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(OC) Hannah

Small redrawing of my Annie Hannah <3 
She's blessed by a Honeycrisp Apple Tree, which is why I gave her a little apple pie skirt and all hehe!
I loved working on her!!

Hope you guys like her too!!


Drawing & Design: :iconmilavana:
Species: @/Yamio


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(Fanart) Alcremie made coffee! by Milavana
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Very eye-catching! A truly unique and creative design! Love it! :la:

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Aahh thank you so so much! I appreciate it a lot ; v ; <3

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Awwwh honey crisp apples are my favorite apples to eat! She is so adorable! I love her shoes and leaf+stem hair accessories, too!

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Ommgggg it's really so cute

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what a cutie. she is absolutely a sweetheart <3

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A really adorable picture, dear!! :love:

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She looks just adorable!!

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Is this what one would call a literal "sweetie-pie?"

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