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It's Just Another Day

By miles-df
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Sometime work in police its not a piece of cake.


If you want to see NUDE version with her, you can check here:

You can find Prints, Stickers and other physical stuff with this picture here:…

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the-winter-girlProfessional Digital Artist

is very beautiful

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Gabri--LProfessional Artist
Your work is good.
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MrAcrizzyStudent Filmographer
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yurifanboy67Hobbyist Artist
Hmm, she's getting ready for another day of working at the station with her partner and good friend Nick
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i love normal relaxing or favored pose (person in the pic) for doing stuff, drinking,watching tv, playing it, well don
jlancas12's avatar
She looks like the day after exposing Bellweather. Just bleh I need a day off. 
TheFourteenthPrimus's avatar
Dude, she hasn’t even rejoined the ZPD yet.
carmillad's avatar
Aaaww, Ben gave her that mug on her birthday. She looks so pretty... Don't worry, Judy, there are days like the one you have gone through but things will get better
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ImPanayotisStudent General Artist
great job with the coulrs, the lighting is beautiful!
Megumisguy's avatar
I've added a second chapter: Thinking of Her Fox Again
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Cagou-rieurHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heart Beautiful and melancholic !
mjponso's avatar
I like the candid, grimy atmosphere to this whole picture.
Here's Judy, dressed down, holding a coffee mug Clawhauser gave her, staring blankly into space for what I'm guessing has been a long time.
With it being (presumably) 9:26 AM, she's either off work today (perhaps she had a late/rough shift the previous night), or just chose to stay home.
Either way, she's clearly in no condition to be doing much of anything productive.

Physically, I note that Judy's proportions are a bit more human-like.  Slender arms and neck, yet well-toned thighs and calves, useful for kicking and running.
I can't tell whether the short claws/nails on her toes are painted (or if that's just an effect of the lighting).

I agree with you completely that police work is not always a piece of cake (in fact, I'd venture a guess that it usually is not).
This is an excellent depiction of how even a youthful and energetic rabbit officer can have downtime too.
Obviously, not a scene that younger fans of the movie should see, but I feel it's realistic. :nod:
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A slow day.
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Redakai74Hobbyist General Artist
She is always hot
CHCHcartoons's avatar
Its just one of those days for Judy. Can't say I blame her.

Also, DEM LEGS!!
Megumisguy's avatar
Wonderful piece of artwork, but it needs a story. So I wrote one.

Thinking of Her Fox
fricsi00's avatar
Damn, the best Judy you made so far! So beautiful! We need more of her :D
Revan005's avatar
She beautiful!:love:
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Joey1058Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dang, this is pretty even without the nude version. Well done :-)
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KatrinafrombirchHobbyist Traditional Artist
Isn't this everyone half the time?
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foxred1988Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So Cute :3 
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very cute!
great picture!
Megumisguy's avatar
Thinking of her Fox.....
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