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Buns behaving badly

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EDIT: This was always meant to be a wallpaper, I thought it was about time to do it right =D

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I love buns n____n. I need to take a pic of my favorite bun from this great japanese bakery near work.


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Finally some bun illustrations.
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FakeTsuki's avatar
It reminds me of Meatbun bun <3
pinkiepieheyplz's avatar
contest about yummy food drawing
dango21192's avatar
theese look like DANGO! so im faving it
tobii-toxxic's avatar
new wallpaper? i think so! XD
vanillacreamcoffee's avatar
LOL the bun that's getting hit...i love his expression... xD
awesome job, as always. ^__________^
milkbun's avatar
thanks so much :hug:
Lily-Chi's avatar
ahahahahaha lol. This is brilliant!
witharibbononit's avatar
amazing, i love it :3
xSpriinklez's avatar
LOL ^o^ i got a new desktop~
xAzureSkyz's avatar
lol cute ^^ i love ur wallpapers :D
ImaginaryKarin's avatar
Hehe, I'm so sending this to my boyfriend. Love it :D
DarkFireRaven's avatar
I saw this and just started cracking up. :D
Penguiun's avatar
lmao, this one is totally hilarious!!! good job!
oshibori's avatar
cute *_____*~
I love this i-i
YingFong's avatar
Haha, cute! I really like the expressions of both buns. This is simple, but oh so adorable. <3
blasianonna's avatar
I shall use this as my desktop background!
Lorey's avatar
ahahhaha, so cute!

: D
Kitrakaya's avatar
Jealous bread, who woulda thunk? :lmao: So cute! :D
Sandi3d's avatar
Can you explain, in YOUR words, what exactly the quote and image are meant to mean? its on my work desktop, and my boss thinks it might be "inappropriate" HAHA (he teases me about it as a joke) And I cant think of how to explain it to him... I've tried but I'm not the artist.. so I thought maybe you could <3
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