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Mulroc The Minotaur

Crazed Reindeer

2008 Yamaha Wakeboard

War Torn Reindeer

Starving Reindeer


Towboat (coastguard defender)


Mysterio 3D Print

Soft/Hard Grounding

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Mulroc The Minotaur

Crazed Reindeer


Towboat (coastguard defender)


Mysterio 3D Print

Clean, Drain, Dry Glacier Bay

J-80 Sailboat


Akathor's Doom

Daily Paint 2295. Dominotaur

Good Night....


Daily Paint 2239. Pandamonium

Collaboration 2

Daily Paint 2179. Tipping the Scales

Daily Paint 2197. Hognose

Daily Paint 2193. Woolly Hammoth

Daily Paint 2128. Biolizard


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3D digital generalist specializing in modeling and texturing

Currently I am making a game. By supporting me on patreon you get to see the updates on the game as well as some goodies.

More art can be viewed on my website, sketchfab and artstation. Just search Milantique and when you see the jester, you know you have found me. I have links to these other sites on my personal website as well. Link is below.
This is project combining a bunch of old school projects. Tiny Toon Town Two is on sketchfab. I had it uploaded and shared a while ago but on sketchfab it had no textures. I thought it was too big of a file with the textures but it turns out I was ju...

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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to bother you out of nowhere, but after looking at your gallery, I have to ask: do you by any chance do any 3D model printing and/or sculpting and/or painting requests?

I have an idea for Noble Six from "Halo: Reach" that I think you'd at least be interested in.
MilantiqueProfessional Digital Artist
I do freelance yes. I’ll make the model but I’m not going to print or paint it. I use Bellair3D to print my stuff and as for painiting, I just haven’t gotten into it yet.

Is noble six a spartan? I never played past Halo 3. What’s your idea? Also keep in mind the more detail to it, the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take. I don’t slack on quality so time and cost take the hits.
saber360Hobbyist General Artist
So, in other words, I won't be getting figurine delivered to my home in the mail, right?

In that case, sorry to bother you, but thanks anyway for at least hearing me out.
MilantiqueProfessional Digital Artist
Not a painted version. No. It would be whatever color the plastic is like all the prints on my profile. I like grey.

And you would be getting the model file so you can go to any printer you want or print as many you want of the model. Or in the future you might want to make a scene with the model. Take the model to me or another artist and have him/her repose the model instead of paying to make a new one. A digital action figure.

If made correctly that is. Generally 3D prints are made to have bad topology because they have the one purpose to be in one pose so you don’t need to follow all the modeling rules that make things animate properly. I can explain that in more detail if you like.

With 3D prints though you should be focusing on the price. It’s expensive to have things printed let alone to have someone make something out of nothing.

For example the Superman print I have on here was $14 with shipping from Bellair3D as PLA plastic. Resin would proabably add an extra $50-100 but I don’t think Bellair3D does resin. Plus for me to make a spartan I would charge probably $300 and it would probably take 2-3 weeks. The price and time would go down if you wanted it in a less detailed style like the Disney Infinity style that most of my prints are in. So add all the expenses and it can be expensive. But on the other hand it’s a lot of money over a long period of time so really it balances out. Either way, when people ask me to make them something, they don’t take in account of the price. If you would like more detail on pricing then I would be happy to explain that in depth too.

As a freelancer, I make sure my clients know as much about the process as I do. Its my goal to educate my clients on everything there is about what I do and why the cost and time is what it is. I don’t want anyone feeling cheated or surprised at any point. Except for good surprises of how well the models come out. Lol.

So if you don’t want to use me based on what I have said then it’s all good. You aren’t bothering me at all.

And if you have any questions about 3D art, prints, freelancing, costs, duration etc then I am more than happy to answer them.
thanks for the fave!