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6½ years to write my second journal entry, and a day til the next... I'm nothing if not inconsistent!

I got a tag-back (noooooo) from :iconkaemgen: to elucidate on my heroine Knitwit. Quickly getting the rules out of the way...

1.) Post the rules. 2.) Post 8 facts about your character. 3.) Tag 8 other characters. 4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars. Phew.
So then, eight facts about Knitwit by Domo by milandare Knitwit:

    1.       Knitwit is fourteen years old. She is not super-powered. She is not Batman either. Knitwit is an apprentice tailor. When her world falls apart she wields everyone and everything she knows to sew it back together. Unfortunately the Airhead patch pushes it into the surreal.

    2.       Knitwit was born in Wundwin township in Mandalay.

    3.       Her father, Nai Shwe, is an English-trained tailor who moved with his wife from Rangoon (now Yangon) to Wundwin before Knitwit was born.

    4.       Knitwit does not knit. She is a tailor, but she will also accept ‘seamstress’. She lets Airhead call her Knitwit since she calls him Airhead.

    5.       Knitwit has a variety of costumes to suit her mood but they follow a pattern: elegantly tailored fabrics of dusky indigo and magenta, decorated with yellow buttons and gold, and topped with a khaki coat. If that is not costume enough then the upside-down hearts painted with thanaka on her cheeks should help (these are missing from some Knitwit commissions).

    6.       The yellow buttons are Knitwit’s ego signature. Check your crime scene for any buttons replaced, very competently, with yellow ones.

    7.       Knitwit was an Arachnos Widow in City of Villains online. Focusing on just two attacks that fired darts from her wrists, along with enough Haste to spew the darts continuously, she became a pillbox of needle-y doom. This playstyle was a result of my weak network connection that made it hard to close to melee. I eventually wrote a guide to playing ranged Widows, although with so many ways to play Widows I doubt it saw much use. The sand boat commission Airhead and friends by Estivador by milandare features heroes and villains Knitwit met in City of Heroes. Coincidentally, tailors were the most important people in the City.

    8.       A character based on Knitwit appeared as a Kickstarter pledge benefit in Gary Turner’s Technically Magi comic. A beautiful sketch of Mya the elven Cloth Artificer by :iconcarlosgomezartist: was included at the end of Issue #0. An elf locked in dwarven stocks in Issue #2 is also called Mya, colored by the inimitable :iconeddy-swan-colors:. However possibly due to changing artist she looks nothing like Knitwit and has blue eyes, pale skin and brown hair. That’s okay, more impetus for me to put Knitwit’s story in writing myself.

Back to them rules... I've already harried enough but there's no guilt in tagging someone who has their head sticking up:

:iconrobenix: ! I really, REALLY want to hear about your Malleable Mechanic, since I've met him, but perhaps Wheelman is an extension of the same tale. You have a wonderful pantheon, hopefully you'll get requests for others too.
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My first journal entry since July 2009... I guess I just needed something sufficiently inane to write about. Thanks to :iconbracey100: for waking me up!

So here we go with the meme.
1.) Post the rules. Done, in bold!
2.) Post 8 facts about your character. Do'ed, below.
3.) Tag 8 other characters. I lack the Madoff skillz for pyramid schemes so I'll stick to the highlights.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars. Like I said.

Without further ado'ed, eight things about Airhead.

    1.       Airhead’s ancestry began in 1987 with a Marvel Super Heroes character named Mr Nice Guy. With all his points spent on Emotion Control (Respect) and an “Amazing” amount of Popularity, he would have been the ultimate favor-puller. Unfortunately the game Judge threw his superhero team into the alien world of the Secret Wars campaign where banter was not a thing.

    2.       Nonetheless the concept lived on for years through various reincarnations named “Fairgo”. These included an ultimate-level referee (in black shorts) as well as a white-and-beige, spandex-and-scalemail bodysuit fellow who ‘opened minds’. They were little more than a doodle and a daydream.

    3.       The character had become my mantra for working super-well with others in my everyday life. Our efforts should always be more than the sum of its parts. Ironically my Fairgo would not have roleplayed well with others as he would have imposed control over their actions. ‘Open minds’ all around could reduce a set-piece battle to a coin toss. Instead of roleplaying then I got good at leading voluntary things at work.

    4.       My imaginary hero still made for a  great story at least in my mind, so I wrote his first novel, called “Jars of Children”. Through this process I discovered his name: simply “Airhead”. I also found his family, his allies, and his enemies. I uncovered his side-kick, Knitwit, who protagonized better than Airhead ever could. I also discovered I was far better at plots than characters. The novel became an early draft, an exercise in humility.

    5.       Playing City Of Heroes online (while it existed) allowed me to finally marry my hero concept with conventional superhero tropes. Making the obvious leap from “womb-like powers that override self-preservation instincts” to “mind control and forcefields”, Airhead was able to duke it out with the best despite being committed to non-violence and collaboration. This dichotomy was aided immensely by him being called “Airhead”.

    6.       Airhead’s final costume developed as I began to care about the suits I wear to work. Thanks to affordable tailoring in Asia I now have two old style double breasted vests with notched collars. Those are not at all practical for work. It is only a matter of time before I will also have shirts with awning-striped sleeves. The world of fashion is warned.

    7.       I do intend to rewrite Airhead’s story. Technically not a fact yet…

    8.       My hopes and dreams for Airhead and Knitwit are inspired by Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig and the whimsical fantasy world of his Mr. Curly.


:iconrei2jewels: Because Layla is stuffed full of facts (and sugar)

:iconchristopherrobinartz: For Brahn Fuhrnos, whose h's may be silent but his tale may still find voice!

:iconanjasylvie: Because Darth Delicious really is!

:iconkaemgen: With so many to choose from, I pick... Caemgen. I could find lots of fun facts revisiting his amazing gallery, but maybe there's more!
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I'm back into a world that I left a long time ago - drawing. I used to enjoy it so much, just drawing for myself, or perhaps for someone special. I have a little spare time now, I should get back into this.

I'll start by uploading some things I drew long ago. They're basic, drawn by hand with pencil and inked with engineering pens and black textas. Some are composed, others are just experimenting. My school had compulsory Graphics classes in Year 7 and 8, which helped a bit understanding perspective. I'm uploading these pics for my mum.

But I also hope to replace each of these with something better (and likely unrelated) as I get my drawing act back together. And as I learn from this site. Here's hoping I continue to get lots of free time!
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