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2010 May-Aug BUNNY Calendar

This is the May-August 2010 BUNNY Calendar Toki
Toki = cute pod papercraft you make yourself

To use the file please DOWNLOAD it from the left-hand menu :)


To make your own calendar toki to use at your desk all you need to do is:
Download the PDF, print, cut, glue and fold


Super-duper extra instructions you'll never need:

1. Print: Any printer (laser or inkjet) will work well. If you'd like your toki to be sturdier and last longer I suggest using a heavier grade paper if your printer can handle it. To compare, a normal piece of paper is 24lb; 50-60lb is a good weight, but I wouldn't go over 80lb or your toki won't fold correctly.
2. Cut: Scissors work great but if you want to be super precise I personally use an exacto knife and straightedge. Razorblades/boxcutters work too, but PLEASE! Watch those little fingers and never put them in the way of the blade.
3. Scoring: is optional. Scoring means to crease the paper beforehand so it folds on the impressed line very precisely. I do this with the back of my exacto blade making sure to press very lightly. You may also use a mechanical pencil with no lead, the back of a sewing needle, a boning tool (yes a piece of flattened bone like a tongue depressor that has a sharpened point on one end used by professional bookmakers) or any tool that has a dull point. The goal is to 'score' the paper half way. Use a ruler in this step too. You may score while you're cutting, before you cut or even after you freed the toki from the paper.
4. Glueing: You only need one spot of glue for your tokis. If you have trouble controlling the flow of your glue or your children are squeezing it like a ketchup bottle here is a helpful hint. Drop a dab of glue on a scrap paper; using a toothpick, dip one end into the glue and apply it onto the flap.
5. Tucking: Your final step! Tokis are built with small slices in the flaps so when you tuck them in, it should lock.

Note: If you ever need to transport your little tokis from one location to another, simply squeeze the sides and pull out the flaps. Your toki is now flat and ready to move with you!


Milkbun and Toki are copyrighted 2010 to Daria
Please do not copy and/or distribute my work
© 2010 - 2022 milkbun
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Why isnt your site working?
viorenda's avatar cute XD~
a-scarf-for-kitsu's avatar
Wow.. so cute! Is the basic shape just basically a cube kind of? I really want to draw up my own since my printer has no ink.. :U I really want to know!! Please answer, thank you!
kvweber's avatar
Oh, they're so cute! I've been making cube papercrafts for the last year as gifts, but you're quite brilliant to think of putting calendars on yours! Very nice. :meow:
kheyar0320's avatar
these Tokis are really really cute! thanks for making these :D i love cute stuff and this is really a cute calendar for my desk :) please keep doing cute stuff :) i love your works :)
gottaluvtwilight's avatar
this is adorable!!! cant wait for 2011 already xD
RilaK-RainbowDrops's avatar
I printed one :3
GreenPop's avatar
Thats cute and original.

For those with no space on the desk (like me) this will come handy :)
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I made one and my came out really bad. It made really sad!! They are cute calendars!!!
OctoGang's avatar
I really wish to have an Octopus calendar though
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