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[fotc]Silenchedleap Npc by millemusen [fotc]Silenchedleap Npc by millemusen
old ref: silencedleap | thunderclan | permanent queen
|| NPC Information ||
Able to be NPC mate?
Able to be Surrogate/Donor
Able to be Adopted

Date of Becoming NPC

  Prefix: for the sacrifice she made to survive as she lost her voice, surviving in return
  Suffix: for her determination to be by the sides of her friends and loved ones in the time of need

perma queen

Book Description
A very fluffy, short legged and short-tailed she-cat with dark brown eyes, one grey paw and she is known to be mute. She have hidden scars along her throat

Family tree
Auramoon | alive | elder | NPC

beetleclaw | uknown | exiled | NPC

Whitedawn | litter #1 | tom | dead | senior warrior | NPC
Robinpaw | litter #1 | tom | dead | apprentice | NPC
Honeykit | litter #1 | she-cat | dead(taken by a hawk) | kit  | NPC
Shortlily | litter #1 | she-cat | alive | senior warrior | NPC
Morningocean | litter #2 | she-cat | alive | warrior | NPC
Sedgeshine | litter #2 | she-cat | alive | warrior | NPC
Lavenderpaw | litter #2 | tom | dead | apprentice | NPC
Pinefeather | litter #3 | tom | alive | warrior | NPC
Streampaw | litter #3 | she-cat | dead | apprentice | NPC
Skykit | litter #3 | tom | dead(still born) | kit | NPC
Blizzardkit | litter #4 | tom | dead(still born) | kit | NPC
Faithpond | alive | elder | NPC

Cedarfrost | alive | elder | NPC
Autumnflame | alive | elder | NPC

Creamspirit | she-cat | alive | warrior | NPC
Oceangaze | tom | alive | warrior | NPC
Morningstorm | she-cat | dead | warrior | NPC

Bullet; Greencheerfull | Bullet; Greenloveable | :bulletgreen:loyal | Bullet; Orangechildish | Bullet; Orangedetermined | Bullet; Redclumsy | Bullet; Redshy | :bulletred:naive

she is very cheerfull despite havig lost her ability to talk. she never really seems bothered by anything, especially the fact that she cant talk and therefor have to use simple sounds, expressions and just mouthing the words to try and communicate. she loves to be able to cheer others up, even if they're laughing at her attempts at communicating, as long as they laugh with her and not at her

she is rather loveable, doing what she can to cheer others up, letting others use her as a pillow if they need something soft, like for injured cats that would feel better to have something soft to snuggle. she also loves to spend time with kits, willingly sleeping by them if needed and allowed to, like if thier mother wants to go out a bit during the night or some kits have nightmares and have a hard time falling a sleep

she may have left her old clan to be with her mate, however, she is still fiercly loyal to her current clan, her family and whatever friends she makes. even if she cant speak, it would never stop her from springing to her friends and clanmates side, despite not being an actual warrior. Due to her wanting to help her friends and others that needs her, she still keeps her fighting skills as sharp as possible and even occasionally hunts just to help a little bit, especially if theres no kits and queens to take care of

she is rather childish in behavior, though he do know how to be a grown up warrior, she likes to be a little childish and odd now and then, it defently doesn't bother her, but of couse she would try not to be a bother for others. she often acts childish, like when shes sees something of great interest or something she havn't seen before, or pretty things or cats. she often doesn't seem like the smartest cat in the clan

she is rather determined in what she does, rarely giving up, wich is good, but can also be a bit bad. if she is too determined, it could bring her into danger, like following a prey right into the way of a predator or other dangerous stuff, or trying to catch fish that she clearly cant even carry, wich could possibly have a risk of her getting close to drowning

she is somewhat clumsy, especially thanks to her long fur and short legs, as she might sometimes trip over her own paws or accidently step on her own fur, causing her to fall. she often lands on her face, though she quickly gets up and acts as if it didn't hurt at all, though it can sometimes look funny when she falls

she is somewhat shy about specific things, especially about the subject of love. she knows she cant directly tell a special somecat that she loves them, though she is afriad to tell them in any other way she can. she can also sometimes be shy to tell her family that she loves that, however that is more if its a family member she didn't knew of

she can be somewhat naive about thing others tell her, especially now that she spends a lot of her time within the nursery or just generally within the camp. She likes to listen to stories and when theres no queens, or she doesn't have kits herself, she tends to hang out with the elders, listening to thier life stories and whatever they can make up. even elders can have an imagination

• - leaf bare
• - snow
• - when cats are taller than her(she likes to walk between thier legs)
• - friends that actually cares
• - cats that laugh with her and not at her

• - new leaf(not much, but a little)
• - cats that makes fun of her
• - false friends

• - anything that can eat her
• - death(i dont wanna join starclan yet ;n; )
• - being betrayed by anyone

she was born alongside her brother, blizzardkit, though it sadly turned out that she was the only living kit, as blizzardkit was still born. her brother was given a name before being buried so he had a name to be called with in starclan, and stonekit was named for her pelt's color. neither her father or mother had the same lenght or softness as stonekit's fur, however, they both had the genes for it, stonekit being born with these genes showing. her mother had moons of experience with kits, as stonekit was her fourth litter and she was welcomed to the world by those of her other siblings that where alive, though her father seemed to be absent. she was raised fairly normal, befriending the other kits and many other cats as she grew, though loosing some siblings meanwhile to battles and deseases.


at the age of 6 moons, she was named apprentice alongside a few other kits that had been born before or a few days after her, reciving the name of stonepaw and her mentor. she trained hard to learn everything she needed and to fight past her long fur. during the summer, she and her mentor usually always trained by the river since stonepaw would get it warm and they wouldn't want her to overheat, though she had shedded her winter fur to get thinner, and a but shorter fur to deal with the warmth a bit, she still needed a dive now and then, so they also practiced fishing and fighting in the water.

a few moons before she became 12 moons, she was refreshing where the borders and good hunting spots where. they had stopped near one of the borders, though not exactly there, but it had become a bit dark, when someone suddently attacked them. the dark fur of the attacker camoflaged them well enough to make it a bit hard to see who it was, though they knocked back stonepaw and pinned down her mentor, quickly killing them off. she attacked the attacker in a feeble and useless attemtp at saving her mentor as he was already dead. she too was pinned to the ground, but instead of killing her immidently, they dug thier claws into her throat and slowely dragged it downwards, tearing her throat and getting to her chest. in this time, she had time to see who the attacker was, only to regonise her own father, being the one pinning her down and slowely tearing her throat open. she couldn't manage to kick him off becaus of her short legs and her decreasing strenght as she lost blood, but suddently someone knocked him off her, stopping his claws a bit along the chest, though still leaving open wounds that bled a lot. she managed to hear mumbled voices that she vaugely regonised before she feel unconcious.

some time later she woke up in the medicin den. she had no idea how long she had been gone but she saw blurred faces, one she easily regonised as her mother. her vision soon became proper and she could see her surroundings clear again. there where more cats than she expected. her mother, the medicin cat thier apprentice, some of her siblings and her aunt and uncles. she felt tired and confused and when she tried to speak, no sound came out. she felt panic as she tried again and again before her mother stopped her. the medicin cat explained that she was lucky to survive such a wound, that she was lucky that the windpipe had not been damaged, however her throat had indeed been badly damaged and her voice had suffered the most, rendering her mute. for a second, she forgot she was mute and tried to ask what had happened with her father, though they did understand what she was trying to ask and explained to her that, after a patrol had stopped him from killing her, he was brought back to the clan along with her and her deceased mentor. a meeting was held and he was exiled, though stonepaw herself had been unconcious for some time, though there was always one cat keeping an eye on her, should she wake up. they explained that they made sure that her father had been mercerssly chased out of the clan, and that they had told the other clans about him during the last gathering.

|Adult [warrior]|

After someone had brought her a large, fat fish, her mother told her that there would be a suprise for her later when she felt she was able to walk just a tiny bit. some hours later, near moon rise, she felt awake and well enough to walk out of the den, and one of her siblings went to inform the leader who then called for a meeting. the meeting was started with annoyncing that stonepaw's mother was retiring and when that was done, stonepaw was told to step forward. she was curious ad suprised, so with the help of the medicin cat, she stepped forward, ifront of the crowd. it was announced that she had reached the age of a warrior and had proven herself ready and was then asked if she would protect the clan, even at the cost of her life. unable to speak anymore, she nodded and her name was then announced. she was given the name of silenchedleap, though it was not meant to be a reminder how she was now mute, but the will she had to sacrifice her voice to survive what could have killed her quickly, and for her determination to be by her friends and family's side in the time of need. she didn't like the name at first, but thought about it and started to like it more, becaus she had sacrificed her voice, just to survive, she had sacrificed something many takes for granted, so she could survived. she was hailed by her new name of silenchedleap by the clan and when the meeting was done many came and congratulated her, not just on her new status as a warrior, but that she even had the luck to survive such a wound.

she did sit her virgil that night, though had the medicin cat by her side in chase that she should get trouble breathing or something. the night remained calm and when dawn came, the medicin cat lead her back to the medicin den where she could rest while everyone else started to wake up to another day of patrols and hunting. she stayed within the medicin den to heal, this taking moons to do of couse, though she watched the other apprentices become warriors too and congratulated them. she was rather antisocial during her healing time as she wanted peace to heal, but she didn't mind her family coming to visit now and then, bringing food and such. when her wounds finally was healed perfectly, she very quickly became more social as she began meeting other cats again and started making new friends. her long fur had grown out where it had been ripped off, coverig her scars, but she knew she had them, and they didn't bother her one bit. she got the help of another warrior to tidy up on her fighting and hunting, though she hadn't forgotten anything, defently not the haunting memory of her father.

As the moons passed, she did her very best to be a good warrior, communicate with others and train her apprentice despite the loss of her voice. One day she met the cat that eventually became her mate later on. he was weak, starving and in bad condition and she wanted to help, though that day turned out a bit bad as some cats from cloudclan arrived and was not happy to see the weak tom, though he was eventually taken in rippleclan's care until he could return to his own clan, lightclan. She met him several times at the borders by sheer coincidence, developing feelings for him and they kept on meeting there, eventually becoming mates. They spoke about having kits, yet she was scared, not wanting to do such a thing to kits becaus they was in different clans, yet he proposed an idea that she could move to lightclan, but she was hesitant, needing time to think. She used much of her free time in the elder's den with her mother, thinking about her decision and knowing she had her family's support, before she eventually decided to leave rippleclan for lightclan, telling her mother that if she didn't come back, she could tell smokestar that she left, knowing that her mother understood her ways of communicating and her decision.

She got ready to leave and ran off for lightclan, taking a deep breath at the border before crossing it, running to the lightclan camp, catching some prey on the way. when she arrived, she hesitantly entered, dropping the prey by the fresh kill pile to prove she meant no harm, though afterwards she went to get her mate, dragging him to sparkstar's den so that he could help her speak to him as she herself had no voice of her own. When the clans had to leave, she followed, staying close to her mate who made sure that she could keep up, though she had to be carried now and then becaus of her shroter, munchkin legs. Though when the clans reached thier goal and split, she stayed as loyal to thunderclan as any cat could be, though it was hard for her to get used to the new name, even though she would never be able to say it.
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