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She's cool
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the lighting is perfect and the purple really added texture
I love her glasses, they look like bubbles
also you did a great job on the texture! I really love it
Do you happen to have any tutorials?
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Aw thanks! I think it doesnt have much texture but the purple adds definition because i helps make it look 3d (adding secondary light sources is a quick to do this )
Mostly observe lighting and try to recreate it from memory! I takes trial and error the only way is to do it lots

Theres this good tutorial it goes over the basics in things but in a very short and easy-to-read way

I made a tutorial before that i cant organize enough to make as deviation on its own. I use the overlay thing to make colors pop more they turn more saturated. Just think of the target colors in your head and see if it helps to change the blending modes (sometimes it makes it worse so always think hard and dont be afraid to redo completely)
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+07.53.04) by milkybee The brush I use is just an airbrush (any "soft" simple brush) that has its properties basically: pressure = opacity/flow/density or something but not size so the size is constant it helps make nice edges. The most important thing is to keep thinking of the main areas first before detailing otherwise you lose focus on the main picture which is the most important thing.
Hope that helps!
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lmao havent heard anyone call her that yet lol
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pearl is the best
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Great lighting and DOF effect!
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thanks! I wanna sorta work on it more to bring more texture...
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oh my god the lighting it's perfect
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you're welcome!
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shes too fabulous~
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XD I actually like Opal and Sugalite much more,XD But Sardonyx is cool
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My favorite fusion is Garnet shes amazing :D
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