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[TP]Pir Moss Roys by millemusen [TP]Pir Moss Roys by millemusen
|| Pir Moss Roys ||
''There was a plant? wait, plan! plan! i meant plan not plant!''

Pir Moss Roys
25th january


Random Facts
-She sometimes twitches out of nowhere, but she doesn't seem to notice, even if its her head that twitches
-The more stressed she gets, the faster she speaks, but she doesn't seem to be completely aware of the connection
-She loves music and to be creative with drawing or arts and crafts
-She can clumsy, dropping things when her hands twitch open, walking into things, turning to fast and bumping into a corner, etc.
-She can be tempature sensitive and does not like freezing, wich is why she normally walks around in a warm onsie
-She's mildly scared of balloons and weary of them when they're not inflated
-She have Vitiligo

:bulletgreen:Kind and Friendly|:bulletgreen:Patient|:bulletorange:Protective|:bulletorange:Honest|:bulletred:Stubborn|:bulletred:Shy

<Kind and Friendly>
She's a rather kind and friendly kind of person, showing kindness to just about anyone, even the bad guys if she feels it necessary. When she's interacting with people, she have a rather friendly demeanor and even if the person is not very nice, she still tries to be nice to them.

She have a patience not often rivaled by others, showing patience and tolerance to just about anyone. She's willing to wait and listen for a long time and she shows even more patience to people and pokemon who are difficult. If she starts losing her patience, she chooses to leave instead of risking snapping or anything.

She tend to be protective of others, especially her pokemon. If they are not supposed to fight or they are to weak to fight, she will stand in between and take the hits herself if she have to. She will physically and verbally defend others, however she's never one to throw a punch first

She tend to be honest to the point of being blunt, speaking honestly of things, even if it may hurt someone's feelings. She'll try to lie if it risks physical harm to someone else, but she's not the best liar beyond little white lies. Often when she tells the truth bluntly, it's because she's not consciously thinking about not being to blunt about it

She can be rather stubborn sometimes. If she wants something, it can be hard for her to not try to get it unless it's proven definitely impossible. She always considers nothing impossible unless tried and while her patience can play into her stubbornness, it doesn't all the time. Sometimes she can be stubborn on the behalf of someone else, especially if they feel they can't do something, but she's sure that they can.

Despite her friendly and kind nature she's rather shy, especially around people. Her shy, introverted personality and often lead her to become stressed in situation where she’s the center of attention in a big crowd. Her pokemon and any friends she have tend to help her socially interact better as she feels they're her emotional support, letting her relax more than if shes alone.

always clumsy - grew introverted - always around pokemon
Her life hadn't really had a lot of interesting things going on in it, just the average not terribly exciting kind of life.
She started out as an energetic and outgoing child, running and playing with others and especially pokemon, she loved to climb trees in the garden, often falling down from them because she had issues learning not to climb out on the thin ones that wouldn't hold her weight. Because of this, she was often send to be checked by a medical worker but she never had any serious injuries on her
She was sometimes made fun of for her twitching and clumsiness, something she tried to ignore and didn't think it would get to her, but when she was older she became more introverted and  drew more away from social interaction, preferring to interact with pokemon. As she grew she found that she didn't seem to have a very strong bond with any of her friends that could stand the test of growing up, causing her and them to grow apart, something she was sad about but accepted.
The older she got, the more she found how not very well she were at social cues and interactions with other people, although she always did her best to learn, she found that having pokemon or people she knew be part of the interacting made it easier for her and made her less stressed, although it helped less and less the bigger the groups were.

She wasn't terribly surprised when she was given the class of seraglio as she had often been made aware of her nurturing nature and while choosing her first partner, she settled on a small leaf wrapped sewaddle named stream. She didn't wanna rename it, assuming it was already used to its name, but she quickly grew attached to it and it to her, snuggling up in her hood.

Partner Slots

Pokemon: sewaddle
Link to the registry:…
She's quite a supportive pokemon and always seems to be around for her trainer, especially snuggling in her trainer's hood if she gets the chance. She can be a bit, or rather a lot clingy sometimes, but it's all in the name of love for her trainer.

Pokemon: beldum
Link to the registry:…
hes not a very talkative pokemon but he doesn't seem friendly at first either. hes usually omniously floating around nearby his trainer at all times. he can seem rather aggressive towards others, but not towards the other pokemons in his trainer's care

Link to the registry:

notes preffered
i can do comments and discord, but i might forget to reply
ficton style(i can do script style)
ask me
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