things that no one seems to noticed, this only making him more curious. His curiosity and forgetting to be aware of his surroundings, can make him break from a group to investigate.

He's tends to be very quiet and doesn't say a lot much of the time. He's not one to willingly and immediately approach someone, let alone for chatting and it can be hard for him to start and keep conversation. While he can still be shy around those closer to him, he becomes more outgoing and can be talkative, given that he feels comfortable around them.

He can be rather oblivious sometimes, especially when it comes to spacial awareness. He often seems to forget or not notice things around him, even people around him. While he seems able to be aware of people being sad, angry and more basic emotions, he seems to be oblivious about more complex emotions and things like flirting

Home Island
Sapphire Island
Home Town
Bramble Village
Marnix's family have always been a bit of a mix and match for as long as he remembered. While his mother and older brother both oricorios, albeit two different forms, he and his father were a natu and a xatu, he had a half sister on his father side who an archeops who was married to a noivern and had a tirtouga daughter from a previous relationship and a noibat son with her husband. To be honest, Marnix never thought of it as odd and just cherished the supportive, welcoming family he had, counting himself lucky for being born to a family who always seemed to have his back.

As far back as he could remember, Marnix's parents were divorced and didn't even want to see each other, yet both was caring and loved their children and while he and his older brother by a year was mostly at their mother since their father had moved to Seasong city and their schooling was in Bramble Village where their mother lived, they always got to go home to their father every other weekend. While his mother worked, he and his brother were left in a daycare where they could interact and play with other children until they were picked up later in the day.

As a little kid, Marnix was energetic, outgoing, stubborn and maybe a little bit dimwitted. He loved to climb around and did it often and on anything, causing him a lot of harm when he repeatedly fell from thin branches or play sets. Due to his many falls, he was often picked off early and hurried to the doctor because it was thought he had broken something or something, yet there was never anything wrong except for some brushing, some scratches and sore spots. Even at that age he had an interest in reading and were able to read pretty decently before the others since if he wasn't playing with other kids, he was reading, drawing by himself or doing other more introverted things.

By the time he was the age to start going to school, he seemed to develop some behavior that could be seen as odd, but it never seemed to cause any problems or slowed him down, yet as time passed it was noticed that he seemed to have problems focusing, getting easily distracted and he would make seemingly out of nowhere sounds or twitch from time to time. While he did have a few friends, he seemed to have some issues bonding with others, and his odd behavior attracted bullies to, although they were never physically violent but were more verbal bullies and it always seemed to be those older than him that bullied him. Due to the bullies over his school years, he became more quiet and pulled away from social interaction, although keeping the friends he had, at least until they drifted apart, though he had one or two he never seemed to drift apart from. While he struggled with some things in school, he always seemed to be ahead with reading, being that he was a fast reader, although sometimes he missed a word or line because his eyes jumped all over the page.

During their teenage years, he fell a little out of favor with his brother because his brother wanted to seem cool to his friends and decided that Marnix was too weird and pretended like he didn't know him sometimes when they were out in public, or trying to boss him around at home. The bullying at school and his brother resulted in, rage filled, verbal and loud outbursts now and then when he couldn't take it anymore, yet at no point did he ever become physically violent and instead yelled and screamed at whoever happened to send him over the edge before just leaving, later being found crying because of his own outbursts and the empty feeling from venting out the rage. The older he got, the more control and restrain he learned to have with himself and his outburst, causing them to be rare and for him to develop warning signs such as his head starting to shake.

When he was around 15 his older half sister gave birth to a daughter, although no one really knew who the father was as his sister had been a bit over the place with a couple of guys before she got together with her current boyfriend, but regardless the child was loved and Marnix came along to see his niece after she was born. While they didn't see them often, Marnix and his brother sometimes visited their sister when they were visiting their dad and with time his brother seemed to grow out of his 'my brother is a weirdo' phase and started to become more supportive and understand, will still being who he was, something Marnix was glad happened. When they both had reached the age of 18 his brother had moved out while he still lived at home, not having the easiest time of trying to remember to do the little things like showering or just in general forgetting things shortly after they happened due to getting distracted.

While not terribly much happened for some years, he had managed to get a job taking care of ferals and abandoned pet, having shown love and compassion for the feral pokemons and a more outgoing personality towards them. Somewhere around his 19th year of life, his sister gave birth to a son, the father whom was her husband and as with her niece, he came and visited to see his new baby nephew.

A decade and four years with nothing really happened, the legendary fights happened and disasters starting all over the region. Marnix and his family was lucky visiting family in the other side of bramble village when a chunk of bramble village was destroyed by a meteor. While everyone was panicking, Marnix stayed close to his family, seeming silent and calm, but panicking on the inside and trying to figure out how to react to what what's going on. With the ferals going hostile after the disasters, Marnix was out of a job and over the next couple of months, he barely left his home, which had been unharmed, causing worry on his family for his health, whenever mental or physical. With some persuasion, his family managed to convince him that perhaps he just needed a change of scenery and with some sibling bond prodding from his two siblings, they managed to get that he wanted to be of help somewhere but felt he couldn't be of help around here with the ferals becoming hostile and his hardship with interacting with other pokemons. With some research that was mostly hearing from people that had heard or been from the other islands, it was known that all the islands had guilds. With some discussion and further information on what happened on each island with the disasters, and with debate amongst the family, they all came to a majority decision that Emerald island seemed like a good choice.

Marnix took some time to roll the choices in his head, thinking about the islands and the guilds on them. He knew diamond island was to cold for his taste, so the island alone made it a no brainer for him to decide not to go there. Ruby island seemed alright, but the thought of the dry climate that tend to come with desert wasn't terribly appealing to him. Then there was obsidian island, the smallest of what he head, although the thought of living near an active volcano was very far from appealing. This left only Emerald island with its green landscape and changing seasons apparently. What he heard of the old appearance of the city and the surroundings of it sounded appealing, and what anyone could tell him about the Everstone guild, their belief of 'saving the world' appealed to him. He wanted to help the world, especially after the disasters that happened and the ferals became hostile, he just didn't know how, at least not alone. Joining the guild seemed like a good idea to him.

With the idea of a new scenery and a want to be of help and with the help and encouragement of his family, Marnix went on a ship for emerald isle to join the Everstone guild, with the promise of writing letters and coming back home to visit when he had time. Knowing his family had his back, even if they were not there, he hoped he had courage and stubborn determination to do something and maybe make a friend or two.

-He have high-functioning adhd, tourettes and aspergers
-He cannot stand still for long and sways or walks short circles
-Hes a bit scatterbrained and tends to forget things
-Hes not the best at setting names on faces, but tends to regonise faces, even if hes forgotten the name
-His twitches, when they happen, are most commonly in his arms and his head
-His body spasm when he gets startled or he jumps and screeches
-He enjoys drawing, sewing and other creativity related activities, partly due to them being and outlet for his disorders and can help him focus
-If he have to sleep in new and unknown places, he brings his plushie to allow him to calm down and sleep
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