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(PA) Louise

Hii hii everyone!! <3

I wasn't really active a lot this january, but here's a new OC of mine!!
She's called Louise and she's an Annie. <3
I already love her so much ahhh

Hope you like her too!

Blessing 1 by Milavana  Blessing 2 by Milavana

Name Louise
Age 19
Rarity Uncommon
Blessings Orca (Orcinus orca) & White Hellebore (Helleborus)

Drawing: :iconmilavana:
Design: :iconmilavana:
Species: Yamio 

Check out the group for more information about Yamios lovely Species <3

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© 2019 - 2021 Milavana
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Eheh, she was fun to draw and made me move out my comfort zone just to give her a dynamic pose~ She is adorable and love the Hellebore flower parts on her and the cute orca whale earring she has here~! Nice rendering on her hair here too.^^♥

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Oh wow! Everything about her is elegant and beautiful! The simple, but soft black and white colours, the gorgeous flowers on her dress and in her hair~ The shading makes everything seem soft, and sparkly!

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Aww thank you very much for your kind words! <3 I'm happy you like her!!

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I've already gushed on Twitter but Imma gush here too! I think your Annie is precious! I love her design & her lil skates are adorable! ♡♡♡ Im so excited she's going to be living in Luminoire & I totally am excited to have my Annie know her! I joined the Luminoire chat on Annie discord & hoping we can all chat more soon! Everyone really likes the ice rink idea so far! ♡♡♡ /hugs
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AHH NON <3 :hug:
Thank you so much ; v ; It really means a lot to me!!
And they do like it ahh, so excited!! Luminoire chat is more active than ever I LOVE THAT <3
//hugs back <3
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Kaori Happy Icon by Magical-Icon it's so exciting I want to draw some Luminoire babes for my weekly doodles some time here. I'd like to also do a full piece as well when I don't have a bunch of paid work lined up. :heart:
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Aahh this sounds so beautiful omg!! I can't wait to see <3
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Hee hee hee hee yes should be lots of fun! ♡♡♡
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She's delightful. ^_^ All "Tadaa~":heart:
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Thank you so much >v<
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She's pretty, her design is so lovely :heart:
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Eeep thank you so much!! So happy you like it <3
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Cool, a skater! Death Parade gif Chiyuki 
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Indeed!! Thank you >v< <3
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Thank you so much!
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oh how cut is she ?
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Aahhhh thank youu <3
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Pretty Dancer!!!
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Awww she is so cute ;v;
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