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Milica Čeliković
Artist | Professional | Digital Art


Thank you for stopping by and taking interest in my page and gallery.

Drawing, painting and photo-manipulating in Photoshop using Wacom Intuos Pen graphic tablet, besides that I draw and paint traditionally and occasionally sculpts in clay.

I am working as freelance artist for cards, visual novels, game character and concept art, book illustrations and covers, personal commissioned portraits for clients and similar. I always looking for new ways to improve and make better quality artworks.

if you are interested to hire me or have any question you can contact me via:

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Jer kako kažu naši stari, bolje znati mnogo i često nego ne znati ništa, povremeno nikad, kojekude...
Hello to all of you, I recently crated store on INPRNT  and today refreshed it with my original artworks, the most popular ones. If you by any chance want to purchase some of them you have 4 days to by them at the discount of 15%, original prices are also minimum that I could choose on the site so it should be very affordable for start. Here is a link…   the CODE IS: JH2JGLJ

Inprnt (black) Icon 1/2 Df by MilicaClk  Instagram (2016) Icon    Dff by MilicaClk

Also if you have profile on ArtStation feel free to follow me also there I will be more than welcome…
The same goes for Instagram where you can see more of my sketches and casual drawings that I usually do not finish and post only there and sometimes on FB too.

Happy painting ^-^ cheers 

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  • Playing: Elder Scrolls Online

The game I was working on is out

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:05 PM
DM3 wallpaper01 1280x800 by MilicaClkDM3 wallpaper02 1024x768 by MilicaClk


Yesterday finally was published video game I was working on for few mounts as freelancer with teams from Serbia. Genre is HOPA so if you like spending time looking for hidden objects and solving puzzles and mysterious cases as detective in environment full of details and colors you should check it out. The plot takes place around 1920th so it looks kinda classy and oldish. Your task is to find person who stands behind murder of young girl on academy, but as you progress you find more and more mismatch of identity of the girl, and have more trouble solving the case.

For me it was challenging experience since for first time I was part of team creating bigger video game, my jobs were to insert new object and render items, fix mistakes, overpaint the scenes following the instructions of directors and script. It was a lot of fun :)

Here you can download the game…
it will redirect you to the Big Fish site. But if you would like whole game for free there is also torrent for it :bademoticon:… (you didn't hear this from me xD )

Have fun I'm back 

ай CSS MilicaClk


Forth one in a series of tiny dragons  for Peter Fane's "Tales from the Canon of Tarn FB page
I intended this little guy as small breed with sharp vision and even sharper claws. With his agile body and rapid descend he easily catch rabbits, small foxes and usual pests. He is praised among skilled hunters and is symbol of seasoned trainers. 

You can find his description for this dragon species below and on his Facebook page fb post

Process, WIPs you can find on Insagram: and Artstation:

Card illustration I did for Zombie Battleground game. This one has ability to heal his allies. 

Games Director: Roy Shapira
Lead artist Janette Ramos

Card illustration I did for Zombie Battleground game, still working on that so expect more cards :)

Sketch by Niles Arguelles
Lead artist Janette Ramos 
Bronze-horned root-crawler
Third one in the series of tiny dragons :beastyla:  for Peter Fane's "Tales from the Canon of Tarn", his relay detailed and interesting description for this dragon species you can find down below and also on his post on Facebook Peter Fane this was interesting to paint and I had to abandon  #smaugust so I could finish this so I have enough time besides work time.

Process, WIPs you can find on Insagram: and Artstation:…

Bronze-horned root-crawler (“Gold Digger;” also “Soil Hunter,” or “Mole Wyrm”)

The bronze-horned root-crawler (or “Gold Digger”) is a subterranean dragon that inhabits caves, culverts, and other underground environments. They are ubiquitous in all tropical and sub-tropical regions of Dávanor but nearly impossible to find in cooler climates; notable exceptions can be found in deep cave networks, like the caves of Guyayon, or near thermal venting, like hot springs or volcanos. The famous springs of northern Weller, for example, support several very large broods of root-crawlers, including one of the largest ever recorded.

While not particularly intelligent, strong, or dexterous, Diggers do make excellent messenger dragons, when trained from birth. They are best employed for short, night missions as their excellent eyesight and echolocation abilities make them superior nocturnal navigators; endurance flights are impossible because of their small wings. A Digger’s echolocation ability is advanced and is housed within its overly large skull. The head will always be marked by two large protuberances on either side; the top part of a Digger’s skull is hollow and serves as a kind of amplifier for sonic information gathered by these organs. Diggers are very social and have complex hunting, mating, fighting, and warning calls; most of these sounds cannot be heard by the unassisted human ear. Indeed, of all Dávanor’s small breeds, the diverse vocalizations of the bronze-horned root-crawler comes closest to resembling something like language. Diggers should not be lodged with other messenger breeds, not because of any interspecies antagonism, but because they prefer to sleep in the earth; special underground lodging arrangements should be made for all Diggers kept for messenger service.

In their native environments, Diggers nest in enormous broods. These broods will consist of nine to ten males, twenty to thirty females, and their associated young. Foaling always takes place in the middle spring and can produce as many as five progeny per female. Diggers’ nests will always consist of an elaborate network of underground tunnels and chambers. This system is called a warren. Warrens can be quite large; if there is earth and food, a family of Diggers will expand. The largest documented warren, located near the hot springs of Weller, was comprised of over one hundred males, three hundred females, and associated young. Diggers have overly large, hooked thumbs that they use in combination with their developed nasal horns for excavation. A favorite community habit is to link natural cave systems to warrens to take advantage of space, water, and food.

Diggers are ravenous omnivores and subsist on a combination of earth insects, worms, fungus, roots, grubs, gophers, moles, and – especially -- bats. Fierce battles for cave ecosystems have been known to take place between Digger broods and bat colonies, especially the giant Davanórian grey bat which is known to be extremely intelligent and can sometime outweigh the largest Digger males by over fifty percent.

Typical colors: light to dark bronze, light to dark gold, light to dark copper, deep yellow; undercarriage is often a different color than the spine and flanks, especially in males.

Typical wingspan: (f) 5-6 palms [ca. 35-45 cm]; (m) 6-7 palms [ca. 45-55 cm]
Typical length: (f) 8-9 palms [ca. 60-70 cm]; (m) 9-11 palms [ca. 65-85 cm]
Typical lifespan: 100-120 years
Horned? Yes. 
Crested? No. 
Toothed? Yes. 
Venomous? No.

This text was adapted from my field notes with some references made to Katherine II's "The Smaller Dragons of Davanor. A Preliminary Taxonomy" (F.Y. 190).



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