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First of all,
didn't have time to think & write this all. So, frankly I've copied this from ma buddy artist Kevin...
Ultimately the goal is to let ya'll know about our newly opened studio...
Hi guys, me and some of my fellow artists, who are deviants themselves [link][link] have recently opened a freelance studio named Shift2Art! Our group is vary passionate and serious about our work. We have affordable prices compared to market and never compromise our outputs and always stay on deadline! We provide various services in graphics, comics and animation related, some of which are the following:

- Graphics/Logo Design

- Concept Art/Digital & Matte Painting (Character, Prop, Environment, etc.)

- Comic Book Art

- 3D Modeling/Sculpting, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Dynamics


- Audio/Video Editing

We are also developing an online shop where you can get Art Commissions and Free Rigs  

***Visit us today at and leave us a message!
on deviantart too, we accept commission work....
Feel free to let's know....

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He said "There's an art in each & every person, you just have to find it, so keep searching & don't settle until you find it"
This was a sentence that probably changed my entire thought process,
by this, I want to thank him a lot....
Thanks Mr.Jobs....