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Cootfur|wildclan|warrior by millemusen Cootfur|wildclan|warrior by millemusen
Forget injuries, never forget kindness
|| Basic Information ||
Prefix - Coot | She was named after a black bird due to her mostly black color
Suffix - Fur | (i cant remember why she was given that name. if any of you can remember or find it, please do tell)
 Previous Names:
Cootkit, Cootpaw

18+ Moons
Gender Identity

Mix (American Shorthair, Maine coon, Russian blue, Manx, lykoi)
Late leafbare

Current Rank
Past Mentors/Apprentices
Sparrowgaze | past mentor

Religious Beliefs2/5
''I want to belive that they're real. That would mean that my mother would be with them right?''

|| Appearance ||
Book Description
A taller than average she-cat with a brownish pelt covered in a large blanket of black with darker stripes and a black mask, white eyebrows and muzzle
She's big and seems rather bulky with her focus on strength and endurance. Her paws appears big, yet seemingly fitting for her tall frame and while her ears have grown, they have not grown as much as the rest of her and appears small compared to the rest of her. Shehas generally short fur but the fur on her neck and right behind her shoulders sticks out like scruffy fur and her tail is a big, fluffy brush. Her fur is a mix of brown, two blacks and an off white color with her white eyebrows popping out of the black mask that covers her face. Her lighter black covers her body in a blurred blanket while her darker black dots her body with stripes.
None so far.

Pine with a hint of what could be considered burning or coal.
(When grown up)Kristen Calvin
Eyesight 8/10
Touch 6/10
Hearing 9/10
Taste 7/10
Smell 6/10

•Inches: 12
•Centimeters: 30(?)
•Pounds: 8+
•Ounces: 128+

Physical Statistics
Strength: 7/10
Speed: 5/10
Endurance: 8/10
Agility: 4/10
Accuracy: 6/10
Mental Statistics
Adaptability: 7/10
Intuition: 5/10
Leadership: 3/10
Memory: 7/10
Willingness to learn: 8/10
Optional Statistics
Medicine Knowledge: 0/10
|| Personality ||
:bulletgreen:Confident | :bulletgreen:Compassionate | :bulletgreen:Humble | :bulletorange:Curious | :bulletorange:Honest | :bulletred:Blunt| :bulletred:Oblivious | :bulletred:Impulsive

She is rather confident in herself and she's aware of what she can and cannot do. She doesn't change her values and mind just because someone else says so and tends to be confident in others as well, pointing out their strengths rather than their weaknesses, though she is aware that a weakness in some, can be a strength in others. She tends to be confident in her words, regardless of her age and those around her, and while she might not always say the nicest or best words, they may just be the right words regardless. She loves to learn new things and is confident in a wish to be a lifetime learner, wanting to learn everything she can in however long her lifespan would be, so that she can be smarter about the world and teach others. She prefers to figure things out on their own, but is not against seeking help if she cannot find a way by herself. She is not afraid of admitting her mistakes, but that does not mean that she won't try to fix them if she can.
She is very compassionate to others, whenever they're older, younger or outside of her clan. She will try to help if she can and try to show others the best that can be. Where others would pull someone down, she'd find a way to pull them up so that they'd feel better about themselves. Despite of where someone came from, she shows great compassion to them, should she not be in the middle of a fight with them, but never does she want to seriously injure or kill them regardless of who they are and what they've done. While she may not use her words nearly as much as someone else would, gestures can be just as powerful depending on the situation. Her compassion allows her to feel empathy and a want to help someone regardless of who she is and sometimes she may feel bad for the prey she and her clan catches and kills.
She never sees herself as any more important than anyone else. Regardless of how high of a pedestal she put on, she will put others above and before herself. Never does she consider the importance of anything that she might do and even if she should save a life or do anything that would be considered great, she would consider it as something anyone else would have done, were they in his/her place. She would much sooner point out her own flaws and mistakes, then realize and recognize something she has done as good or important. Her self-reflection is that she is good but never better than anyone else.
She is exceptionally curious and likes to go exploring when she can. She tends to ask many questions that she can think off, usually to learn more and if she is confused. She tends to eavesdrop on conversations, whenever on purpose or not, though it seems to depend on what the conversation is about. While she doesn't want to interrupt a conversation, she ends up just staring at the others in the conversation until she can speak up. A thing she seems more curious about, tends to be things that shine in the light, but despite her curiosity, she can be aware of being careful.
She is very honest with others and doesn't seem to always think immediately of what she is talking about. Her great honesty makes her a rather bad liar, though if she has to absolutely lie, she will rather be completely silent than risk telling the truth. She can be rather blunt in her honesty, but wouldn't necessarily say something hurtful intentionally, though she can accidentally. Due to her being bad at lying, she is usually unable to make a convincing white lie, even if it would be better than to tell the truth. If she believes that what she says is the truth and not a lie, she can make a convincing lie because she doesn't think it's a lie and therefore doesn't show the physical effects that bad liars usually does. Her honestly comes from her father, a tom who tended to be honest in his words from what she knew of.
Even with her compassion, she doesn't normally sugarcoat anything. She speaks what's on her mind and says it bluntly. Sometimes her obliviousness causes her to not realize when she bluntness have hurt somebody. While she does not want confrontation, she is not afraid of it and therefore not afraid of confronting anyone or being confronted. Her honesty seems to work well with her bluntness, even if it can seem hurtful to others or the person she is talking to. Even when she tries to lie, despite being bad at it, her bluntness tends to contribute to her lies falling flat and being unconvincing.
She can be oblivious to things going on around her. Her obliviousness can make her clumsy, falling over her own paws and things she didn't see, or walking into things in moments where she's lacking spacial awareness. She can lose track of conversations that she isn't actively engaged in, but instead listening to, especially when there's not much interest. She can be oblivious of her own curiosity, especially when she accidentally eavesdrops. Sometimes her obliviousness can make her forget something she was told only mere minutes before, causing her to sometimes do exactly was she was told not to.
She tends to react in an instant to things happening around her, good or bad. She doesn't always think before taking action, especially if someone else is in danger. While this can sometimes be a good depending on the situation, but coupled with her obliviousness, it can sometimes go bad as well. She prefers to rather do something impulsive, then stand by and do nothing if she can do something. She doesn't mind going toe to toe with anyone if it means someone else can get out of dodge and to safety.

|| Relationship Orientation ||
Current Relationship Status
Possibly Bi

Current Lover(s)
Name | Sex | Clan
• Relationship is no-longer - y/n
• Sexual - y/n • Regret - y/n
• Romantic - y/n

Past Lover(s)
Name | Sex | Clan
• Relationship is no-longer - y/n
• Sexual - y/n • Regret - y/n
• Romantic - y/n

Looking for
Lasting Relationship [✔]
Quick Fling [✔]
Unsure [✘]


|| Biography ||
Prior to Birth
On a fateful day at the RiverClan and ShadowClan border, Daisysong had been assigned to hunting for her Clan and Brass on the lookout for rogues who were giving his Clan a bad name. The two talked, Daisysing sharing part of her catch as they bonded. Her idealistic attitude charmed the tom, and his wisdom intruiged her. The two talked about their families, even Brass mentioning his two-faced sister, Thymewolf. Daisysong soon had to leave, and they promised they would meet again.
As Brass’ mental health started to improve, the two met in the gathering place again. Their banter started to take a more flirtatious edge that day, discussing kittypets and the Wicked and a number of things both theoretical and literal. A promise is signed between them to try not to die, and they stayed together until their Clans needed them back.
After his ascension to deputy, Brass met with Daisysong for one final time on the RiverClan border. Quickly, she decided to leave RiverClan, her home for so long, to be with her beloved. Soon after, the two officially became mates and they walked to their new home together.
The war with WindClan hit the entirety of ShadowClan hard, but none more so than Brass. Taking a life of Reedstar had weighed heavily on his mind since the battle. Daisysong noticed an issue, and she consoled him on his actions. The two bonded closer than ever.
Soon after, Maggottrill told Daisysong that she was expecting. The happy couple were ready to add a few more scraps of fur to their family.
(6 rps compressed down by TopazTsundere )

She was born into the darkcough age of the clans. Everyone left and right seemed to have terrible nightmares that left them sleep deprived and terrified. Even as kits, she and her brother had nightmares as well, yet she didn't understand what was wrong with it. Even though she felt fear, she thought the nightmares were normal and she was supposed to feel afraid in her sleep. While she still stirred and cried in her sleep, she never really woke up and tended to sleep through the night, a thing she couldn't say her father did very often. Her father slept so little that when she heard about poppy seeds one day, she decided to sneak some out of the medicine den and occasionally sneak one or two into her father's dinners to aid his sleep. She was confident it would work, yet she was scared that she'd overdo it, but despite those fears, her worry for her father's health over his many sleepless nights won over and kept her doing it until he could seem to sleep more often on his own. She always kept her little poppy seeds plan hidden from others because she didn't want to be scolded for doing what she thought was the right thing.

Eventually she and her brother weren't the only kits in the clan, yet they were so old there wasn't long before they would be apprentices. She was unsure of what to think of these new, not very personality developed kittens and stayed wary of the little ones. She often found herself watching them, making sure they were safe within the nursery and not sneaking outside. With either her mother or father always around, she never really worried about something happening to her or her brother. While her father taught her about being honest and humble, her mother taught her to be confident, yet they both taught her compassion while she developed her own traits. Like her father, she had her oblivious moments yet her obliviousness grew with her curiousness. The more she was honest and confident, the more blunt she seemed to become, thinking not of how it might hurt someone, but rather speaking with blunt honesty.

[Late August - 9th September]
As she became an apprentice, she was given her father's former apprentice as her mentor, standing barely shorter than her. Despite at first seeming small, she had grown quite a lot since she was a kit, however, her large ears hadn't seemed to grow so much with her, leaving them seemingly smaller than average. While she loved him greatly, she didn't want to be as seemingly skinny as her father, letting her new mentor know from the start that she wanted to focus more on strength and endurance rather than what her father had taught so many moons ago, not hiding that she doubted her father was the strongest in the clan. She was confident she could be big and strong, confident that if she could become big and strong, she could be of more help rather than being limited. At no point did she ever seem to directly look up to her mentor, perhaps seeing her as an ideal she could pass.

Asmoans grew so did Cootpaw. She became taller, nearly growing taller than her mentor by the time she was 10 moons. At no point did she expect to grow taller than her parents, but that's what it seemed like. On top of growing taller, she definitely had grown more muscle mass with her strength and endurance training. In all honesty when she looked in a puddle or other reflective surface, she always found herself seeming more male in appearance than a female, although this could lead to other thinking she was a tom, she did not mind and only saw it as an insignificant side effect of her training and growth.

Adult [Warrior]
As she became of age she was made a warrior, given the name of Cootfur, however unlike her, her brother was not made into a warrior and remained an apprentice. She took her silent vigil, looking out for the clan as every new warrior should, her mostly black coat hiding her in the dark as she sat, watched and listened.
When the day came for the clans to move territories, she wasn't quite sure she wanted to go, but she chose to come along, joining the clans on her first journey. She stayed close to the rest of her family, keeping a tally on them and making sure they were all together and keeping up with the rest of the cats. The twoleg place seemed like a terrible place to live for her, making her happy that they were only passing through, the tall walls that looked like they weren't made by nature unsettled her. The thunderpath felt odd to walk across, but at least she didn't have to walk on it for long, however she wished she could have predicted what was coming. In a moment of the world seemingly slowing down, she watched her mother push someone out of the way of a huge monster and even though she tried, she didn't have enough time to react to get her mother to safety, the monster hitting her and just going away as if nothing happened. She watched in shock as her father walk out on the thunderpath and dragged her mother back to safety, somehow she was still alive and while the medicine cats's help seemed to allow her mother to live, coot wasn't sure if she were, afterall, it seemed like a pretty damaging hit.

While she had been unsure, it was still a shocking and hard hit when her mother passed away after they got out of the twoleg place. Never having lost someone before now, she wasn't sure how to feel or act when she grieved along with her brother and father and when they had to get moving after burying her, she still wasn't sure what to feel. She found the ocean beautiful when they arrived to the new territories, but she didn't stay to look at it long and opted to stay by her father side, surely he needed the support more than her and her brother after their mother's death right? Life wasn't going to stop moving on, but it still hurt in the end no matter what.

|| Family Trees ||
Daisysong | wildclan | deceased
Brass | wildclan | alive
Bramblepaw | wildclan |alive



|| Role-play Information ||
•{✘} Chat Rp
•{?} Comment Rp
•{✔} Note Rp
•{?} Skype/Discord Rp

Rp Example
Just another day in shadowclan, the leaf-bare of holding onto the clan territories like it did every year. Brass had just returned from a patrol and told the others in it to go rest, while he himself stayed at the entrance. He looked around the camp, trying to spot his golden ray of sunshine of a mate as he needed to speak to her. There was only one thing he was really missing in his life, small paws upon his own, little kittens to fulfill the family he seemed to have finally got. Of course, he wouldn't force his mate, but he knew he was getting old and at some point, he wouldn't be able to have any kits and he needed her to know that as well, so that she could consider if they could have any soonish.

Art © millemusen
Character Concept © millemusen
Layout © Offwithu
Application Sheet © sleepy-badger
Future-of-the-Clans © sleepy-badger
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