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New fella in series of tiny dragons that I co-create with Peter Fane as he writes and gives them roles in his fantasy world among his other characters of Davanor. I had sketch of him from this summer in pocket sketchbook but only now I got to finish painting. 

Also check it on Artstation too it will help me a lot… ArtStation Icon ultramini 
...aaand if you are interested in small time lapse of making of this piece you can take a look here since few people asked and it took me just half a year to try recording screen Sweating a little...… YouTube  

Species description bellow by Peter Fane…

Wingless horn-skull (“Bully Wyrm;” also “Gatekeeper Dragon,” “Door Drake,” or “Thumper.”)

The wingless horn-skull – most famously known as the “Bully Wyrm” or “Thumper” – is one of Dávanor’s rare, wingless small breeds. They are born with small, vestigial wings, but in domestic settings these are always clipped by breeders. Thumpers can found in households throughout Dávanor, but they prefer warmer climates. They make ideal family pets and are second only to the tender-nosed shield-wing in their devotion and protectiveness. Thumpers are tenacious, fierce, and absolutely loyal. Because they are flightless, Thumpers are rarely trained into messenger service. They are much more often deployed as guardians or watch-dragons, tasks at which they excel. Thumpers are also often used in battle and can accompany infantry companies or shock troops as scouts or frontline fighters. Dávanor’s House Fel is famous for its well-trained Thumper corps.

As their scientific name suggest, these dragons are most well-known for the massive horns at the center of their foreheads. In the wild, the main use of this horn is posturing. Wild male Thumpers control small, but clearly defined, territories. Hoping to avoid confrontation, a Thumper will lower its horn and “thump” it loudly against a tree, rock, or root. The size of a Thumper’s horn is an indicator of its neck and shoulder strength; larger horns are thus more desirable. If intimidation does not forestall conflict, Thumpers will use their horns to defend themselves. Because Thumpers consistently rub and grate their horns on rough surfaces, their horns can be quite sharp. When combined with their speed and weight, a Thumper charge can be damaging. Thumpers also use their horns for digging in the soil for grubs, worms, and truffles. Female Thumpers use their horns to steer their young, guiding them until they are capable of navigating on their own. Males have been observed using their horns to move excrement into piles that demarcate territorial borders. There are reports from southern Dávanor of wild Thumpers using their horns to test the depth of mud holes before entering to cool down; if the mud is too deep, the Thumper will not risk the mud bath.
While it has been officially banned for centuries, Thumpers have been exploited for pit fighting since before the Founding. The breed’s loyalty and devotion, combined with its high pain-threshold and natural armament, make it an easy target for thugs, gangsters, or other miscreants. Fortunately, recent years have seen enforcement of the duchy-wide ban taken to new levels. In the western counties of Dávanor, especially those controlled by House Fel, for example, the punishment for illegally fighting Thumpers is death by disembowelment.

In their native environments, Thumpers nest in medium-sized broods. These will consist of three to four males, seven to ten females, and their associated young. Foaling always takes place in the early spring. Nests will almost always be found in short grasslands. Males and females share all nesting, foraging, and rearing responsibilities. Females give birth to one or two young each season. Thumpers are omnivores, subsisting mostly on a combination of grasses, roots, tubers, truffles, worms and grubs.

Typical colors: orange, gold, light and dark brown, copper, and tan. The chest and underbelly will always be two or three shades lighter than the body proper with very small scales.

Typical wingspan: N/A
Typical length: (f) 14-18 palms [ca. 105-135 cm]; (m) 18-22 palms [ca. 135-165 cm]
Typical lifespan: (f) 200-220 years; (m) 180-200 years
Horned? Most definitely, yes.
Crested? Yes.
Toothed? Yes.
Venomous? No.

This text was adapted from my field notes with some references made to Katherine II's "The Smaller Dragons of Davanor. A Preliminary Taxonomy" (F.Y. 190). 

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He looks like a rhino and an English bulldog were mixed with dragon DNA to create a funny, cute creature :)The mix of various characteristics is very interesting, as dragons tend to be drawn more stream-lined, rather than bulky, which makes this one quite original.

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i saw the DA main page months ago and now i can comment on it.
really cool picture and very insightful info *thumbs up & smiles*
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Wonderful drawing!

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One day, my sister-in-law's oh-so-loyal lapdog will pass.  Then she'll want one of these.

Okay, I don't really think she's the unconventional type.
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OMG! :love: I love this! It looks amazing! So cute and funny! :D
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Reminds me How to Train Your Dragon
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I'd love to say that extricated an "aww" out of me like it's unusual to elicit that kind of response out of my cold dead heart but I'd be lying XD Don't you just wanna hug it?! Why do their wings get clipped, do they get caught on things?

Also those child drawings on the wall are a cute touch XD
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Oh my word, he's so CUTE! :love: Oh I want a pet thumper too! :meow: :heart:
I love both the deviation and the lore behind this adorable dragonling. :thumbsup::D :+fav:
Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~Western Dragon 
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It's so cute! I would totally want one!
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He's adorable!! [Cat Emote] Love 
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Awesome!! totally cool looking and adorable too!!!
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The English Bulldog of dragons. :aww:
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Good morning, OOOOOOO, Cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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What an absolutely adorable little guy
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Who's a good boy?
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Amazing details, beautiful scenery, and again I love the colour theme. A perfect visualisation of the described scene. Great art!
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