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Waha, just my Gallery! Fun for all inflation lovers, and even a bit of weight-gain, giantess and even some for the vorophiles! X3

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OH. MY. GOD. :iconsizecon: was SO amazing. It was fun, energetic, friendly, funny, sexy, cute, and just beyond compare to be at. Getting to meet so many members of the communities of expansion, macro/micro, transformation and the like was almost overwhelming, but entirely worth every moment of whirlwind fun! I got to do tons of commissions for people, meet and talk to so many individuals, enjoy fun panels and even lead social events. I don't even know where to start but I will try all the same.

The best place to start are the PEOPLE! I got to room with :iconalovera-k: :iconeikasianspire: and :iconowlizard:, the latter two of whom this was my first time meeting! We all got to spend a ton of time together outside the con as well, having parties and hitting the city on the last day :D These are three of the nicest most fun people I've gotten to spend time with, and saying goodbye to them all on the last day was like pulling out hangnails: miserable but it had to happen... Alo was super sweet and fun, Owl was energetic and friendly, Eika was kind and funny, and while most of them were shy to start they really came out of their shells and had a blast by the end of it! Thank you guys sooooo much for rooming with me, I hope we can think of it next year!

And as though amazing roommates weren't enough, I got to meet SO MANY amazing people (Forgive me if I'm unawares of accounts on the site! D: ) and spend time with them or chat or trade merch! Chief amongst them were the trio of Goddess Robyn, :iconbonebell: and :iconyer-keij-fer-cash: all of whom are AMAZING people that we got to spend a lot of time with! Not only chatting about art and life and surprisingly deep subjects, but also laughing, gaming, drinking and partying with them all! While he wasn't at the con, :iconrockawaycarter: was there through the weekend, providing hilarious company and an escort around the town on the last day, and :iconjimferno: made it there on the second day to be a part of the evenings activities and bring even more happiness and excitement into the evenings. Additionally, :iconloner2000: was able to make it this year and getting to spend time hanging out was absolutely wonderful! Of course I was able to meet dear friends again like :iconkreeyz:, :iconjitenshasw:, Chibiana and :icongiantgripper:, and of course Gomai, the runner of the event! Always amazing to see them again along with any number of other awesome people I got to meet and spend time with in the weekend including but not limited to :iconcandithewildpig: and Mackster, IAmFullOfStatic, :iconvirmegator:, Glowinside, Grievance and Demora, and so many others! Good lord having chats about life kink and art with everybody was beyond the pale, connections were the best part of the whole con.

Hardly all of the con tho! The con itself consisted of any number of events, like of course, discussion panels where people could meet and query contributors to the community or discuss specific aspects of things OR see projects underway; socials where all who fall under a particular kink purview may come and meet one another, discuss casually about their experiences or personal perspectives on it all, or just revel in being around those that like their particular things; cafe's themed around Giantess, Micro, and Breast Expansion where servers each played to those particular fantasies through the use of fun and cute props; a game room and prop room where people could play videogames with one another, take pictures with the oversized or giant green backdrop props, and play D&D at times themed around various kinks; and of course the dealers and artists alley where people sold, met, and drew, acted, or demoed their wares! This was a two day con with enough content packed in it for a full weekend!

Of course my con didn't stop there. Afterwards on Saturday, people were looking for an afterparty and I wanted to host it, so we took people to our room, a lovely man with IMMACULATE hair named Joel brought beers and Vodka and Cranberry (I still have your mug, man!) and we spent the night playing various SNES games on an off brand SNES classic that had a WAY better library! (HOME IMPROVEMENT THE GAME: THE SLEEPER HIT OF 2018!!!!).  On Sunday, Rock took myself, my roommates, and a number of our other friends into chinatown to have the Hong Kong Noodle shop, which was quite litterally flabbergasting in how delicious it was. I had a roast pig over rice and a Roast Duck lo mein that was so juicy and succulent that I could practically drink the meat. From there we all went to the Barcade, which is JUST what it sounds like, and played games with one another while having a few beers! I found out how amazing the Golden Axe fighting game was, and that it even existed in the first place! :D

After all of this, we said our tearful goodbyes and went our merry ways. Man it was an amaaaaazing weekend, thank you to all who supported me, all who I met, all who had fun and joined us for parties or gaming or whatever, and so on and so forth! GOD I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE RIGHT!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! I CAME OUT OF ALL OF THIS FEELING SUCH A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND KINSHIP!!!

tl;dr of all that: Sizecon is godlike, you should attend if you can <3


So, second on this MASSIVE journal is an update on my life. Needless to say I'm SUPER behind on:
-thank yous for birthday gifts (of ALL THE ASSHOLE THINGS TO DO DX)

I have been spending the last month running to various conventions and trying to save up for the coming move and months, which will be happening in about a weeks time. Getting established at a new location will be a process and while I'm going to be doing as much as I can to make it happen quickly and smoothly, I have to thank everybody for their patience with me in case of unforeseen events. The next week I will be in Texas, visiting friends for a vacation we've all planned a long time ago (which thanks to the success of my con month, I will indeed be able to attend and still maintain my rent for the first month). Setting up the internet, utilities, security and my own personal belongings will be an ordeal of sorts and I doubt we'll be comfortably moved in for awhile yet, but this is a HUGE step towards independence that I thank you all for being patient with me through. I'm eager to take this freedom and run with it, and get to work on even bigger and better things once my backed up content is caught up :3 Thank you all so much, and a special thanks to those who Support my Patreon and have Donated to my Ko-Fi in the recent time, it's been a blessing more than you can know and I'm gonna make even more and higher quality work for it!

tl;dr of THIS one: Moving in a week, taking a long-planned vacation with friends, hoping to be settled in as soon as possible, thank you for patience and understanding!

If you read all of this, bless you. Have a cookie. :>
  • Eating: Too much
  • Drinking: CHOCOMOO


I said, call me Mabo!
United States
Just a gigantic guy who loves to draw and does a lot of it

Current Residence: I shouldn't say
Favourite genre of music: Probably rock, but anything that's awesome
Favourite photographer: None, really
Favourite style of art: Hand-drawn and photoshop-edited
Operating System: Duno, don't wanna tell the hackers, either XD
MP3 player of choice: One that I could afford!
Shell of choice: What?
Wallpaper of choice: None
Skin of choice: whatevers cute
Favourite cartoon character: Your Mom
Personal Quote: Never hate yourself, Never be satisfied


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