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Rusafa Baghdad

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Published: March 27, 2010
Jason T. Bailey

A U.S. Soldier with 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, provides security while a member of Abna'a Al Iraq, a security group contracted by the U.S. government, calls in support before searching the last known location of a wanted man in Rusafa, Baghdad, Iraq, Feb. 19, 2008. U.S. Air Force photo

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10/2000 second
Focal Length
28 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 19, 2008, 1:41:35 AM
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Renegad3SpectreHobbyist Traditional Artist
All these picures are so amazing.
Soldiers always fascinate me, they scare me, I think of them as kinda sexy and everytime I forget the truth behind it.
I think, I don't need to say anything... Sure they protect their countries, but I also believe, there would be no war without any soldiers, because all these politicians never will hit the battlefield...
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Erbear159Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's what we do. Make war so others can put on their suits and go to work. 
Renegad3Spectre's avatar
Renegad3SpectreHobbyist Traditional Artist
Stay safe anyway ó_ò
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This is me. Thank you for this amazing picture mr. combat photographer
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hopless-romanticHobbyist Photographer
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The Image is Mirror-Invertet. Look at the Flag on the Soldier´s Shoulder.
z28ump's avatar
I know this comment is way old, but it's not inverted. The left and right flag patches are different so that the stars always face toward the front.
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Quinton-WatsonProfessional Artist
that, and the rifle ejection port is on the correct side.
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NamminahProfessional General Artist
This is an amazing photo. I love the composition. You have such a wonderful gallery!
I referenced your photo to draw a sketch of it here: [link]
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so much power in this shot. amazing.
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GruffleStudent Traditional Artist
Very powerful framing. Well done
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TheSprunkHobbyist General Artist
Excellent photograph.
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gokhanprojectProfessional Interface Designer
very nice composition good frame nice capture.
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calgarcProfessional Artist
what a capture :D
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wolfprimeStudent Filmographer
Not balls really. It's his country, his neighborhood, he's well aware of the threats. You should see the guys the Iraqi's call "shroogi". It translates roughly to what we call a 'geardo'. Some schmo with useless, unnecessary gadgets hanging off him and pockets all over the place.

One of my interpreters brothers was in Ibn' al Iraq/ The Son's of Iraq (it's like a state sponsored militia). It motivated her to join the coalition forces and she's since moved to the U.S. and married a Soldier she met when working with the coalition forces.

The flash suppressor is a wee bit to close to the right border for me. A tad more space to give it some breathing room would work, I think. Me nitpicking brother, this picture is bad ass. Wait a minute! Does he have a muzzle cap on? What's that green tape? L O L !
royalcoaster's avatar
looks like some kind of cap P: but being the area they are in, desert-ish environment, they might use it to keep dust out of the barrel.
wolfprime's avatar
wolfprimeStudent Filmographer

I know the area WELL.
royalcoaster's avatar
well, i feel smart now =P

i just hope that i dont have to go into something like that, dont like hurting people >_>
wolfprime's avatar
wolfprimeStudent Filmographer
It's not too bad really and not every job requires that you hurt someone, but all jobs require that you know how should the need arise.

For instance, you're a photographer? There's a job in the Army specifically for photography. Your job is to document combat and noncombat activity. On both still and motion cameras. You also learn studio camera work and in some specific cases provide feeds for major news outlets. It's not all about hurting people. More often than not the presence of the armed forces means we're helping. But you know how the old saying goes, "You want to make an omelet you gotta break a few eggs."
royalcoaster's avatar
well, yeah i know there is jobs im the military that dont deal with the actual combat, but knowing me and my luck id get stuck with that ^^;

Though, the photography would be an interesting thing to a total hypocrite when it comes to blowing things up compared to my dislike of harm, it would be really cool to see and photograph/video some of the weapons and stuff being used. hell, the way i am with what i like, i have a huge span of jobs i could go into, it just takes those few eggs to crack to start cooking the path in which i take :3
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wolfprimeStudent Filmographer
Since your test scores determine your job you obviously want to score higher on the test. The people who get "stuck" are the ones with LOW scores. If someone doesn't qualify for the job they want they're free to say "Thanks" and leave. Some do, most don't. They take the crap job (and usually spend the rest of their enlistment complaining about it). So, there's no getting "stuck" with anything. There are more NON-combat oriented jobs in the Army than there are combat arms . . .
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That Abna'a Al Iraq guy got some balls for just wearing a bulletproof vest.
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