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Angel Fish

Fish are terrifying creatures. Not unlike birds. Or people.

This picture is horrifying then, no?

EDIT: Edited. You like, no?


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Also, edited again. Dainty new textures! :D
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amazing do u think u could do a female version
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Dang, fail last comment shod be like this

:iconwtfbbqplz: EPIC!!!!!
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:iconwtfbbbqplz: EPIC!!!!
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i would soooo love to have this done as a tattoo.
it's amazing!
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oh wow , creepy but verry good. love the detail on the wing
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Excellent idea - would well as a tattoo
Paradize-Only-fOr-U's avatar
Oh my god, it is so beautiful O___O
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This piece is amazing! ^0^ I like the bold thickness of the lines. The wing's feathers come to a sharp point but it still has that fluffy feeling. Very detailed. I wish I could draw like that lol. Thumbs up!
It's a fish..? Looks like the handle to a sword. Which still makes it awesome. Eitherway, its a Nice picture, and I love the contrast and work done with it. Good Job.
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I love the contrast and the wings.
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Pure, raw talent, Miles. Marry me?
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Awesome!!!! Really great! :D
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This would make a wicked awesome tattoo. ;)

By the way... I am absolutely in love with your style. It's quite refreshing to see something different =)

Awesome job.
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fantastic *_*
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beautiful! I love your interpretation
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I think this is my favorite. When I was little I used to think I was a fish... I loved fish, I even took my pet fish to the mall to see santa. The hook and the wing are amazing! envy!! *shakes fist* gorgeous though
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lol cute and awesome.
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wow that looks sick dude!
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This is stunning.
Your attention to detail is amazing; you've created lines and forms that flow like water while still retaining a great deal of complexity.

I'm especially fond of the elongated, cruel lines of the fish-hook.

I'd hang this on my wall in a heartbeat
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This reminds me of Sephiroth in FFVII...nice game! :D
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Not intentional but yes I see the resemblance.
Granted though, anything that has one giant wing bears an instant resemblance to Sephiroth. lol
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