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2007 Kitty Calendar Toki

This is the KITTY Oct-Dec 2007 Calendar Toki
Toki = cute pod papercraft you make yourself


To make your own calendar toki to use at your desk all you need to do is:
Download the PDF, print, cut, glue and fold


Super-duper extra instructions you'll never need:

1. Print: Any printer (laser or inkjet) will work well. If you'd like your toki to be sturdier and last longer I suggest using a heavier grade paper if your printer can handle it. To compare, a normal piece of paper is 24lb; 50-60lb is a good weight, but I wouldn't go over 80lb or your toki won't fold correctly.
2. Cut: Scissors work great but if you want to be super precise I personally use an exacto knife and straightedge. Razorblades/boxcutters work too, but PLEASE! Watch those little fingers and never put them in the way of the blade.
3. Scoring: is optional. Scoring means to crease the paper beforehand so it folds on the impressed line very precisely. I do this with the back of my exacto blade making sure to press very lightly. You may also use a mechanical pencil with no lead, the back of a sewing needle, a boning tool (yes a piece of flattened bone like a tongue depressor that has a sharpened point on one end used by professional bookmakers) or any tool that has a dull point. The goal is to 'score' the paper half way. Use a ruler in this step too. You may score while you're cutting, before you cut or even after you freed the toki from the paper.
4. Glueing: You only need one spot of glue for your tokis. If you have trouble controlling the flow of your glue or your children are squeezing it like a ketchup bottle here is a helpful hint. Drop a dab of glue on a scrap paper; using a toothpick, dip one end into the glue and apply it onto the flap.
5. Tucking: Your final step! Tokis are built with small slices in the flaps so when you tuck them in, it should lock.

Note: If you ever need to transport your little tokis from one location to another, simply squeeze the sides and pull out the flaps. Your toki is now flat and ready to move with you!


Milkbun and Toki are copyrighted 2007 to Daria
Please do not copy and/or distribute my work
© 2007 - 2022 milkbun
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Do you think you can make ones for 2017?, all the ones i find are outdated.
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It is really cute! :3 I save it and I will do it someday! ;-)
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I also have it up here: [link]
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awwww this is really amazing work thx
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FAWK! this is too cute : D
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There is a puppy one already. Check the gallery.
I don't know how you can print it without a printer. Keep bothering your brother, or your friends, or a public place like a library?
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but some lines are folded-ish XD and i can't fold it cuz ill make the thingy weirdish.. XD lols i dunno which ones da puppy XD
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How awesome! Any plans on making 08 ones? I so wanna make them. :O
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Yes should be out real soon :)
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how cute!
nice work~
T-up !
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Aw, this is so adorable! I think it's so cute that is has a calendar on it too.
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Aw, this is so adorable! I think it's so cute that is has a calendar on it too.
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this is just great^_^ a def :+fav:
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great job.. :)
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omg these are great ! i want to make one.
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OMG these rule! you are my new papercraft friend :D so cute and really clever idea about the should do a catbus version of the cat one!!!
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KAWAII!! I can't wait to make one ^-^ Uh, is there a printable version of the dog and bunny ^^; so kawaii
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Yes of course! Just hit the download button :)
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thank you ^-^ I know have made all of them...^^; And now i know that it is a dog and a cat and a hamster (not a bunny)
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I am so excited right now! I was all jazzed about being able to see these soon and here they are! :D YAY!
Love the kitty's stripes. So cute.
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