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Today I realized that I don't really know my political beliefs, so I looked up the 'big issues' and decided what I thought on them.

Unborn children are people too. Abortion should only be allowed very early on, and under no circumstances should the government pay for abortions. It’s their fault they became pregnant, not the government’s – and the taxpayer’s – fault. #sure

Affirmative Action
The government should take every effort to provide equal benefits for all races and sexes. #unsure

Death Penalty
Under certain circumstances, such as premeditated murder, torture-murders, or multiple murders, the death penalty is an appropriate punishment. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. However, the death penalty should NEVER be used if the guiltiness of the accused is in question. Physical evidence, such as multiple eye witness accounts, definitive video and audio evidence, and/or a confession is absolutely required. #sure

It is necessary for the government to intervene in certain situations. Individuals simply cannot defend themselves from the power of huge corporations. #sure

I don’t know what I think of vouchers. #unsure

Stem cell research
Embryonic stem cells can be used in research. The cell has few features of a human. However more focus should be put into adult & umbilical cord stem cell research. #unsure

Oil and coal kill the environment, create pollution, and are unsustainable. Clean energy research is vital to the health of our nation. #sure

Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicide should be legalized. A person should not be forced to suffer through the last few months of their existence. Funds could be re-routed to other patients (or research) who could actually benefit. However government oversight is  necessary so insurance companies don’t try to force suicides. #sure

Global Warming/Climate Change
Is this really a problem? Pollution is a problem. It leads to birth defects and destruction of the natural environment. Pollution needs to be controlled. #sure

Gun Control
Gun control laws do not prevent criminals from obtaining guns; they just prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves. All citizens (barring circumstances such as dangerous criminals) should be allowed to own guns; however there is no need for citizens to own such heavy weaponry as cal machine guns and heavy artillery, so those should be outlawed. #sure

Health Care
Many individuals cannot afford health care – and it’s not necessarily their fault. Yes to health care. #sure

Homeland (Airport) Security
While it may be true that certain groups are more likely to be terrorists, there is no way to profile them without violating their dignity and respect. No profiling. #unsure

Illegal immigrants are breaking the rules to gain an unfair advantage over those who follow the rules. This is unfair. However, blanket arrests, deportations, and racial profiling are also unfair. The immigration systems needs and overhaul to allow more people into the US faster, as citizens, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that title. #unsure

Private Property
Eminent domain is only acceptable in certain situations. This does include private interests, profitable interests, or structures that could easily be moved elsewhere.  #sure

Religion has no place in the government and only leads to conflict and hatred. NO, PERIOD. #sure

Same-Sex Marriage
There is not a single good reason for not allowing same-sex marriage.  #sure

Social Security
I do not understand this issue fully. #unsure

Higher taxes on the extremely wealthy, that is for sure. Checks and balances need to be put in place to make sure people don’t become dependent on government support. #unsure

I do not know a lot about this issue. However, I do not believe that US troops should submit to UN orders, nor do I believe the US should withdraw from the UN. #unsure

Terrorism is partially motivated by US foreign policy. Diplomacy and military should both be used. Captured terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts.

Opportunities should be provided to make it possible for those in need to become self-reliant. Help people help themselves. #sure

I think there is a big problem with corruption and just stupid laws. The environment needs to be protected. Stupid people should not benefit and the expense of not-stupid people. Help people to help themeselves. Religion has no place in government. Individual freedoms need to be protected. Same sex marriage is a basic right.
So I guess that makes me a libertarian..? I support individual rights very strongly, but I also support the government stepping in to help those who can't help themselves, as well as taking care of public work like education, military, etc.


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