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If the group's name it's not completely straightforward, this is a fetish group related to:
- Preggo girls
- Milky girls
- Very very very friendly milky and preggo girls!

To be even more specific, this groups holds a special interest in collecting art in which two or more girls interact with each other in a very passionate way and at least one of them is pregnant. Anyone of them can be the milky one!

If you share this same interest, please, come in, grab a sit, JOIN US O:
If you don't...well, I dunno, I mean it's cool, no sweat. Ctrl+W it's your friend <:3c

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

OC request - Remote Waifu Aftermath by jishintai

Mature Content

Marceline and Peebs by CurvyBagel

Mature Content

Korra and Asami by CurvyBagel
COMM - Spherical Snuggler by HidonRedux
Digital art
[C] Morning Routine by padirice

Mature Content

Seduction (Commission by Padirice) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Abbi and Loni by RiddleAugust

Mature Content

Moo-ternity 29: Purple by OfaMightDivine
Traditional Art

Mature Content

The Cow Who Loved Me (Story Pic, TF, Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

The Dance (Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Witchy Things 2: Together Forever... (Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Forbidden Love (Preg) by SV-Writer
There is a guy n my pic

Mature Content

Moo-ternity: Chapter 29 is funded!!! by OfaMightDivine

Mature Content

Love at 3 by Marrazan
Black and White

Mature Content

Anaphia and Belle (UPDATED) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Christmas 2016 by GoddessNinlil
Ask: Alternate Clothes: Eliza and Katylin by GoddessNinlil
North Shore Lovers by BellaCielo
CM: Love between Red and Blue by CurvyBagel

Mature Content

Now kiss! by Schpog-Preg

Mature Content

 752-1(2) by MystWell

Mature Content

Entertainment of the goldsy-aristocrat by MystWell

Mature Content

Goldsy in captivity by MystWell

Mature Content

Bleuberry Pile by Auctus177

Mature Content

Req: Belly Rub by Auctus177

Mature Content

Morning Appetite by Auctus177

Mature Content

Feeding Time by PreggoBellyLover

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content



Herro :3c!! Welcome to Milky Preggy Yuri, a group related to pregnancy fetish plus yuri :3.

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us. To keep the order we made a submission guide and some rules.
These rules may change with time if the group gets big enough to manage more submissions. But meanwhile we are just a tiny babby group.

Please read.


Literature and 3D is now accepted in the group!

NO Anthro, NO photos, NO Photomanipulation or morph, NO WIPs, No text.
(That's a lotta NO lol)

As this is a Yuri related group at least 2 woman should be in the same pic, one of them should be pregnant. Milk is allowed and welcome, but it is not a requeriment. Pregnancy IS a requirement.

Just a heads up, we won’t accept one girl or girl+guy pictures.


1. Sketches ALWAYS to sketch folder.

2. Lineart ALWAYS to lineart folder.

3. Black & white drawings (or monochrome) to Black and White folder.
NOTE:  If the image has a guy pictured (besides the other two girls) then it goes to “There is a guy in my pic” folder

4. Colored? Well we have two folders!

- Digital art: to digital folder.

- Traditional: To traditional folder.

(Who would have thought O: ?!)


5. Now we accept 3D :3! 3D goes to 3D folder >w<
6. And literature! Which goes to the literature folder!

NOTE:  If the image has a guy pictured (besides the other two girls) then it goes to “There is a guy in my pic” folder

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dolria1 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2018
male, bi, looking for a dom male or female to get me pregnant or add more babies to my belly.
i play as sub, male or female. i do futa on female, futa on male, and male on male, with pregnancy and cum inflation, pregnant sex, adding babies with each sex, sex in labor, bondage, dominant/submissive, shiny silver clothes, etc.
my kik is dolria1
my discord is dolria2#7259
my skype is miara2261
i do only text rp, no cam, no pics or vids.
Massege me if you are interested.
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm interested in joining, as I have some interesting pregnant furry works in my gallery. Would they be accepted?
CoffeeSlice Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, no anthro or furry allowed.
ninchef Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016
The picture used in the group logo, what's it called?
Jabberwock99 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
Anyone here do RP?
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Edited Dec 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the add! I'm a fan of yuri pregnancy (and magical lesbian spawn / lesbian science children) and have been disappointed by the lack of that sort of art on the internet ... I may have to join. :)
OfaMightDivine Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Seconded! It's always awesome to have people with a taste in common :3!
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