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ICSU Archives - Sonescograd treaty

(...) the Sonescograd treaty was signed on April 9, 1952. Two diplomatic representatives from alt-earth (f:191P,a:1314H) stayed in our dimension for several days and made diplomatic relations. When their scientists discovered the natural synchronization of our frequencies, they promptly secured industrial contracts with shadow government of selected countries. Out of the public eyes, the Sonescograd treaty allowed [ Redacted ] to receive advanced alt-earth technologies in exchange of a list of rare earth elements in crystalline form. Before they returned to their dimension, they warned us about the presence of "gatekeepers" in undisclosed realms. The motives of the gatekeepers remains unclear, but the interpretation of the lost Holkar's expedition journal suggest they could be actively involved in the awakening of something spawning throughout dimensions and universe. A great cosmic entity they worshop named [ redacted ]
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Finally catching up on your recent submissions. It's such a treat honestly. Love love love your stories and illustrations.

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they look like the big brained people from that one episode of star trek.