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6½ years to write my second journal entry, and a day til the next... I'm nothing if not inconsistent!

I got a tag-back (noooooo) from :iconkaemgen: to elucidate on my heroine Knitwit. Quickly getting the rules out of the way...

1.) Post the rules. 2.) Post 8 facts about your character. 3.) Tag 8 other characters. 4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars. Phew.
So then, eight facts about Knitwit by Domo by milandare Knitwit:

    1.       Knitwit is fourteen years old. She is not super-powered. She is not Batman either. Knitwit is an apprentice tailor. When her world falls apart she wields everyone and everything she knows to sew it back together. Unfortunately the Airhead patch pushes it into the surreal.

    2.       Knitwit was born in Wundwin township in Mandalay.

    3.       Her father, Nai Shwe, is an English-trained tailor who moved with his wife from Rangoon (now Yangon) to Wundwin before Knitwit was born.

    4.       Knitwit does not knit. She is a tailor, but she will also accept ‘seamstress’. She lets Airhead call her Knitwit since she calls him Airhead.

    5.       Knitwit has a variety of costumes to suit her mood but they follow a pattern: elegantly tailored fabrics of dusky indigo and magenta, decorated with yellow buttons and gold, and topped with a khaki coat. If that is not costume enough then the upside-down hearts painted with thanaka on her cheeks should help (these are missing from some Knitwit commissions).

    6.       The yellow buttons are Knitwit’s ego signature. Check your crime scene for any buttons replaced, very competently, with yellow ones.

    7.       Knitwit was an Arachnos Widow in City of Villains online. Focusing on just two attacks that fired darts from her wrists, along with enough Haste to spew the darts continuously, she became a pillbox of needle-y doom. This playstyle was a result of my weak network connection that made it hard to close to melee. I eventually wrote a guide to playing ranged Widows, although with so many ways to play Widows I doubt it saw much use. The sand boat commission Airhead and friends by Estivador by milandare features heroes and villains Knitwit met in City of Heroes. Coincidentally, tailors were the most important people in the City.

    8.       A character based on Knitwit appeared as a Kickstarter pledge benefit in Gary Turner’s Technically Magi comic. A beautiful sketch of Mya the elven Cloth Artificer by :iconcarlosgomezartist: was included at the end of Issue #0. An elf locked in dwarven stocks in Issue #2 is also called Mya, colored by the inimitable :iconeddy-swan-colors:. However possibly due to changing artist she looks nothing like Knitwit and has blue eyes, pale skin and brown hair. That’s okay, more impetus for me to put Knitwit’s story in writing myself.

Back to them rules... I've already harried enough but there's no guilt in tagging someone who has their head sticking up:

:iconrobenix: ! I really, REALLY want to hear about your Malleable Mechanic, since I've met him, but perhaps Wheelman is an extension of the same tale. You have a wonderful pantheon, hopefully you'll get requests for others too.
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Bracey100 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
There really needs to be an Airhead comic book. I love your characters.
milandare Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
Thank you! I'd say that I cannot draw, but that's no excuse for not storyboarding it. Now to get the right mix of joyful and creepy into every panel... I feel so alone
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Im sure you could team up with an artist or two to make this happen, :iconrodcom1000: does this for his comics. He also storyboards his books to assist the storytelling and art direction. You really should storyboard it at the very east, so much potential here.
Very cool! I never realized she was a Widow (I would've guessed Spines Scapper but
 then I never played red-side much =p) but the specialized nature and
focus on that one attack make perfect sense in retrospect.
milandare Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016
Knitwit's earlier incarnations did not really fit with her background. She was even an alternate costume for Airhead when I was trying to get her look together. Short swords as tailor shears was close but "scrapperlock" did not fit her personality - no time to think. Being a villain only meant being from City of Villains, and lots of villain players were just doing what was needed to survive.
Kaemgen Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016
Nicely done! :D
milandare Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016
Thanks! I would have tagged you back fer this if you didn't block it, but it looks like karma did its thing anyway :)
Kaemgen Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016
Somehow I knew karma would kick me in the rear eventually for that...
Robenix Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ah yay! I will have to get working on this after I get some much deserved sleep. Also, you're kinda right in your thinking-- you'll probably hear about both versions of in the list.
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