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Wow, I've been away from dA for awhile and haven't downloaded anything for over 9 months.  I'm hoping to get back into doing my art after a long break.  We'll see how it goes.  Aloha 'oe to all my dA friends!

:iconmjranum-stock: for Veteran of the Psychic Wars 11 Photography by Marcus Ranum
Brush sets used:
:iconz-design: for Z-DESIGN Tech Brush Set v6
:iconatelophobia-graphics: for 16 Free Tech Style
All other resources used are my own, including textures generated using Filter Forge 4 and painting w/CS5.

Mahalos to all!
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nice good to see u back on DA hope to see u here more often and hopefully we can collaborate on something one day Love and Aloha my friend
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thanks, and happy belated b-day, brah.
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mahalo my friend 
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Hope you don't go away again! :glomp:
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mahalo nui, ams!:kiss:
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Beautiful work,Mak!:clap:
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much aloha and mahalos to you. Athina!!:blowkiss:
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You should hook up with the local cosplay community.  I think they'd love your artistic treatments.
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mahalos, Michael!  i should be able to retire soon, and maybe i'll be able to spend more time getting to know the local cosplay community, then.  'ey, enjoy the comic con at the convention center, brah!  i'm not gonna be able to make it, but sounds like it'll be a blast.  maybe you can try share my aloha w/ Stan Lee for me!!
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I didn't get to meet Stan, but I did get to spend the better part of day with George Perez, before dropping him off at the airport.
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Here is one of the local cosplayers:

See if anything inspires you. :D
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The way you blended the bottom of body into background is very interesting. Nice job!
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much mahalos, Donna Marie!
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A beauty, Mak! I hope you're well my friend. :iconhulaplz:
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i am.  hurt my back back last December (sciattica) and it took a long time until i could sit long enough to work on anything; only been able to just a little while ago.  so, i'm starting to get back at it more now.  also, work's been really intense these last months (years?) and it wears me out . . . gettin' older, brah.  i'll likely be retiring from my job after 26 years early next years, and hope to be back into doing the things i like.  should have more time again for dA, too.  also, i can't log into my dA profile page or deviation pages anymore on my personal notebook; since like back in June.  i can still log into dA or onto my notifications, but nothing "MililaniMak.deviantart . . . "  the DA help desk was/is totally worthless in helping me, so i've got to use my wife's notebook at  home (like i am right now) or my desk top at work (i don't like doing that) to reply to comments, etc.  real pain in the butt.  btw, you ever hear of anything like that from anyone else?  any idea how i can fix that?  anyway, mahalos and aloha bruddah Joe!
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Sorry to hear about your back, Mak.
I will be the age to retire also in March but I will
keep working to stay busy and make that money before I can't. :D
I don't know anyone with that log in problem.
DA help desk is maybe the worst help of any on the internet. :puke:
Take care brother and hope all goes well. 
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i think i'll actually net about as much thru my pension as i do working, Joe.  the payroll deductions really take their toll.  i'll get a civil service pension which isn't taxable by the State of Hawaii, and i'll get full medical for myself and Mrs. Mak.  so, if i can pull in a bit of extra income from some consulting work, it'll just be the gravy on my rice.  maybe i can even afford to get a new lap top or evan a waicom!  :)
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All sounds good, Mak. 
I'll just be happy if I can have the rice...:D
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Well, thank you so much, Mak! :iconyeeplz:
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