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Magic Class 3 by millemusen Magic Class 3 by millemusen
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Yet another day for class, yet this time it would be later in the day, giving baste more day time to spend with icarus, though when it was time, she dropped him off at the nook, feeling the fact that wyngro would be directly manipulating fire, would make it maybe to dangerous to bring icarus along, and she really didn't want him to get hurt. She couldn't lie, even though it had only been a little more than a month since she took the wyngling in, she couldn't help but grow an attachment to him. She wanted him to be happy despite what had happened before she met him, and she knew she wanted to see him get adopted to a new home no matter how much care she needed to give him for that to happen, but despite it, she didn't feel, or expect that he wanted to stay with her, he was still kinda distant, but he was coming out of his shell. During the earlier day, she had overheard a wyngro here and there about a magically inclined wyngro, she caught the name, Hestia, and after she had dropped off icarus at the nook, the first thing she did when she reached class was to ask the teacher, making sure not disturb the class, and once it was confirmed, she knew she needed to meet and ask this wyngro.
She noticed the grey, bat winged wyngro sitting by the fire with everyone else, having a glass, like all the other water students. She grabbed some marshmallows and a stick and sat down beside the other wyngro, staying quiet and thinking about how to start a conversation, making sure to practice her own assignment. While she was formulating what to say in her head, as well as working with the fire, she noticed the egg the other wyngro had with her. Her mind dropped the thinking and she had no hesitation when she started to speak ''Oh goodness! Congratulations on the egg!'' she chirped happily, obviously to the wyngro she was sure was Hestia ''You must be so happy!'' she managed to keep the fire she was manipulating under control, splitting her attention between the two things ''I'm sure they'll be a lovely sweetheart when they hatch!'' she chirped, smiling widely, her teeth exposed by the smile, yet the bucktooth nature of her front tooth making it look kinda goofy.
She calmed down her excitement a bit, continuing to speak ''I'm caring for my own wyngling currently, but he's not really my son'' she spoke ''I mean, I haven't adopted him, I'm just his caretaker until he can be adopted..'' she paused a bit, hurting herself with the wording, but knowing the truth of it ''So uhm... I heard you know your fair share of magic and uhm... I wanted to ask if you would like to teach him about earth magic, the wyngling in my care'' she hesitated a bit, once again trying to think about her words while also doing what she was supposed to as a fire class student ''He was really distant when I started caring for him, but when I told him about magic, he seemed to get out of his shell and, well, he seems very interesting in earth magic so I though.... I thought maybe if someone who could do it, could teach him about it, it would help him come out more, you know'' she looked at Hestia with hesitant hope, hope against all odds that this stranger would be willing to teach Icarus about the magic he seemed so interested in.

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Enderquus Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ah, how lovely~ The expressions are great, I love them. X3
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist
thanks X3
ArtyJayWolf Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Don't burn Farran, Baste XD
This looks great! I think this is the first (somewhat) interaction Farran's had with Hestia XD
I still love the way Baste looks XD And that night sky. Well done!
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist
thanks X3
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