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I.E.D. South Afghanistan

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Published: October 25, 2009
Peter Van Agtmael

Daily Deviantion 12-13-09
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zuungaaaHobbyist Photographer
exellent work!
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mysideofworldHobbyist Photographer
Hey, don't turn a photographic act into a social or political sided reason. It is an unusual photo, also the photographer risked his life doing all those photos regardless of his status, military personel, or civilian photographer. I'd wish to be on the other side of the camera to be able to take this kind of shots! Great shot!
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GOFZHobbyist General Artist
French Army is the best all over the world
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69ingChipmunkzzHobbyist Digital Artist
was anyone hurt?
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Donut2Chicken2Hobbyist General Artist
As much as I hate to say it, someone triggered that IED. If it was remote controlled then maybe no one was hurt but if someone stepped on it I hate so say they have a good chance of dyeing.😢
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DorianOrendainProfessional General Artist
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I'm requesting that as the owner of this account that you remove the inflammatory remarks by Aizenhaim. Even though that account has been deactivated you should remove it for the purpose of keeping vets such as myself from having to read that kind of thing. Thank you.
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MikeGuintoProfessional Photographer
Very well composed for being such a quick photo. When everyone else was ducking you were looking down your view finder.
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AuroenHobbyist Photographer
I love how you put that.
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BrittanyJustusHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, the adrinaline is in high gear in this one. :)
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Aizenhaim General Artist
Brainless rednecks running around
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BrittanyJustusHobbyist Digital Artist
Who do you think you are to come on someone's page and write that? Your the uneducated one here.
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ScarletMarineStudent General Artist
They aren't rednecks, they are marines.
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Have you met any of these men and women?
Aizenhaim's avatar
Aizenhaim General Artist
Have you met any of the men and women whose children are slaughtered by these simple-minded morons?
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Tr3bor122Hobbyist Digital Artist
im just gonna pretend that you didn't say that, because it makes me really mad that i wanna kill you!
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AuroenHobbyist Photographer
There's nothing simple-minded about any of these men and women who serve in the military... They're doing the one thing most of us don't have the guts to do. Yeah there's lots of death, but it's not murder. It's a part of war and if you knew your history you would know there is A LOT of it throughout the ages and who are we to blame any one side for anything?

There is usually a lot more to it than "I don't like you, you don't like me, lets fight about it." It's not like that. These military men and women fight for a purpose they deem necessary and relevant. Although it is sad that sometimes the innocents get mixed up in the mix of it all, you cannot claim this is slaughter because they aren't running in an blowing up peoples houses for the heck of it, they're fighting people who want them dead no matter what the cost. I mean if you watch the media you'd know Al Qaeda uses women as meat shield and their own men as martyrs. If anyone's slaughtering it's them, not our marines.
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fifi-kawaiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Media is bunch of it ?? all what you said is no sense .."Yeah there's lots of death, but it's not murder" ......they fight for something they deem killing people is that necessary .....they are killing people that they want them dead cuz they are in their country god dammit you come to attack me in my country and you expect  from me the shut up about it and let you kill me?!! ... no i'm gonna take the shit out of you one by one  .....did you used your mind when you write that or you foots ?!!!

i'm no hater but i can't stand how could you say that  easily ...put your self as a victim and more importantly  put you mind and heart 
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BlackmoonfallsHobbyist General Artist
I know this old , but obvisiously you need to brush on your knowledge of miltary operations. We were over ther attacking them in their country. Its an unstable country with lots a violence , for chrissake , they dont even have speed limits or a right or wrong way to drive on the street. Were over there to rid there country of the ones causing mayyhem. We even helped them be rebuild. We dont kill ANYONE who isnt doing us harm. Rules of engagement: Do no fire , unless fired upon. Please go study , Id never kill a child , but guess what? If that child tried to kill me , Id have to , because I got a daughter that looks for me to come home to her. Dont go on about stuff you dont understand.
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AuroenHobbyist Photographer
I know the media is full of lies, I never claimed they are saints. I also never said any one country/race/faction are all the same; I know every individual is different and not everyone wants to fight, not everyone wants to face tragedy and witness death. Obviously if someone comes to your home and threatens you, I would expect nothing less than fighting back, so that isn't even a question here because I agree. I'm not the one in your home and I am certainly not fighting you. Do I defend the fact that I believe there are good people in the military and that they believe what they are doing is right? Sure, because no one person is completely identical to another and not every single soldier is faced with the exact same difficult decisions. Wherever the corruption is, whichever group is responsible for wrongful and unjust persecution/discrimination or crime I agree 100% they are at fault for their actions and I also believe they will face the consequences in time.

When I said "they fight for what they deem necessary" I basically mean that they feel the actions taken against them required reaction. You told me to look at it from a victims point of view.. well... let's say a group of people from another country hijack airlines and crash planes into buildings and kill innocents in the process of a exacting revenge for a conflict between foriegn affairs, do you just sit back and say "oh it's no big deal" and move on with life? You just told me if someone came and attacked your home you'd fight back, I am no different. You just told me to think about it with my mind and heart, but you do not even know me. I put a lot of thought into what I say and you do not have to agree with it. I love people, I love animals, I love nature. I want people to coexist peacefully and learn to love instead of hate. I don't like the fighting anymore than you do, and I wish my government would take a hint and just butt out of other peoples affairs because this has gone on long enough and the men responsible all those years ago are gone/taken care of. So don't presume to know how I feel about this just because I support some of the men or women who chose to serve the country. They may have heartless leaders and shitty commanders ordering them around but if they choose to truly murder anyone for no purpose then that blame is on them for doing it and their boss for ordering it but that is it. I am very empathetic and I do wonder how life would be like living in fear day to day, but understand this.. it is no life I would wish on anyone.

You can think of America and its people whichever way you want, but just because you see and hear things from afar, you are wrong to assume we are all the same. I don't believe for one second that all middle-eastern residents are terrorists because that is ignorant. I know everyone is different in their own right, so consider that next time you judge me just because I like to have some faith in humanity. Military, government, civilian or not we are all human and we all make mistakes-we all have faults and I never made claim otherwise.

Good day to you.
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Invert23Hobbyist Photographer
Actually, they aren't fighting for what they deem "necessary", they are fighting our Governments agenda and what THEY want to do. As for running in and blowing up peoples houses for the heck of it, you've obviously not done your research. Try googling a few times and see what you come up with, plenty of underground videos of crazy marines doing stupid shit, AC130's and Apache helicopters taking out Innocent targets for the hell of it and laughing about it.

You only hear one side of the story through your so called "MEDIA". Quit being so naive and open up your eyes.

Now we're about to go to war with Iran next because "BroBama" has to back up his girlfriend Israel. More debt, more death, more war.
fifi-kawaii's avatar
fifi-kawaiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well said (y) 
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