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[Solar Sys-Gals] Earth-Chan



Lets take a break from beans-comic for today.
We need some weeb art in this gallery.

Meet, Earth-Chan. she's the 3rd member of the Solar Sys-Gals, She's known to be gentle and a bit nervous at times and dislikes it when people call her flat.
She has an incurable disease called "Humans" and the disease causes other illness such as Pollution, and Global Warming because of this she's a bit weak, always cough, and wears a medical mask. Please, save and protect her-

Not sure about their satellites, either i make them as animal pets, lil' siblings, or even fairies like in Magical Girl animus but i dunno haven't decided yet.
For recent watchers, Please unwatch me if Solar Sys-gals is all you expect from me because when i'm done with their designs i'm dropping this series entirely

[Solar Sys-Gals] Mercury-Chan + Jupiter-Chan
[Solar Sys-Gals] Moon-Ototo-San // [Solar Sys-Gals] Moon Moon the Assist Doggo
[Solar Sys-Gals] Venus-Chan + Mars-Chan
[Solar Sys-Gals] Saturn + Uranus + Neptune
[COM/Solar Sys-Gals] Pluto-Chan/San
[Solar Sys-Gals] Sun-Sei

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Earth-Chan/Solar Sys-Gals FAQ and Facts
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