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Gorgeous; I could favor every piece of your art. Your gallery is like a dream. Keep dreaming.
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Reminscent of the Pre-Raphaelites.  Very nice.
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MyselfsamaProfessional Digital Artist
I was thinking the same thing.
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BarelyBeruHobbyist Digital Artist
hmm i like this , nice concept !
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I'm really digging the direction your artwork is going! There's something really beautiful about the more atmospheric work, not that your other work is any less fantastic.
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I love when during the summer I can lay and float on the surface of a pond in the night and just watch the cloudless sky. After a while I can stop being aware of the water beneath me and if the horizon is low enough it feels like bathing among the stars. You captured the tranquility of these precious moments perfectly :aww:. Thank you...aand curse you for making me long for the summer :D
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Perfect description, thanks for getting it :)
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Well, it would be hard not to get it. ;) The drawing depicted the feeling quite accurately. :)
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Wow amazing. Makes me think of that virtual reality piece you did. I would probably make a scene like that if I could use my imagination create a virtual reality. Also reminds me of sensory deprivation tanks hehe
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It's like she's floating in the universe. 
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lullesProfessional Digital Artist
So serene, I love it.
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MartinMakesProfessional General Artist
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artrateneStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful *-*
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PantufahProfessional Digital Artist
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VattehStudent Digital Artist
Wow Miles, great feeling of atmosphere. 
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Love the smoky/ghostly glow round the face man.
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FedodikaProfessional Digital Artist
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VicthorHobbyist Interface Designer
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ShamiesArtProfessional Digital Artist
Looks like someone left a floater
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