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RK800 Connor (low-poly for XNAlara XPS MMD FBX)

RK800 Connor from DETROIT: Become Human (c) Quantic Dream
I no extract him from the game! It's just my fanmodel!
Fanart model by MilaHigher (modeling/texturizing/rigging)
All rights reserved. Model for personal using and fanart.
Create arts as you want!

What he has:
Full face rigging/facial morphs (this was so hard!)
Indicator options/facials (off-out/blue/yellow/red/no indicator)
Tier option
Normal eyes + cyber eyes
Alternate textures for face (for more expressive) and jacket (different numbers: 50, 51, 53, 60 and prototype from a trailer)
Different formats: XNAlara mesh/xps, .pmx for MikuMikuDance, FBX for other imports like 3ds max/Maya, Blender and Daz 3D. I plan to make him for VRchat too.

Dollar quarters for him

Connor Wink - Detroit Become Human Connor Fixing Tie Connor RK800 
He's so cool! Better character that I see before!

P.S. Other Detroit characters is coming!
RK900 (ready)--->
North ohh North
Happy Ralph - Detroit: Become Human Ralph
Markus mmm Markus
Triggered Hank - Detroit Become Human Hank?
© 2018 - 2021 MilaHigher
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DL for my Connor alter to have an avatar in vrchat! is it okay if i convert it to work in vrchat? I don't plan on giving it to anyone else but i will definitely credit you!

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*Надеется что автор прочитает*

Хочу сказать очень неприятную особенность этой модели:

Она почти не совместима с Raycast, а это самый продвинутый шейдер, на минуточку.

Голова становиться прозрачной, и яркой, и что бы этого не было, приходиться использовать другие шейдеры, которые не поддерживают PBR(Physically-Based Rendering).

Хочу попросить пофиксить эту недоработку на модели

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epic, now i can attend my business meetings, just DLed

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От всей души огромное спасибо за модели!!! :airborne: :heart:

Wow, I love it😍 how I can download it? I don't see the button😅

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See to right around the picture - you must see button written "Download the Zip file"
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How to download?? ._.
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To right - click Download
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Woahhh i thought it was official!! Great Job!! 
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Heck yes! Nice! Thank you so much! :D
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This is FAN MADE??? 
It looks identical to me, do I can’t wait to see the other models you make. 
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Yes, it's my fanmade :)
Really? Wow, I try to make him a maximal identity to the original, glad to hear I got it, haha!
Okie, I work with North and Kara now :)
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aasajhjsdhhhh Yess! 

I'm going to be using your models for my Kingdom Hearts story's images uou<3 
They're amazing models, I'm surprised that MMD can handle it. 

Thank you for providing awesome models for an amazing game. 

I saw your work in progress on North, she's looking amazing so far! <3 
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DL'd! I also watched you. Excited for Kara!
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Thank you! :)
She's coming
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You're welcome! ^w^

That's awesome!
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how do you download it? sorry im confused

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Look toright - big button DOWNLOAD 7zip download
It dl 7zip archive on your computer :)
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I did that already, but when I tried to put it into blender, mmd, stuff like that it shows an error message
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Do you unpack archive?
.7z is archive like zip and rar formats, you need free archiver named 7Zip. When you unpack it you'll get folder with models and textures.
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It was automatically like that
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