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Toast's Death 3 Wallpaper

By milkbun
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Poor Mr. Toast got left out of the bread box with the rest of his loaf brothers T_T

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Copyright 2008 daria/milkbun
Do not copy or distribute without my permission
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© 2008 - 2021 milkbun
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actually, the one thats saying noob is the noob as he is newer
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Poor dude D: I don't think I've ever felt so sorry for a piece of bread
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Hehe. Reminds me of a zombie.
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The download links don't work =[[
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The spoon on the wall is not amused. It is WATCHING you... aaaaaaaaaaaaaalwaaaaaaaays!!
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Very cute. Well done!
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:iconzombieplz: zombie ... toast ... eat ... your ... brains!
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I Love It!
Do you mind if i use any of your toast pictures as my desktop picture?
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So cute :3 Im actually using this as my deskopt background XD Thx ^^
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Thanks for using it!
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Love your "dead bread" wallpapers soooooo cute

please make more (:
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D; cuuuuuuuute!!!!!
abloggingape's avatar
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haha thats adorable. <3
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Aww, poor moldy-zombie toast! Funny idea, awesome wallpaper!
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Your works are so just so cute *-*
love all of them!!
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ewww shtinky! i hate how moldy bread smells... kinda like dirt... but worse. xD

anyways i love this. XD!!
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love your toasts so much!! adding them all to my favourites!
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