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Once Upon a Time.


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This is great work!
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This is beautiful, Milana! Thank you so much for the fav on my web arm stock! I think you were one of a very few who appreciated the odd-ness of it! ;-) I'm so happy I got to see your wonderful gallery! 
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Thank you for visiting my gallery =) I do love that piece of yours. I am looking forward to use it in the future as it is awesome Heart +fav 
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I cannot wait to see what you can do with it!!;-)
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I really love the idea ! :love:
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Great artwork !
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A really beautiful idea, I love the concept.
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Thanks a lot, as much as I wanted to take your compliment I must say that idea does not belong to me. I have tried to modify it in my own way - adding ghosty image of a couple, but it does look better as it is originally. This particular work is an achievement for me in practising my technical skills of blending and shadowing. =)
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Well, even if idea doesn't belongs to you, I still very much enjoyed this piece of work.
Practice makes a big impact to our lives, so it's good to see someone dedicated.
On artworks note, you did a great job at shadowing and blending here, which means practice went to a good use Aww 
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What will future bring .. ? :sun:

There seems to be a path to follow ..
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=) I see it as travelling in time or something time related =) But everyone sees through their own perspective. =) 
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It's inviting the mind for an Interpretation :aww:

Very beautiful :rose:
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