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Book Wyrm

This painting was developed by myself and fantasy author Peter Fane as part of a literacy campaign for children. Peter visits schools, talks about reading, writing, and DRAGONS, and gets young people excited about being the heroes of their own stories. I had a lot of fun with this one, changed many things during the process first being from landscape to portrait orientation, than the mood and the lighting, got a lot of hidden stuff and details. It will be printed on the large format, Original size is 12000x8000 pixels. Hope you like it :)

More from Peter…

And for more versions, WIPs and better resolution check ArtStation… Artstation (animation) Icon  
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Your art is always stunning, and this little guy is no exception. He is adoreble.

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I saw this once a couple months ago on Pinterest somewhere, and of course the artist wasn’t linked, I’m so happy- I finally found your account 😂 your work is so inspiring and wonderful ❤️

I would love a print to put on my wall!! To cute!

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This is by far the cutest dragon I've seen. :D

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I love how he's reading TOlkien and Rowling haha. Awesome details. What a cute little fellow. Beautiful light and color choices. Loving that reflective light on his tail. And all these small fun details. Awesome work :heart:
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I love the lighting in this.
HammerinInkminer's avatar, got ta' love this one -- I'm going to guess this maybe one of Peter's favorites.
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So cute. Love how enthralled he is.

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A beautiful painting for a beautiful cause <3

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Good choice of books though I hope there's a stand for the bigger ones XD
MILICRAFT's avatar
I wished to put all here but yeah stand for individual books would look nice :)
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OMG, that's so adorable! Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow 
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Yeees :D What an adorable creature! Would love one in my library ^^
Amazing work! love his face and all the details everywhere :D Great choice of books too :)
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Would make an interesting companion, Thank you!
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:iconwowplz:  WOW!  I've never thought a dragon  could look THAT  cute!  :love:

He is  so adorable in glasses!! :D Pronto Geronimole. Squeal

FANTASTIC  work in every meaning of the word! :clap::clap::clap:
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Haha glad you like it
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:D  You are welcome. :D

I LOVE it! :love:
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Knowledgeable dragons are part of their lore. This seems to be quite accurate
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Yes not all have to bite and burn stuff all the time :D 
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