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[delerior]Offering A Friend by millemusen [delerior]Offering A Friend by millemusen
Early morning, rise and shine like always, even though she had moved so far away, she still held to her farm land routine. She wandered around her small home, getting ready to start some work on her farm. It had been a couple of days since she had started her farm and planted a couple of different small plants. She wanted to start with the smaller ones to kinda get her farm started and test out the soil she had to farm on. She made and ate breakfast and made sure to be hydrated before she walked out the door. As she stepped outside, there was a glimmer of light as if something reflecting the sun, coming from where she had planted her grapes. Suspicious and cautious, she approached with care, unknowing of what the glimmer was but when she got close enough, she noticed that one of the grapes had grown considerably quicker than the others, yet it was smaller and the grapes looked kinda like uncut gems, reflecting the sunlight. She walked around the strange grape plant, careful not to disrupt the other plants and inspecting it top to bottom. On a whim she decided to move the plant closer to her house and she started digging it up, careful to not break the roots or any other part of the plant. She planted it right besides her door, but in the opposite side of where the door swung open, but far enough away from the wall that she could still get behind it. The grapes grew a little strange, seeming to grow fine as a sort of bush structure.

She wondered if they were still edible, or if they would just be decoration, debating with herself if she should take the chance to taste one or not. Deciding it's better to know than risk someone accidentally eating one and getting poisoned or something, she carefully plucked one of the small grapes and hesitantly put it in her mouth. Before breaching the skin, the grape didn't taste of much, but once she bit down, it's tasted kinda sweet. It reminded her of ripe strawberries, but with grape flavor instead and despite her hesitations, she didn't feel ill or had any bad effects. She decided to wait a bit and see if anything changed, using the time to build the new grapes their own little garden with a fence around it. Later in the day she was still fine and determined the gem looking grapes was safe to eat. During the time she had taken care of the other plants, checking on herself and the gem like grapes and she remembered about the thing with offering the spirit tree a gift. Looking at the grapes, she got the idea of offering the tree a friend that would stay, setting her mind on taking some of the plant and plant it by the tree. She cut of a branch, knowing plants could grow from just a branch, yet when she did that, the cut off branches withered and died within seconds as if it could not live away from the plant itself. She took some time to come up with and idea and decided to take half of the plant, with roots in hopes that worked. Carefully, she dug free half of the roots, carefully cutting the smallish grape bush in two, holding her breath as she separated the two halves. Despite what she had thought would happen, both halves was fine, sighing in relief she packed the dug up half into a carrier pot and packed some homemade mulch, heading for the spirit trees once she made sure her home was locked up and safe.

As she walked through the town towards the tree, she did take note of how ponies seemed to stare. She assumed they started because of the strange, glimmering small bush she had with her and not because she was seemingly the only donkey around, or at least as far as she knew. As she stopped before the tree, she took note of the silver trunk and the golden leaves, noting how she had expected the tree to be more tree colored, though she hoped the grapes would bring some more beauty to the tree anyway. She looked around and noticed the offering box that ponies left things at and frowned, not wanting to just dump the tree and mulch at the prayer box and hope someone came along and planted it by the tree. She decided to plant it herself and walked around the tree until she found a fitting spot to plant it, looking up at the tree she dropped her things on the ground and knelt down to the tree silently, giving a couple of moments of respect. When she was done, she started to dig into the ground near the trunk, avoiding to interrupt or harm the tree or its roots and once she was deep enough down, she carefully to the bush and placed it in the whole, covering the roots of the strange grape plant with dirt along with some of her homemade mulch, to keep it safely into the ground of its new home. She packed her things again, but instead of leaving, she laid down by the tree, looking up at it an envisioning the gemstone like grapes growing around it, giving it more shine and beauty. She leaned her head against the silver tree, looking at the grapes with saddened eyes.

She had gone so far home to get away from the one thing she lost, the one thing that brought her so much pain, yet here she was, having grown and planted a grape that was strange but reminded her of her best friend. The strange gemstone cutiemark she had, wasn't always easy to decifer what it was, those kind eyes and gentle demeanor. She closed her eyes, feeling warm tears down her face as she cried silently, cried for a friend she was never going to see again. She thought to herself of what to name this strange new grape type, in the end, she decided that if anyone asked, she had named them pixie grapes, in honor of her best friend.

wordcount: 1038
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alpa -millemusen

Username: millemusen
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