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NOTE: The scenario described below, takes place BEFORE the first Parasite Eve video game.

Detective Aya Brea was returning home to her apartment after a social gathering with her fellow police officers. When she approached her door, she noticed that the lock on it has been tampered with. A dead giveaway sign that someone, most commonly a burglar, was in her apartment right now. Aya drew out her handgun and cautiously walked inside her home to look for the burglar. Then she heard a gun click right behind her. The burglar caught her with her back turned. The burglar, a woman, ordered Aya to drop her gun.

Aya saw no other alternatives, it was either gamble that the burglar will not shoot her dead if she fought back…or she obeyed at the burglar’s mercy. Aya laid down her firearm, kicking it to the side and then raised her hands where the burglar could see them. The burglar then ordered Aya to stuff her mouth, first...with her underwear. Aya was in no position to argue back, no matter how disgusted she is with the thought of using her own underwear as a gag. She slid them down to her ankles, balled them up, and shoved them into her mouth, resisting the urge to vomit. The burglar told her not to spit out the underwear as she ordered Aya to bring her wrists together.

Aya complied as the burglar took out a coil of rope and started wrapping it around her wrists. The burglar could not help herself but also lay a hand on Aya’s rear. The burglar then wrapped another coil of above Aya's elbows. Once tied, she then brought out a two pieces of cloths, one was tightly wrapped around Aya’s mouth over her stuffed underwear, holding it in. Another was tightly wrapped over her packed mouth and chin, making moving it harder. The left side of Aya’s hair got caught underneath the gags, not that the burglar cared about that at all. 

The burglar then took Aya to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She removed Aya's high heels off of her feet, and tied her ankles together. The robber then told Aya the she thinks she needs to make Aya feel a little more comfortable, and pulled down the top of Aya's dress, exposing her breasts, to Aya's disdain, especially when the burglar played with them a bit. The burglar then felt Aya's dress was a little unsuited for sleepwear and tore off the lower half of her dress, exposing the lower half of her body. She wrapped another rope around Aya's thighs and then put Aya into a hogtie with the rope going from her ankles to elbows. The burglar, satisfied with Aya's predicament, left her alone struggling to no avail as the burglar continued to steal Aya's valuables, unimpeded. 

Artwork commissioned by: :iconthelingeringshadow:
Story written by: :iconthelingeringshadow:
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Nice work here, always loved her 
and a fun story to go with it, nice work…