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Close Call

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Published: December 21, 2009
Goran Tomasevic

South Afghanistan

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Skoshi8Hobbyist Photographer
I was always told to shoot around things, or under things, but never OVER things.
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And this is why protective glasses/goggles are a good thing to have. Even if the bullet miss, the crap it kicks up can blind you temporarily or permanently.
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RealmwrightHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I hope his wife never sees this picture
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3dserjProfessional Artist
Жалко, что не в голову.
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maskedsmurfHobbyist Digital Artist
He escaped to take a Headshot
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VillainismStudent General Artist
I'm curious, where's his helmet?
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MPphotographProfessional Photographer
great pic
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seviin77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a Ssgt I know. B.
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XAmericanDogTagXHobbyist Traditional Artist
 that's a BIT to close
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i was just thinking that lol
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Manaka0211Hobbyist Photographer

You got a feature on iFunny!
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DivergentFOUNDRYHobbyist General Artist
its photos like this that really capture the intensity of combat, must have been a quick recreation cuz hes got no gear on...hope he was alright after that!
Thanks for your service!
hes got guts there! (just hope he puts a helmet on after that!)
the debris really makes this photo interesting too!
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Great photo, a bit close...

They must have been surprised/attacked in harbour given a t-shirt and no helmet/ear/eye protection/webbing/body armour. A quick question, doesn't that AN/PEQ interfere with the ACOG's field of view?
alphablackpaintball's avatar
No, the angle of the gun makes it look like it does, but the ACOG sits just a bit higher than AN/PEQ
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SimidaeHobbyist General Artist
I do not support our kids being sent to occupy foreign lands for corporate interests but it makes for great photo ops & someone has to tell the story.An amazing capture here.
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BigbenhowardHobbyist Photographer
While I do not support troops being sent to war for corporate interests either, I do support the fight in Afghanistan to pull the country away from the extremists and to win the Afghan's a better future.
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AzRaIL922Hobbyist Photographer
Pahaha...a better future, so naive. They arent even ready for change thats why the extremists win. Here a good picture to describe how it works: [link]
Bigbenhoward's avatar
BigbenhowardHobbyist Photographer
The fact that you base your understanding of the world off of such shallow garbage while refuting the experience of someone who's actually been there shows your own nativity. When you grow up and hopefully learn something about the actual world, you'll see how silly and empty your comment here is.
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AzRaIL922Hobbyist Photographer
"When you grow up and hopefully learn something about the actual world" Funny, I thought the same of you. Ironic, isnt it? :)
As Simidae said, its an amazing capture, but dont start telling us your Country fights for whatever Country's better future. Your Country kills hundredths of thousands people all over the world (Irak, Afghanistan, Lybia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Syria soon? Iran soon?) since many years to secure their economical interests, and you are just a marionette, indoctrinated by your media and politicians. Its a proven fact that your soldiers used uranium ammunition in Irak. You know how high the birth defects and cancer rate grew up there since 2003? Google it. Same in Vietnam (Orange Agent). But hey! Its everything for Humanity and a better future :)
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SimidaeHobbyist General Artist
Dirty bombs are good fer kids don't cha know.
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