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Elegante Launcher for Rainmeter
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Great work! I have a problem (prob, my fault), when i try to change the menus (program name and such), i receive a blank as answer.
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Can you tell me what license you've released this under? As I've created a heavily modified version I'd like to release :happybounce:
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eng please,
reinstall rainmeter and install [link]
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~milano88: Здравствуйте, в общем такая проблема, при запуске Скина для установки, мне выдает след.ошибку....

Invalid settings file in:
//Путь к Файлу

То есть пишет, что Недействительный Файл Настройки, собственно в чем дело, почему мне это пишет, Скин поврежден или в чем другом проблема, подскажите как быть?
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this is really elegant
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This is great, but can you make one with white colour?
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And forgot to mention that if you want to make things very easy you can use Groups (Group=1, Group=2) for example.

LeftMouseDownAction="RainmeterHideMeter Group1""RainmeterShowMeter Group2"
LeftMouseDownAction="RainmeterHideMeter Group2""RainmeterShowMeter Group1"

I don't remember rainmeter commands anymore, then just add those open/hide meters to right Group and vola!

PS: When multiple meters are placed in Groups your rainmeter skin uses less ram and becomes much faster, and it's easier to to code because there can be hundreds of meters in 1 Group so you don't have to write every single one meter seperately.
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You could make that work like my rainmeter did, when clicking that SHOW ME! it opens that apps window and at the same time it changes SHOW ME! text to HIDE ME!, and when you click it it'll hide apps launcher, this is just a suggestion though.
altta gösterdiğiniz küçük pencereyi nasıl açacağız peki
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manage skin=kabuğu yönet
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Beautiful Skin! You put the W=7, H=17 in the [ShowMe] meter, it would be even better.
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yes man !
without ClipString=1 :D
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What theme are you using in that shot?
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install 2.4 beta (r1623) [link]
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I know what does that eror mean... but, unstable (beta)?! No, thank you...
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