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Katniss Leif Harlow by millemusen Katniss Leif Harlow by millemusen
We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work…
Katniss Leif Harlow
5th november
Nature and Characteristic
strong willed

shiny buizel
water veil
Prevents the Pokémon from getting a burn.
Ice Beam(tm)(ice)
The target is struck with an icy-cold beam of energy. This may also leave the target frozen

The user shoots boiling hot water at its target. This may also leave the target with a burn.

Focus Punch(tutor)(fighting)
The user focuses its mind before launching a punch. This move fails if the user is hit before it is used.

Quick Attack(normal)
The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first.

Water Gun(water)
The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.

Aqua Jet(water)
The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first.

Star-shaped rays are shot at the opposing Pokémon. This attack never misses.

Ross Kouri:

She's a shiny buizel with a slightly dull yellow coat and yellowish-cream muzzle, cheeks, throat, chest and belly. Her tails are tipped with yellowish-cream with two stripes and her ear tips are black along with two stripes around her neck and two stripes on each cheek. Her body is scarred and her left fin is half broken while her right tail tip is missing. Her hair is black, scruffy and poofy, spiking at the back of her head and ending in a thinner line of hair hanging down to her shoulders and a side cut on both sides. Her eyes are the same blue as her fins. She is rarely ever seen with her right arm in a sling, mostly using a black, over the shoulder and around the waist sling which was made to be usable in water.
Her right arm is skinny due to never having been used, making her left arms more muscular as it is the only arm she have ever and is ever going to use.
One big jagged scar along her wrist where her fin is broken off. Medium to large size scar on her back running slightly onto her side. A long scar on the left side of her head. Two scars on her right shoulder. Three scars on her right foot right below the ankle.
shes always been a compassionate, confident but skeptical and blunt wild child. she shows love and kindness to other people and is willing to pick them up when they're down or just sit down to listen to them. her confidence haven't been hurt much, getting confident boosts from her parents and others to never feel insecure about what she can and cant do. she'll share that confidence with others and if she ever comes off as cocky, shes just confident and a bit blunt in it. her confidence have given her the courage to fail every time she needed it when she needed to adapt to doing others could do with two hands. With her confident giving her courage, she have a bravery have bloomed from that, only outweighed by her compassion to others. shes rather skeptical of religion and what others say when it doesn't seem right, especially when they dont seem to have any facts in what they belive, however she wont tell them to not belive it, but instead to think more about it. if theres anyway she can, she'd gladly find facts whenever they prove or disprove what others tell her. she tend to be blunt in her words and actions, hesitating rarely to think it through before it happens. she can be rough and tumble at times, with a somewhat wild spirit and a tendency to be disordely. she can be noisy and shes up for a tussle with someone, but knows when to call quits when she have to, and despite her rowdy behavior, she never wants to seriously hurt someone unless she absolutely have to. With her skepticism comes some amount of distrust. She's never one to immediately trust anything anyone says, but even then, she is willing to give some trust to others when it is necessary as it could save hers or someone else's life.
:bulletgreen:Compassionate | :bulletgreen:Confident | :bulletgreen:Brave | :bulletorange:Skeptical | :bulletred:Blunt | :bulletred:Rowdy | :bulletred:Distrusting

she's a generally compassionate person towards others, showing sympathy and concern when she feels that something is wrong. She's often someone you can talk with if you need to.

despite her disability, katniss's have always felt confident and sure of herself. She doesn't let anything get her down easily, but sometimes even she needs a pep talk from someone else.

She can be rather brave most of the time, having, or at least showing no fear. She only truly shows fear when hers or others life is in danger, but even then her bravery shines though and doesn't allow her flee so easily. However, she's not dumb and knows when she needs to run or surrender because she have no chance.

she can be rather skeptical of what others thinks, especially when it comes to things like religion, however she wouldn't tell someone to not believe it, but rather tell someone to think harder on some part of it if she feels those parts seem contradictory or otherwise wrong somehow. She can be skeptical of what others tell her, opting to find out for herself which tends to lead her to listen to as many sides of the story as she can.

she's rather obvious in what she says and does. If she's gonna do something, she won't sugarcoat it, put a lid on it or try to hide it. She's says what she means and even if she tries to hide, she can be like an open book to others.

she can be rough and disorderly on the best and worst of days, up for a tussle and can make a mess if no one stops her. Even in her most rowdy moments, she can stop to consider others due to her compassion for them

She can be rather distrusting towards strangers and other people, showing hesitation and uncertainty towards their words unless it's necessary to trust them just a bit. She would never want to hurt anyone and therefore not often saying anything unless she feels others needs to know given the situation.

Home Island
Ruby Island
Home Town
Ruby Port
Pollie Leif Harlow || mother || floatzel || unknown
Theutrich || father || ampharos || unknown

Nadav Leif Harlow || oldest brother || flaaffy || unknown
Loane Leif Harlow || older brother || floatzel || unknown
(since i could not figure out where i could shove it into her history where it would seem like it had always been there. i'll leave it here before the history)
(note that since the story is somewhat written from katniss's perspective, she doesn't know how long shes been at sea)
-Estimated days out to sea: 3-5 give or take-
-this is how far i estimate the storm took her(i'm bad at figuring out how far stuff went but i was told the whole journey would take a week or more without the storm):
-found far, but not to far from strident city a max of 5 days after the disaster storm stopped

Ever since she was born, she hadn't been able to use her right arm for anything. Her arm was paralyzed although while she couldn't use it and she couldn't feel pain in it, it could feel pressure and sometimes it itched. Even after her parents found out her arm was seemingly unable to move, they choose to not have it removed for fear of losing their newborn to complications, however they also also been told by doctors that there might be a chance that she could start using her arm later in life. With only one, weak baby arm to work with, learning to crawl was a bit more difficult, but eventually she would get the hang of it and like everyone else, with help from her family, she learned to walk and talk. At no point did her paralyzed arm seem to slow her down terribly much, although sometimes she did have to think more on how to do things that others used two hands for. Her family never treated her any different than her siblings, other than helping her learn to use only one hand and how to put on any sling she ever had and while some other kids mocked her for her disability, most just asked about it and then pretended like it wasn't there anyway.

Growing up she had two older brothers, both were years ahead of her age wise. While at first they were a bit hesitant and extremely careful around her, as if she was made of glass with her paralyzed arm, they eventually learned that she wasn't some fragile thing. She would hang around with the boys, not minding getting dirty or getting some scratches and bruises here. If there was one thing she always loved to do regardless of how young she was, it was to go swimming. Others didn't even have to ask if she wanted to go swimming, if there was the opportunity, she was going and while it took a while, she learned to swim with only three limbs, her tail and her floatation sac to keep her head above water. She never feared any body of water, sometimes she even helped friends and others she met get over their fear of the ocean if they let her.

At some point, her oldest brother had learned a move name 'focus punch' and she watched him practice it. Finding it cool and with some bugging and begging, she convinced him to teach her it, so long as she didn't blame him if she couldn't actually learn it. Every week he would tutor her in the move, teaching her how to move and focus in order to even pull it off, and after maybe month she was starting to give up when there was a breakthrough. She focused as much as she could with her brother by her when her clenched fist began to glow and as she focused before flinging her fist forward. When the movie was executed, the glow disappeared and in her excitement she ran to her parents to show them the new move she learned, however she was much too excited to focus, but they took hers and her brothers word for it.

It seemed seemed like any other normal day, the weather was nice and Ruby Port was bustling as usual when the sky darkened and beasts of legends started fighting among the dark sky. The roars roaming through the sky scared her and made her stay close and hold onto her mother, that was until the disasters followed the battling legendaries. In the flood that washed over Ruby Port from the ocean, unable to run away in time, Katniss was torn from her family's hands, screaming for her parents but her screams being mute compared to the deafening roars from the skies above. During this hell of a ride in the stormy waves, taking her further and further out to sea, she kept herself a float with her floatation sack, enduring things she didn't she smacking against her now and again and the waves trying to keep her under them. When the storms were finally over, she had no idea of where she was, with ruby port out of sight and barely any sight of land. Hoping against all hope that she wasn't alone, she tried to call out but got not answer and when she had managed to get some resemblance of calm, she noticed how sore her body felt. Her tail was hurting and she remembered something hitting against her back with her tail in between it and her, hoping it wasn't broken although it hurt trying to use it to swim. Feeling over where she could reach, she felt pain where she had bruising and some scratches that seemed to have stopped bleeding although she felt a scratch on her head that had stopped bleeding as well but it was still there. With no one answering and no one within sight, floating around on the sea, unsure of what to do next she did her best to stay as calm as possible, sure that panicking probably wouldn't help her.

She didn't know how long it had been since she was washed away and lost at sea, maybe a couple of days? She didn't know. She felt tired and hopeless, but she was still staying afloat, just hoping to be found and as she floated there, she noticed a strange feeling around her and noticed the water move. She couldn't quite make out what it was circling around her, but felt more than one there and when she felt a bit to her tail she kicked back in response with a yelp, hitting something straight on and before she knew it, she was fighting for her life with two, maybe three ferals, the adrenalin giving her energy to throw moves at the to fight for her survive. At some point one of the ferals punctured her floatation sack, leaving her to not only fight for her life against the ferals, but also fight to not drown. It didn't take long for her to get exhausted, but to her luck, someone else attacked the ferals, scaring them away and before she passed out she felt someone pull her out of the water and herd murmured voices saying something but she couldn't make out what.

She wasn't quite sure how long she was out, but when she woke up, she recognized nothing of her surroundings. There were other pokemons around her, pokemons who was wrapped up in bandages, had stitched or were otherwise injured and tended by people in what seemed like nurse uniforms. She wasn't sure what to do, feeling a bit groggy still from waking up, she began feeling around on her body, feeling bandages and stitches on injuries she had. She noticed the bandage around her good arm looked like part of her fin was missing and when she saw her tail, she noticed one of them were bandaged and looked smaller. Questions flew through her head a mile a minute, like a swarm of bees, too fast for her to follow. It was disorienting, confusing. Where was she? Who were these strangers? The questions buzzed through her skull, at least there was one thing she could feel safe about, she still had her arms and legs and all her toes and fingers.

She took a few more minutes to look around be for she sorta quietly opened her mouth to talk, asking where she was. A nurse who was about to leave the room after checking on another patient hurried over, hearing that she was awake. The nurse checked her over, asking her how she felt and if she was in any pain, leaving the answer to Katniss's question as the last thing. Katniss now knew she was in a hospital in Strident City and as the nurse told her to stay in bed while she got a doctor to do a more throughout check up on her injuries and talk with her, she waited, fiddling with her paralyzed fingers just to do something.

When the doctor came, he sat in a chair by her bedside and started checking under the bandages while talking to her, asking her questions about her and where she was from. She was a little hesitant at first, but told him her name and that she was from ruby port, but she was washed out to see when a flood over took the port. She couldn't answer how long she had been at sea before she was rescued and brought where she was, heck she couldn't answer if there was any family they could send out a message too. When she said her parents and siblings had been with her when she was torn to sea, it was assumed that there wasn't the biggest chance that they were still around, and even if they were, no one knew how to get into contact with them. Letting her rest on the questions about home, he took her paralyzed arm and started to press just enough that I would hurt if she could feel pain in her arm. He asked if she could feel anything everytime he pressed somewhere on her arm and she answered that she could feel the pressure but no pain. When he asked her how long her arm had been paralyzed, she told him that it had been like that since she was born and that her parents hadn't wanted to remove the arm when she was a little baby because it was dangerous and they thought that maybe it would heal and work later in life. When everything was done and written down, he told her to rest and that if she needed any food or anything to drink, to call a nurse.

Some days later, a stranger came to visit her, telling her that the hospital had gotten into contact with the orphanage they worked at. She was told that when she was good enough to not stay at the hospital, she would move into the orphanage and live there until her injuries had healed and she could take care of herself. She was hesitant of the idea, but she nodded, understanding and feeling appreciative that someone decided to take care of her while she healed. They talked for, somewhere in between they took her measurements so she could get a set of new clothes since her old ones was torn in her misadventure but before long, the orphanage worker had to leave to go back but said they'd come pick her up when she was clear to leave the hospital. It was maybe a couple of weeks later when she was dismissed from the hospital, getting picked up by the same orphanage worker with new clothes for her and a doctors note for the care of her injuries and when to come for a checkup. The next months was alright, hanging around the orphanage, playing games with the kids if she could, getting questions about how she got injured and why her arm was always in a sling and the occasional mild bully remarks from some of the more hostile of them. With the care and help of the workers and the company of everyone living in the orphanage, the months seemed to fly by as her wounds healed. Now and then she would witness some of the children getting adopted, giving them a goodbye hug with her good arm if they came running to say goodbye. Over time she watched in the mirror every now and then her wounds heal, a lot of leaving no sign or being covered by her fur, while others left scars on her body. The most prominent of her scars where her half broken left fin and her right tail missing the tip, becoming shorter than the other, however even with those, if she was allowed to swim when some of them took a trip to the nearest beach, she gladly would, even though she had to adapt a bit with part of her tail missing, and her floatation sack healing for maybe a month and a half from being punctured.

After months of healing, Katniss's injuries was more or less fully healed with only scars to show for surviving. Considering she was to old for the orphanage and no longer in need of care, she was allowed to stay for some extra weeks to sort herself out before just being kicked out. She was chilling in an inn, hanging out and listening in on conversations to see if anyone had any work she could do, when she heard a small group talk  to some others about guild job and a guild in Everstone city. Eavesdropping some more, she caught that they were members of the guild in Everstone, and with the information she took a quick decision on the matter. If she joined that guild she would get away from the noisy cliff city and also get a job and somewhere to live, although she didn't really know how old she had to be to join. With her decision made, she walked over and managed to get into the conversation, chatting with the guild members and managing to convince them to take her with them when they were going back to Everstone guild, which they were the next day. With that being done and an agreement to meet at the city gate, Katniss went back to the orphanage to give the news and pack what things she had.

-she cannot move her right arm on its own at all
-her right arm cannot feel pain but can feel pressure and can itch
-her right arm is a lot skinnier than her left because it's never been used
-she have side cuts(the darker yellow on her head)
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