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Book of the Moon (free model)

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Published: November 5, 2016
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Old version
3ds Max + Photoshop.


Книга Луны (low-poly).
Сделано на основе сожженной в Средние века книги, по легенде содержавшей магические знания кельтских Друидов, эллинов и, возможно, эльфов.
Орден Святой Инквизиции сжег все копии это книги как еретические или дьявольские.

В архиве: книги с полным ригом, варианты текстур (diffuse, normal, specular), форматы 3ds, obj, mesh, mesh.ascii, FBX, PMD.

Свободное использование.
Не забывайте указывать автора! :)
Вы можете использовать изображения с превью, если необходимо.
Удачи! :)

Book of the Moon (low-poly).

It is made on the basis of the book burned in the Middle Ages, on a legend containing magic knowledge of the Celtic Druids, Ellins and, perhaps, elves. The award Saint of Inquisition (Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis Sanctum Officium) burned all copies these are books as heretical or devilish.

INCLUDED: fully rigged books, texture variants (diffuse, normal, specular), formats is 3DS, obj, mesh, mesh.ascii, FBX, PMD.

Feel Free to use.
Plz, don't forget credit and have fun!
You can use else images from preview like freestock, if you need :) (Smile)

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Very nice. Will make a good McGuffin for one of my WIRS tales.
Thank you.

( Now, is it a *genuine* 17th Century facsimile, or just a nice fake ? Ownership of latter means 'deep-pocket dilettante', former could be trouble...)

FWIW, I don't believe in Astrology. "Does Not Compute."
Happens, some years ago, my employer's news-letter got wind that my wife and I had gone on an aurora-watch flight from our local airport. With Patrick Moore, yet !! Sadly, the only green glow we saw was my wife, who became horribly air-sick. Still, in the draft article, the news-letter's purblind editor put me down as an Amateur Astrologer, not an Amateur Astronomer.
I changed it. He changed it back. I changed it, he changed it back. I changed it again, a lot less politely. He changed it back... 
I threatened legal sanction, as calling me an Astrologer would be libellous.
"But... But..." he wondered, "They're the same, aren't they ?"
I suggested he made urgent reference to a dictionary, lest I beat him witless with a 'Concise Oxford English', then insert it implausibly.
He was most offended, complained to our HR department about my unhelpful attitude. They retorted I'd shown uncommon restraint given the mega-insult...


And thank you, thank you for the multiple formats. So very useful !!
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MilaHigherHobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure how much is "historical fake" of original Book of the Moon :)
Maybe it use some original historical details and have some crafts like Voynich manuscript
I use different real stock and one fake book screen for pages :)

I just try make it some mysteriously and some like arcane and magic)

Hah, I'm not sure about real astrology. I know what cosmic gravitation and cosmic radiation can change some on our health, but not sure is this a "BIG REAL POWER DO U STUPID IF U DON'T BELIEVE BLAHBLAHBLAH" (I have that friend...he make me LOL XD)

Welcome! I try to make more userfull! ;)
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kido545Student Digital Artist
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Чё-то сразу напомнило какие-то книжки из Скайрима. Вот внешне реально на TES-овские похожи. )
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MilaHigherHobbyist General Artist
Потому что тесовские разработчики тоже иногда листают посты про историю средних веков :)
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noturno918Student Filmographer
posso usar nun jogo ?
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MilaHigherHobbyist General Artist
Naturalmente, penso, será belo
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MorpherTVStudent Artist
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very nice!!
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MilaHigherHobbyist General Artist
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MilaHigherHobbyist General Artist
Thanks :meow:
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