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Waha, just my Gallery! Fun for all inflation lovers, and even a bit of weight-gain, giantess and even some for the vorophiles! X3

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So, about half a year ago as of yesterday, a special day passed for me. My birthday! Oh my gosh I had such a nice time, went and got sushi with friends, had a great night of gaming and hangout, etc etc. I came on here and had tons of lovely gifts in the forms of pics and stories (which honestly make my day more than most physical gifts ever could) and I was feeling extremely good!

Then two days later, I was thrown out of my house. 

In a huge stupid fight between my mom and I that culminated in me knowing I couldn't live there anymore even before I was told to get out. Well it marked a huge change in my life, turning my art into a career that I could sustain myself off of. In the coming months I lived with friends while looking for a place to live, and slowly but surely managed to use this bad instance as the fire under my butt to get me on my own feet. 

It's not been the easiest time since then, but I'm in a good situation with a good friend and a lovely home now, and I've been working very hard to ensure that happens. It's meant many long days and TONS of work but it's been justified, improving, and encouraging. Now more than ever do I want to do larger projects, and really contribute more to the community than pinups. My comics, animations, and games that have been so long on the backburner are finally coming up into my fore again as I find a semblance of balance in my new work life. 

I can't thank every one of you enough for any kind of support you've given me, whether it be financial, artistic, or even just a comment or a fave. Every bit of this has helped me make something for myself and while it might be small now it has a TON of room to grow and I intend to grow both it and myself in ways I've only dreamt of.

However this also means that I've had a PILE of gifts sitting around over the last year from that time that I never commented on, in spite of reading or viewing them! D: I'm a right tosser for it, and I want to publicly thank you all for drawing me ANYTHING much less a lovely birthday gift! So let me put them all in this journal as a big thank you alongside my individual ones!

Mature Content

Taught me Ms. Suki! by HAPPYPAL
 This first one from :iconhappypal: is just incredible, what a big set of squishy shapes! Mmmph I love it and I LOVE character interaction pieces, plus it introduced me to their work which I love!
Suki Carina Fanart by MadEvilIndustries This awesome pinup from :iconmadevilindustries: is just of Suki in a way I haven't seen in a long time, svelte! I'm thrilled people enjoy her at all sizes, much less want to draw her in any way!

Mature Content

KaSquish by IdolMonkeh
This is an amazing group pic from :iconidolmonkeh: of Suki and his Naoto docked by an eager claw! Oh gosh I don't know where to start, I've been a fan of these kinda pics of his for YEARS and seeing Suki in his style is too much, I adore it <3

Mature Content

Ms Suki by thegodskillus
 This beautiful pic from :iconthegodskillus: is about where I wasn't able to reply in time, and what a SHAME because this picture is amazeballs. I'd be lying if I didn't say that Suki's big fat ass was a big fat treat every time <3 This is an amazing piece and introduced me to their adorable work!

Mature Content

Mabo Birthday 2018 Taking The Sole Day Off by KakuEpsilon
 Oh man :iconkakuepsilon: knows my weaknesses in a big way l3 Another indulger of the inflated tootsies like myself and lover of my entire cast, they did me a cutie pic combining the two ;3;

Mature Content

Scuballoons by Nfl8or
 Mother of GOD this amazing piece from :iconnfl8or: is not only of one of my more side characters in an AMAZING scenario but comes complete with a story told from three perspectives! It's so cute, sexy, and fun I can't even contain myself X3

Mature Content

Gift : Suki Underwear by OkiOppai
 WOWSA :iconokioppai:'s interpretation of Suki is so bushy and sexy and I love it! She looks like she's had a long night of fun and is up for more >;3 This is so beautiful I can't even ;3;
Caught red handed by RusFish This ADORABLE piece from :iconrusfish: of his Etanee and Suki interacting hits so many chords! I love seeing my chars play with other people's and her attitude and personality is so well represented in the body language and dialogue of the piece! You really did her justice ;3;
Best Day for Best Teacher by MaximumFlyer64 Speaking of adorable interactions, :iconmaximumflyer64: has done a lovely pic of Suki indulging in a cake with his adorable Sophie! I encourage kitties to play always! >w</

Mature Content

Gift: Happy Birthday Mabo! by TheKairii27
 Awwww it's so nice to be thought of by a group of people like in :iconthekairii27:'s pic of them all throwing a party for me...just like here ;3; the kind thoughts really mean the world to me...
Happy Birthday MilkyBody  by 20008921 I know where this inspiration came from! :icon20008921: liked the idea of Suki's big tummy as a pillowy bed, and I can't say I disagree in the slightest! Such an adorably tender pic ;3;

Mature Content

Late to The Party by SquishyChegg
 Ooooof this beautiful picture that :iconsquishychegg: did for me really plays up my love for crushing people under huge amounts of huge :D Poor Suki, elevators are not your friend ;3;
Birthday Suk-quish by ThotBubble And SPEAKING of inadvertant crushings, another poor sap falls to her butt! :iconthotbubble: did a gorgeous pic of massive Suki smashing him to the wall with that CHONK. And she didn't even notice until he was well and wedged X3 That's my Suki ;3;
Bimbo BlancmangeBirthdays tended to be a suspicious holiday in Fort Askin, the city that Suki Carina called home. It was still considered rude to deny a present, certainly. But there was always the risk of any gift, at any time, having some unusual effect on her. The purple-haired catgirl was no stranger to anything being used as a device to plump her up more than she already was.
The issue didn't even come from the size expansion itself, or the rush of pleasure that almost always accompanied a surge of growth. Suki, if anything, relished moments when her feet burst out to sizes so extreme that she was able to play footsie with students several rows back. Busting out of tops and skirts, or rendering any sort of doorway useless, tended to leave Suki so riled up that her roommates rarely slept that night. Even a wide, huge fattening never left her down for long, though the sensitivity of her belly tended to drive her to the brink of insanity more than once.
No, the issue with Suki's constant bouts with
 Oh man, :iconbioyugi: made good on his threat to Bimbo up Ms Suki in this hot tale of her going airheaded from a treat in class one day ;3; Honestly, if she hasn't learned her lesson about eating things left for her in class yet then she gets what she deserves!

Mature Content

Stay Puft Suki by ShineofRain
 AGAIN WITH THE CRUSHING! :D :iconshineofrain: did a lovely rendition of Suki as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Cat, obviously in a new milk chocolate flavour! :D

Mature Content

Ms Suki's Favourite Yarnball by MartmeisterPaladin
 WHY ME! DX :iconmartmeisterpaladin: wanted to do a drawing of myself bloated up WAY bigger than Suki for her to play with! I'm not sure why he likes me cuz who would EVER wanna seea big blooned lionboy >3> but I can't say I'm not grateful for the fun pic or the unique situation! ;3;
Birthday Surprise by KleinyAnd last but DEFINITELY not least, a pic commed by :iconkleiny: and drawn by :iconfancyfez: of two beautiful girls, Eva and Vollie as big inflated maids to trap me in the middle of them ;3; Oh geez I love it so much, this is an IDEAL place for someone to be I promise ;3;


I have held onto these on my DA for all this time, but if I've missed ANY pictures please inform me and I will edit this post to include them...

I can't appropriately equate how horrible I feel for not thanking people promptly for these or even worse for making them feel unappreciated. ANY time I get any art I'm beside myself, it's so much fun to see people represent my characters MUCH LESS to think that they enjoy them enough to want to draw them...Thank you all infinitely and thanks everybody for your support, consideration, and kindness! ;3;/
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  • Drinking: CHOCOMOO


I said, call me Mabo!
United States
Just a gigantic guy who loves to draw and does a lot of it

Current Residence: I shouldn't say
Favourite genre of music: Probably rock, but anything that's awesome
Favourite photographer: None, really
Favourite style of art: Hand-drawn and photoshop-edited
Operating System: Duno, don't wanna tell the hackers, either XD
MP3 player of choice: One that I could afford!
Shell of choice: What?
Wallpaper of choice: None
Skin of choice: whatevers cute
Favourite cartoon character: Your Mom
Personal Quote: Never hate yourself, Never be satisfied


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Narzain Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018
I was totally thrilled to get to meet you at MFF this year!  Thanks for letting me nerdboy at you while you were trying to draw.  You are a gentleman and a scholar... er, artist.
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Love your work MilkyBody.
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Hey Mabo. I’m planning to write an insert of my OC Metrina for Teach me Ms Suki.Is it okay if I use Suki and Baal for it?
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Hello! classicmememan here to review "art". i'm going to be appearing in some of the comment of your "artworks" to review them. if you are not ok with the reviews i shall give then you msy request i never eview any more of your "art" pieces. have a good day!
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PLEASE make more "Teach Me Miss Suki"?! I LOVE that comic! Inuyasha -Please 
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If Suki kept all that change in her belly, does that make her a Kitty bank?
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Ur work gives me boners
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Thanks for the fave, Mabobutt. :3
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Thank you for the favs!
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