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(OC) Coco

Eep I finally got to design myself another Annie MYO again! <3
I have such a weakness for mushroom designs, so I just had to do another one hh. My third mushroom design, actually! 

Hope you like my little girl Coco! <3

Blessing name: Leucocoprinus Cretaceus

How many Blessings: 1

Rarity: Common

Eyes: Common round

Leucocoprinus cretaceus by Milavana


Drawing and Design: :iconmilavana:
Species Owner: :iconyamio:

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© 2020 - 2021 Milavana
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aww I love this little mushroom baby!! The pink and brown palette is so cute and suits the soft, plush concept!

Milavana's avatar

Aahh thank you! I'm glad you like the palette! <3

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Ooo, a mushroom umbrella. That's so really cute~♥ I love soft colors of pink here and her name suits her design somehow, it's adorable~ Love her teddy bear too.

Milavana's avatar

I am weak for mushroom umbrellas ahh <3 Thank you very much!! >v<

Roanimii's avatar

Hehe, they are honestly adorbz as umbrellas. You're welcomez~!

Elsiikun's avatar

Aaa what an adorable and innocent lil one. The fluffy dull white colors she has with the dress gives her this innocent shyness and sadness to her. She looks like someone that must be protected at all cost oof. Also I absolutely love that mushroom umbrella~! It's such a neat choice and looks floofy and rough, it matches her dress too~

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Aww thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really happy you like her!

And yessss she needs to be protected ahh!!

Thank you! <3

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

Aw, she looks so sad and fluffy! All the white and ribbons make her seem innocent, but the rough/fluffy rough to her skirt and umbrella makes her seem ghostly or haunted with those sad eyes. (And the patch on her teddy's eye makes her look scary to me!) I really like her~

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Aahh thank you so much! It makes me so happy you think so, those are exactly the vibes I wanted to give off! I'm glad I managed well! >v<

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She is gorgeously haunting. I love the shading! and I am envious with your way with pastels.

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Aahh thank you so much AJ, it means a lot! ; v ; <3

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She looks very sweet and elegant.
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Thank you very much! <3

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You are welcome, sir/madam/mx. I wish you a very nice day.
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Thank you so much! <3

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aww how adorable <3

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Ahh thank you so much <3

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so adorable! <3

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Eep thank you!!

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I find this adorable

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