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Hey guys. If you can tell, don't post here anymore. However, I realized that I never gave a proper goodbye to all of you and felt ashamed that I haven't until now. I want to say thank you to everyone who was with me for the wild ride. It was a blast to meet so many good, funny, and unique friends along the way and I will always cherish those moments I had back in 2015-18. I was just looking through all of these old artworks, messages, and comments of mine and realized how much I grew up to become the person I am today. I'm not that same person as I was back then, with the "XD"s, shippings, and cringy role plays. Most of the things I drew here, I'm not even into/ a fan of anymore due to drama or a loss of taste.

As amusing as those old messages are to read, they don't represent who I am now. I felt I need to get that off of my back before someone in the future might accuse me of those kinds of awkward behaviors.

I also want to apologize for deleting some of my drawings that you guys might have liked. Those were deleted for personal reasons or for being way too cringy for my sanity to handle. I hope to be on here once in a while to see other artists' posts, and by that time, you can DM me if you want to see a picture that isn't posted here anymore. Please be specific of what the drawing looked like, I have so many that I don't even remember drawing half of them. Also, don't expect an instant reply.

That is all, however, I haven't stopped here. I am still active on Instagram, (@milieus) posting my artworks. I've posted some video game drawings that you guys might enjoy looking at. Hope to see you there! :D

-milieus 2020

TL:DR- I'm not a fan of or into the majority of the things I drew here due to drama/ lost of taste, I'm not posting here anymore, I still post art on my Insta. come follow me, Goodbye o/

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Hey is anyone there?

I hope your account is still active I'm new here so I don't know how this works

I just wanted to tell you that I love your drawing style is simple and beautiful I follow you more for your Steve and Alex (Minecraft) fanarts but I also saw the fanarts of other things that you have drawn and it's amazing

keep it up :)

Hello, I am still alive lol (sorry for the late response) 
I don't really post anything here anymore, for reasons idk how to explain.
maybe because I grew out of it?
However, I do still post minecraft art and much more on my Instagram (milieus)!
Also, thank you so, so much for the support-
Comments like that really makes my day!! <333 :D
<333 Thank you!
Happy birthday!! Kawaii pink cake 
Thanks man!! :D