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[fotc]Faraji Npc by millemusen [fotc]Faraji Npc by millemusen
old ref: Faraji|Kittypet
|| NPC Information ||
Able to be NPC mate?
Able to be Surrogate/Donor
Able to be Adopted

Date of Becoming NPC



Book Description
A tannish brown with most of face being darker and the entire back being darker with a couple of stripes. He is always wearing a blue bowtie

Family tree

button | stepfather

marco | male
diamond | female
bloom | female
silver | female





:bulletgreen:friendly | :bulletgreen:trustworthy | :bulletgreen:patient | :bulletorange:adventurous | :bulletorange:protective | :bulletred:clumsy | :bulletred:stubborn | :bulletred:naive

He is rather friendly and outgoing, though he isn't well known to the customs of the clan cats. While he is a bit oblivious, he would be the one to approach others and start conversation. He loves meeting new cats and people, even approaching dogs and other big creatures and being nice to them. Despite approaching creatures he should maybe be afraid of, making him seem like he's lacking a fear response, he can be afraid of things, but chooses not to appear as such, in chase these things wouldn't actually hurt him.

He is very trustworthy and wouldn't just abandon someone for whatever reasons. He often keeps his promise, even going as far as to do everything he can to keep it, prompting him to never make promises he couldn't possibly keep. If he should ever promise something for example, promise to always return if he should ever go away, he'd wander as far as he had to just to keep that one promise. You could trust him to stand by your side and even to break rules and trespass as many times as he have to, just to make sure those he cared about was safe.

He is highly patient with others, being able to just sit and wait for as long as need be. Being patient makes him an excellent listener as he have the patience to listen to someone rambling on for a long time. While he is patient, he isn't afraid to interrupt if he have something to add or is disagreeing with something, even doing the same thing with his twolegs when he for once, is spending time with them. While he isn't specifically looking too have kits, he have the patience for them and even wouldn't mind playing games with them.

He is rather adventurous and is not afraid to venture far from his twolegs home. He absolutely loves exploring the forest near his home and he doesn't restrict himself to any size of area around his home, but rather explores everything he can. While he doesn't become bored of exploring the same places he already have, he absolutely loves finding places and areas he have yet to explore, but he likes that he always have his home to return back to. If he can, he wouldn't shy away from trying to explore the clan camps and he does his best to stay hidden of course. When he's not trying to explore the camps, he isn't going to hide from someone unless he senses that something might be wrong and he would need to hide

He can be rather protective, especially if he finds something unfair. While he wouldn't need to really be protective over his twolegs, not unless a hostile twoleg broke in, he can be protective towards complete strangers if he finds that something isn't right. His protective behavior isn't only to physical or verbal things and he isn't afraid to defend someone even if he was outnumbered. Some of the things he would do to protect someone would be too outright fight was was a threat, flee with the ones needing protection until they were completely safe or just stay with them until they were rescued. Even if they were a complete stranger, he wouldn't be able to make himself not try to do something to keep them safe, even if it mean offering his life.

He can be rather clumsy from time to time, even sometimes tripping over his own paws. Despite being rather clumsy, he never seems to bat an eye at it and just laughs it off instead of being embarrassed. He can't see what he should be embarrassed about if he falls or anything else clumsy and he doesn't even really notice that when he walks normally, he always seems to slightly sway from side to side, yet nothing ever seems to be wrong about him. He sometimes doesn't watch where he walk or runs, causing most of his trips from falling over rocks, branches and other things. He never seems to be clumsy of any kind when walking on any sort of slim surface that would require balance to avoid falling.

He can be incredibly stubborn from time to time, though it mostly depends on the situation. While he is never a pushover or even close, some situations make him less stubborn than other. Being stubborn tends to help him in his explorations as that's where it seems to be strongest. While exploring, he could outright refuse to turn back until every part of the area is thoroughly explores, else he'd just return to finish the job. Situations with arguments does make him stubborn, but not too a very high or extreme degree as he doesn't bother with arguments much.

While not being overly childish, he can be rather naive to situations. While he never means to offend or hurt someone, his naivety can make him accidentally say something wrong, but he usually apologies once he realized what he did. While he does have a good hearing, he can be oblivious to his surroundings and naively assume a sound he heard might be something else than it actually is. He can occasionally see mistake hostility for something else.

• -being outside
• -meeting new people
• -his twolegs

• -being looked down upon
• -being betrayed
• -being forced to do something

|Prior to Birth|

While his mother was pregnant, she can away from her twolegs to avoid her kittens being exposed to the abuse and violence she had endured. During her time on the streets, she met a small group of cats who ended up helping to take care of her and defend her and her unborn kittens from harm the best that they could. This little group became like a family and she came to fall in love with a tom who returned her feelings, but never seemed to show it to her or anyone else. One day, when she was not far from giving birth, she was found by a twoleg family who decided to take her and her now mate in, and make them part of their family. While she was not too keen on the idea to start with, she knew it possibly guaranteed a safe life for her kittens, and these twolegs proved to be very caring and helpful


When he and his siblings were born, his mother nor his stepfather didn't name them as they knew he would likely be renamed by the twoleg that would end up adopting him anyway, though they always made sure that he and his siblings knew who where who and when they were being called. Even early on, he proved to be a very kind kitten and very playful, though being oblivious and naive to his surroundings and patient with his siblings. While most of his siblings were relatively nice, his brothers proved to be fight happy and since he was the only other tom, he was seemingly the only one worthy of a playfight. Despite often being challenged and accepting those challenges from his brother,he was always kind and gentle with his other siblings. His stepfather taught him and his siblings how to defend themselves in case they should decided to not be kittypets when they grew up, despite their young age, he wanted them too learn it before they were old enough to be moved to another twoleg family for their new homes.


When they were all old enough, they were adopted to other families. His own new twoleg family named him Faraji, though he never knew if it had a special meaning and it took him some time to get used to. He had always loved the outdoors and he was lucky enough for his new twolegs to not only have a backyard, but a whole forest nearby he could go explore and he just loved the possibilities. In the start, he wasn't let outside into the backyard unless one of his twolegs was also out there to keep an eye on him, but as time passed, they allowed him to be outside alone. He loved all the colors in the summer and all the snow in the winter, enjoying every moment he had of his life, he even managed to get along with the small dog that already lived with his twolegs.

|Adult [Kittypet]|

As time passed he and his twolegs had moved more than once, but during these times he had made friends with not only other kittypets, but loners and even the occasional rogue and even some more dogs. He moved to his new home near a forest not long before the clan cats arrived. During their time of settling in, he observed them every chance he got, feeling curious about who they where, why there was so many of them and why they seemingly settled down in his forest. While he did consider the forest his territory, he didn't mind the clan cats settling in as long as they left him and the other kittypet alone. When the rogues started to invade the clans's territory, he noticed how on edge some of the clan cats seemed to be and how they put out more patrols. He had observed the occasional rogue that came by his home and he didn't like the rise of them, but he didn't feel like there was anything he could do to help since his home wasn't in the forest,and he wasn't really stopped from going into the forest.

At some point, he met and befriended a shadowclanner she-cat who came to a tree near his home to grief and try to get over her mate whom at disappeared. Over time they became closer and one rainy night he invited her inside to keep her dry and to wait for the rain to stop so she could get home. Things happened during the rainy night and next day she returned home with the rain being going. Never did he know that he had become the father of a litter.
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