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If someone would like to stalk me on Instagram they can find me as @mildakoles ;)
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  • Listening to: My heart
  • Reading: Kafka
  • Playing: Diablo 3
  • Eating: Vegetarian shit
So guys, how is the summer for you? ;)

If anyone is interested in seeing my random photos and other blasphemous activities you can follow me on tumblr :)
  • Listening to: My heart
  • Reading: Kafka
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  • Eating: Vegetarian shit
Recently I had a lot of questions around this event.

1)What happens when we turn off and on lights?

Actually in skyscrapers and other big buildings there is huge possibility that by turning all lights off and on you consume more energy than by leaving it on for 60 minutes.

2)Why do we have Earth Hour at first place?

According to wikipedia it is "to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change". Ok... What climate change? Is that about CO2 and other blah blah? Welcome to the planet Earth where climate change is very natural thing! I bet 150.000 years ago Earth had such "global warming" because of human activity.... You know, cars and so. Oh, by the way, volcanos and animals alone produce more carbon dioxide than all human activity. Picture of global temperature change

3)Does it supports hypocrisy?

It's for you to decide. We turn off the lights for 60 minutes but still have it turned on for 512 640... The biggest promoters of this are the ones who use oil and inventions which consumes power.

Let's celebrate inventions of human kind and start to solve the real problems of the world for once.
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...And sorry to everyone who get fooled by me! It was just a prank, I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Here, give them some love, they have been fooled by me:

TweedlyDee (i'm scared)
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