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>> Here you will find out some of my top favorite characters/ games/ couples, favorite movies/tv shows/etc. I separated into two categories: "Sonic´s universe" and "Other franchises". XD

::: SONIC:::
>>Favorite male characters: Tails, Knuckles, Sonic, Eggman, Espio, Lyric, Vector, Mighty
>>Favorite robot characters: Metal Sonic, Swatbot (Sonic Chronicles game) and Tails´ remote robot ("Mecha Tails" from Tails Adventure game)
>>Favorite female characters: Amy, Shade, Blaze, Sticks, Tikal, Zooey
>>Favorite couples: SonicxAmy, KnucklesxShade
>>Favorite forms/transformations: Super Tails, Super Sonic, Werehog, Hyper Knuckles, Hyper Sonic, Dark Sonic
>>Favorite places: Ice Cap Zone, Angel Island, Special Stage, Chao Garden, Radical Highway, Sky Citatel, Tails´workshop, Meh´Burguer, Holoska
>>Favorite games: Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 4, Sonic Chronicles - The dark brotherhood , Sonic Adventure, Tails Adventure, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Boom, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Dash
>>Favorite tv show/movies: Sonic Boom, Sonic OVA/Sonic Movie

>>Favorite tv shows/movies/cartoons: Big Bang Theory, TMNT, Swat Kats, Jack Chan Adventures, X-men, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Totally Spies, Looney Tunes, most of Disney and Dreamworks movies, Hachiko´s story, AVP, Scooby Doo , The Red Baron, Ghostbusters.
>>Favorite animes: Inuyasha, Dragon Ball, Get Backs, Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin, Working! , Wolf´s rain, YuYu Hakusho
>>Favorite games: Aliens, Dragon Age, Fable, Zelda, EarthWorm Jim, ToeJam&Earl, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Oddworld, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Dragon Ball, Zelda, Primal Rage, Jurassic Park, Pokemon, Digimon, TMNT, X-men, etc.
>>Favorites couples: MirokuxSango, SheldonxAmy, BulmaxVegeta;
>>Favorite characters: My list of favorite characters is huge and that's why I'm not going to list here. If you are interested to know more about my favorite characters/games/tv shows, you can ask me. :3



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