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Undertale (SPOILER) 1080p wallpaper

By milkybee
Desktop ver.
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1920x1080px 7.93 MB
© 2015 - 2021 milkybee
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hey, sorry, i now its have been 5 years, but, i realy love this art, can i have permison to use this as an wallpaper? its nothing public or in the internet, sorry for my bad english

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this is too cute AWWW
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hug the smol goat
*hugs the smol goat* such smol.
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 Hi. I´m sorry. I'm triyng to explain on a post Undertale, and i will love to have your permisson to use this artwork. Of course i will give you credit for it, and it is no money involved in any way.
 Hope you don´t mind.
Waiting for your answer, wish you best
 - Tsubasa Ozora -
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I remember rainmetering the game's logo with the fountain of colors visualizer
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Lol thats cool! I always start customizing rainwater then remember I never get to see my desktop haha
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Downloaded your wallpaper to use for my desktop wallpaper!  I give you a :llama: in thanks!
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Thank you for the animal sacrifice =w=
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I downloaded this picture from a wallpaper site and wanted to credit the uploader- but now I saw the little name of yours there!

I hope it's okay that I used it for a video?…
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Wow you made it look better! good effects
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too pure for this world
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I won't give up in saving you, Asriel. I promise you that.
Used this art in my cover of His Theme. I gave full credit. hopes thats alright.…
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Sure, thats ok ^^
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Don't worry Goat Bro.

One day.

We'll save you for sure.
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I wanted him to stay Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 
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Waiting for Hard Mode be Like:… (Even though it won't probably happen)
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Heya! Nice picture! Would you mind if I used it for a piano cover/tutorial I'm making for a mix of His Theme and Memory? 
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