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December 24, 2012
Taking Control by *MildlyReactive is a self portrait taken overlooking a city. The warm glow, the atmosphere and the sense of height captured exude from the image. In the words of the Photographer "Part of my mentality when going on these explorations is that I am reclaiming my bit of the city."
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Taking Control

Self portrait, rooftopping in Toronto.
The colors of those little boxes look pretty Christmasy, how pleasant :D
My tumblr: [link]
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Americaiuno's avatar
Sounds like you got the best seat in the house!
lifeline5's avatar
nice lattice climbing in the night
Bir-Th's avatar
That looks so chill :) the lights fits perfect 
dat0one0jeff0guy's avatar
i wanna go there! i would legit have that in my house and sleep in it i would love it
vevans0009's avatar
Dem crane operators have nerves of steel.
NONAborto's avatar
your name.. the master jajajajajaja this is great :)
Relamel's avatar
It looks pretty in Toronto, I'd love to do this irl but I am so afraid of heights to do it...
androidfrommars's avatar the cockpit of a Battlemech
Peace-Lightborn's avatar
I love this picture. It's almost like you're inside a small, 1-person spacecraft right as it's taking off.
MattieCooper2000's avatar
OMG!!! You speak to me in ways I cannot describe! This is so beautiful and strange!
TattyGumcancer's avatar
Gives me a real sense of 'oh fuck I forgot I'm afraid of heights'
PaulCosmo's avatar
JericaWinters's avatar
The height is very frightening. :fear: Great shot!
Elioenai's avatar
Amazing view^^ Even thou it's so beautiful I'm afraid of heights lol...
alexCDG's avatar
Please leave mate
DocMikeB's avatar
Excellent... could be a great cover/poster for a cyberpunk game / movie!
Thanks for sharing!
DBD-Darkened's avatar
Prince-Leader's avatar
*Hehehe* Not Me!

 I don't do heights all that well, you can have control for all I care! Does look rather nice though, great shot! X3

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