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One Piece of him

Woohoo! This is super late, sorry for not posting anything for a while! But this drawing took me forever to finish! @_@

Anyway, it's a gift to :iconrocktuete: for being so nice and accepting my request with a fake kiriban! lol (Hope you like it, dear!)
She asked me to do Luffy and his harem, so here it goes! Vivi, Luffy,Robin, Nami, Alvida and Hancock. Because Luffy is a ladies man! XD
Really, I think he'll become the one piece, but only pirate women (and okama :XD:)will want it!

Hope you all like it! =)
Ah, pose reference from [link]
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Nami and Vivi are the only girls here I ship with Luffy. I don't pair Nico Robin with because I think she's better suited for Zoro. I don't really think much of Alvida and I'm not sure about Hancock.

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Luffy is mr. steal yo girl

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Luffy my man! Capturing ladies left and right without even really trying. If only the Gum-Gum fruit didn't make him so oblivious to non-fighting related matters. :P
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Jesus. This guy scores so many chicks. Especially Boa. Considering that she; as well as the inhabitants of the island she rules, despises men. How does he do it?
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A Sanji No Le Gusto XD
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That's if only One Piece was a Harem...
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Yeah it's good to be the Pirate King :)
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No wonder that's every pirate's wish :P 
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Every (heterosexual) man's fantasy!;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) 
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Who is the one who will get the "one piece" of him
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I hope it's Nami, since I'm a hopeless LuNa shipper :D 
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I don't care which one as long its not Robin because I soppurt ZoRobin a lot
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I shop ZoRobin as well :)
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Luffy: Ahhhhhhhh...worth being the Pirate King.
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Funny pic! Though Luffy wouldn't be interested...but it's still kinda funny.
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WOW! You make the prettiest gifts and I am in awe of your talent.
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soon hancock will kick there asses off of luffy.
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luffy gets all the ladies.
except kaya,she is usopp's.
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