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Just practicing putting an illustration together for the more commercial end of things

EDIT: updated the image to put a shadow on the face a few people pointed out was missing. Nothing major :)
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I love the vibrant colors in this
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I want to live in this world. Simply amazing.
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Nice. The background make me want to know what it hides...idk it just feel so giant and misterious, and I like that, reminds of the vast's forests
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Wondeful work!
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This is beautiful
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I adore this so much! The saturated colour and the fun design, so good! <3
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Amazing piece, that scene is fabulous!
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I want the same hat!
Really beautiful work anyway.
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I love the colors!! ... and her hat!! La la la la 
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Cute and beautiful illustration :)
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This is amazing!
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I really like what this picture is telling (although she's not watching the water, she may not catch much like this ^^), colors and attitude are great.

Maybe a a little too much saturation here and there, but I'm really nitpicking.
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Super pretty, altho her left shoulder could do with some stronger suggestions as to it's location, her arm feels like it just kinda appears out of nowhere. I mean I have to assume it's lowdown but her right shoulder is so far forward it kinda blocks any inclinations making the torso feel very flat/2d'ish. I love the colours tho :)
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