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The Three Agents by MillardNecromancer The Three Agents :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 11 9
Millard Snaps
Millard: Comes back tired from his job as a bodyguard for the Squid Sisters and the Off the Hook crew. He's shocked to see his mansion is a mess and he growls I knew it! Get dirt, everywhere! :angered: Grinds his teeth in anger but eventually calms down. least I'm home. I can follow my intellectual pursuits. :) While he was walking, he stumbles upon opera records covered in bubblegum. My opera records...COVERED IN BUBBLEGUM!! Yells in fear but calms down a little bit, but as he looks back at the bathroom... My collection of rare, incurable, diseases! ....VIOLATED! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Looks back at the shrine room and what he sees is horrifying. My Squigly Shrine! Remade as...A PUPPET SHOW!!!!!!!
- meanwhile -
Necrowash and :iconPsychoBeef28: Noofy are playing a board game until they hear Millard scream in horror.
Millard: You...IMBECILES!!!!!!!!! He's in his 300% form walking up to the duo, and the duo backs away from Millard unt
:iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 6 11
Honeymoon by MillardNecromancer Honeymoon :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 8 9 K8 by MillardNecromancer K8 :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 5 0 Alecia Millaura by MillardNecromancer
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Alecia Millaura :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 9 46
The Two Vampires by MillardNecromancer The Two Vampires :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 11 23 The Deviation Speaks for Itself by MillardNecromancer The Deviation Speaks for Itself :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 2 15 Millard and his two wives. by MillardNecromancer
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Millard and his two wives. :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 15 38
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A Gorey Demise (Splatoon version) :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 11 29
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The Story of the Two Brothers. :iconmillardnecromancer:MillardNecromancer 2 6


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My first shout!
Mon Nov 5, 2018, 2:29 PM




The Three Agents
(From Left to right)
Name: Andreya Badu

Nickname: Andy (by Dita)
Aliases: Agent 3, The Green Knight, Bane of Octolings
Age: 27
Birthday: September 19, 1991
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Ink color: Green
Eye color: Green
Personality: Fearless, athletic, strong-willed, strict, cold, merciless, and edgy
Love interest: None (single)
Gear: Splatoon 1 Hero set
Weapon: Hero Roller
Friends/Allies: Agent 1 (Callie), Agent 2 (Marie), Captain Cuttlefish, Agent 4 (sister), Pearl, Marina, and Millard Abraham.
Enemies: DJ Octavio, Commander Tartar, all Octarians (no matter what), salmonoids
Rival: Lethia Geuel (Agent 8)

Name: Dita Badu
Aliases: Agent 4, Bumblebee
Age: 23
Birthday: September 19, 1995
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Ink color: Yellow
Eyecolor: Orange
Personality: Cute, cheerful, playful, lewd, and silly
Love interest: None (single)
Gear: Splatoon 2 Hero set
Weapon: Herobrush
Friends/Allies: Agent 1 (Callie), Agent 2 (Marie), Captain Cuttlefish, Agent 3 (sister), Pearl, Marina, Agent 8, and Millard Abraham.
Enemies: DJ Octavio, Commander Tartar, evil Octarians, salmonoids
Rival(s): None

Name:  Lethia "Lace" Geuel
Nickname: Lacey
Aliases: Agent 8, Betrayer of Octarians (by DJ Octavio), The Eradicator
Age: 25
Birthday: July 14, 1993
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Ink color: Orange
Eye color: Gray
Personality: Clever, Focused, Gallant, quiet, and friendly
Love interest: None (single)
Gear: Golden Toothpick, Anchor Life Vest, Neo Octoling Boots
Weapon: Luna Blaster
Friends/Allies: Agent 1 (Callie), Agent 2 (Marie), Captain Cuttlefish, Agent 4, Pearl, Marina, and Millard Abraham.
Enemies: DJ Octavio, Commander Tartar, Sanitized organizms, salmonoids
Rival: Andreya Badu (Agent 3)




As children, Andreya and Dita lived in a friendly household until their parents were murdered during a home invasion at the ages of 15 and 11. They then move to their aunt and uncle's house as their new home and try to deal with the deaths of their parents. Then at 16 and 12, Octarians from DJ Octavio were sent to take Andreya and Dita away to the boot camp, fortunately, their aunt and uncle found a secret passage to the city where they could be safe from the Octarians, but that cost their aunt and uncle's lives. That is when Andreya's mind began to warp from a friendly girl to a cold, strict, and merciless girl with a vengeance toward the Octarians and DJ Octavio. Dita's mind didn't warp, but she hated Octarians as much as her sister. 

Agent 3 Bio: At the age of 24, Andreya entered Inkopolis Plaza to try to mingle, but she would fail due to her nature. When she noticed Captain Cuttlefish in the sewers, she decided to follow him without thinking twice. There she would be assigned as Agent 3 to fight the Octarians and DJ Octavio. 

Agent 4 Bio: Two years after the events of Splatoon 1, Dita (now 22) roamed around Inkopolis Square to make friends and in turn, succeeded. Then she noticed Marie in the sewers and followed her. Marie tells Dita that Agent 3 is busy with Captain Cuttlefish (Dita doesn't know that Andreya was Agent 3). Dita was assigned as Agent 4 to fight Octarians and Marie's brainwashed cousin Callie. With Agent 4's help, Marie managed to free Callie from the hypno-shades made by DJ Octavio. Dita then finished off DJ Octavio, thus completing her mission. 

Agent 8 Bio: Lace was part of the Octarian Army since she was 22 years old. Two years later during the events of Splatoon 2, after when Callie was freed from mind control, the song Calamari Inkantation played throughout the Octarian base freeing every Octarian from DJ Octavio's control, including Lace. When Lace and Andreya first met, they fought each other due to their species differences (Andreya was the aggressor) which resulted in them falling into a deep part of the base separating them from each other. Lace was unfortunate enough to hit her head on an iron beam, knocking her out cold and caused her memories to disappear. When Captain Cuttlefish met Lace after the fall, he was going to fight her, but since that Lace didn't have a weapon, Cuttlefish decided that fighting an enemy that has no weapon counts as dishonor. Which in turn forced them to form a temporary alliance and Lace was given the name Agent 8 by Cuttlefish. When Agent 8 entered the levels, all the octarians that were trapped in there became mindless sanitized versions of themselves. After collecting the four thangs, Lace was promised to leave the metro station and head to the surface world, but it turns out to be a trap as the thangs formed a blender to ground her and Captain Cuttlefish up into raw material. Luckily Andreya (Agent 3) came just in time to destroy the blender, which knocked her out. After some time, Lace gets on an elevator that leads to the surface but was stopped by Partially-sanitized Andreya. After a battle, Agent 3 was knocked out again, thus reactivating the elevator, and Lace finally made it to the surface world. As Pearl and Marina came to pick Lace, Agent 3, and Cuttlefish up by helicopter, their celebration was cut short when a human statue emerged from the ocean. Inside the statue was AI telephone, Commander Tartar, who hated the inklings and octarians for not being worthy of being the intelligent beings on earth, so he planned to destroy every single living thing by firing a cannon of primordial ooze at the planet and then recreate life. Lace hated the idea and with the Off the Hook's help, managed to stop the laser from charging, and Pearl finished him off with the Killer Wail. Lace was so happy to be at the surface world and adored the sunset. A year later, she decided to go back to the metro station to find a locker there, which in turn she faced Andreya (inner agent 3). After defeating Andreya, she found The Golden Toothpick which made her regain some of her memories. Her real name was Lethia Geuel.



- Lethia Geuel bio was based on Eclair "Theresa" Akira (:iconkiyoshiizumi02:'s Agent 8 OC).
- Unlike Dita, Andreya still hates octolings, even though they're allies now, she still has no trust in them. That is why She and Lethia argue and fight each other. 
- Dita hates seeing her sister and Lethia fight each other, in order to stop them from fighting, she makes the most adorable sad face at them, it works every time whenever she's around them.
- Lethia's traumatic memory is the 8-ball fails. That is why she's scared of playing pool, and balls that have the number 8.



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