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Still life walkthrough

maybe this might be interdasting to you, made it this morning to warm up for commision work. Peace!
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Very grateful for this awesome walkthrough, Miles
Keep killing it!
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Thanks for sharing.  The final image is wonderful.  Love the way painted the design on the fabric
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would you say its easier too paint in photoshop or traditonally?  
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Good question! Digital is certainly faster and a little easier in a whole bunch of ways but oils has something about it that makes it a little more interesting to look at imo, its juicier and better for blending. However I'd say digital is easier in almost all respects for a study like this :)
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This is mind blowing, thank you for putting up your process.
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You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it!
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Thanks for this man!
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Do you keep them on separate layers the entire time? When I work on multiple layers for digital paintings, I find it hard to make objects and the environment look like they're in the same painting, not as if each is a cut out placed on top of each other? I'm not sure if I'm explaining this very well. Anyway, you avoid that problem so I'm just wondering. 
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Yeah I know what you're talking about, I hate that cutout look too, looks pretty cheap. It helps to spend some time working with traditional media to remind yourself that things like layers are shortcuts and not neccessities. People made insanely complicated paintings all on a flat canvas for hundreds of years, and edges often get overlooked because of the layer tool. To avoid it I merge everything for the final 30 mins or so once I'm sure I won't be moving anything too major :)
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Helps quite a bit to be frank. Just what I needed.
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Great! But why traditional art category?
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always mess that up, sorry
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I was just curious :)
Amazing pic anyway.
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Good warm up! I like your treatment of the pattern on the fabric
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Great job! I like your persistence in the work.
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Great work! I really like the texture in the painting, it's very lovely.
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is that supposed to look like a woman's breasts?
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Did you mean it or not :D ?
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