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If the group's name it's not completely straightforward, this is a fetish group related to:
- Preggo girls
- Milky girls
- Very very very friendly milky and preggo girls!

To be even more specific, this groups holds a special interest in collecting art in which two or more girls interact with each other in a very passionate way and at least one of them is pregnant. Anyone of them can be the milky one!

If you share this same interest, please, come in, grab a sit, JOIN US O:
If you don't...well, I dunno, I mean it's cool, no sweat. Ctrl+W it's your friend <:3c

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

OC request - Remote Waifu Aftermath by jishintai

Mature Content

Marceline and Peebs by CurvyBagel

Mature Content

Korra and Asami by CurvyBagel
COMM - Spherical Snuggler by HidonRedux
Digital art

Mature Content

Don't Underestimate Princesses... by SV-Writer
[C] Morning Routine by padirice

Mature Content

Seduction (Commission by Padirice) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Abbi and Loni by RiddleAugust
Traditional Art

Mature Content

The Cow Who Loved Me (Story Pic, TF, Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

The Dance (Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Witchy Things 2: Together Forever... (Preg) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Forbidden Love (Preg) by SV-Writer
There is a guy n my pic

Mature Content

Moo-ternity: Chapter 29 is funded!!! by OfaMightDivine

Mature Content

Love at 3 by Marrazan
Black and White

Mature Content

Anaphia and Belle (UPDATED) by SV-Writer

Mature Content

Christmas 2016 by GoddessNinlil
Ask: Alternate Clothes: Eliza and Katylin by GoddessNinlil
North Shore Lovers by BellaCielo
CM: Love between Red and Blue by CurvyBagel

Mature Content

Now kiss! by SapphicBump

Mature Content

 752-1(2) by MystWell

Mature Content

Entertainment of the goldsy-aristocrat by MystWell

Mature Content

Goldsy in captivity by MystWell

Mature Content

Bleuberry Pile by Auctus177

Mature Content

Req: Belly Rub by Auctus177

Mature Content

Morning Appetite by Auctus177

Mature Content

Feeding Time by PreggoBellyLover

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content



Herro :3c!! Welcome to Milky Preggy Yuri, a group related to pregnancy fetish plus yuri :3.

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us. To keep the order we made a submission guide and some rules.
These rules may change with time if the group gets big enough to manage more submissions. But meanwhile we are just a tiny babby group.

Please read.


Literature and 3D is now accepted in the group!

NO Anthro, NO photos, NO Photomanipulation or morph, NO WIPs, No text.
(That's a lotta NO lol)

As this is a Yuri related group at least 2 woman should be in the same pic, one of them should be pregnant. Milk is allowed and welcome, but it is not a requeriment. Pregnancy IS a requirement.

Just a heads up, we won’t accept one girl or girl+guy pictures.


1. Sketches ALWAYS to sketch folder.

2. Lineart ALWAYS to lineart folder.

3. Black & white drawings (or monochrome) to Black and White folder.
NOTE:  If the image has a guy pictured (besides the other two girls) then it goes to “There is a guy in my pic” folder

4. Colored? Well we have two folders!

- Digital art: to digital folder.

- Traditional: To traditional folder.

(Who would have thought O: ?!)


5. Now we accept 3D :3! 3D goes to 3D folder >w<
6. And literature! Which goes to the literature folder!

NOTE:  If the image has a guy pictured (besides the other two girls) then it goes to “There is a guy in my pic” folder

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dolria1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2020
Hello looking for vanilla sex focused pregnant Erp. I play as sub male or sub female in rp. Looking for dom futa or dom male for doing 3rd person literature rp (minimum 4-5 sentences). Here are my choices:
Futa on pregnant female
Futa on pregnant male
Male on pregnant male
In each scenario i play as the pregnant one.
I have various plots for each scenario.
If you are interested, DM me.
allypierce338 Featured By Owner May 18, 2020   Digital Artist
Female, bi,  for a dom male or female to get me pregnant or add babies to my belly.
i play as sub, female or Male.i do female on female and male on male, with pregnancy and pregnant sex, sex in labor, bondage, dominant/submissive,

if ya wanna roleplay send me a note.
tomlong312 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2021
I am ready to play
Valentine2Romance Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2020

My ideas are there if you wish to take a look
dolria1 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2018
male, bi, looking for a dom male or female to get me pregnant or add more babies to my belly.
i play as sub, male or female. i do futa on female, futa on male, and male on male, with pregnancy and cum inflation, pregnant sex, adding babies with each sex, sex in labor, bondage, dominant/submissive, shiny silver clothes, etc.
my kik is dolria1
my discord is dolria2#7259
my skype is miara2261
i do only text rp, no cam, no pics or vids.
Massege me if you are interested.
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm interested in joining, as I have some interesting pregnant furry works in my gallery. Would they be accepted?
CoffeeSlice Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, no anthro or furry allowed.
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