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Geograft Update
I have a lengthy two-part tutorial on YouTube about geografting.
I've recently found out, in the course of trying to help someone with a technical issue, that a new step is required when setting up geografts in DS 4.11 (and probably 4.10 also).  I've seen a lot of questions on the forum about it but had to really hunt to find an actual answer that worked.
The old procedure can result in a graft that pulls away at the edges, leaving an unsightly gap when mesh subdivision is applied.
Here's the procedure that seems to avert that.
Import your geograft item to Daz Studio, and rig with Figure Setup or Transfer Utility.
Make sure that both the parent figure and the geograft are NOT subdivided and are at Base resolution before starting this.  Both should also be in zero pose.
When your graft is rigged and memorized, select the outermost ring of faces on the geograft.
Go to Geometry Editor mode by clicking the icon that looks like  some connected dots and a pencil
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 54 11
[MMD] XPS to MMD bones reference list
root hips = センター
-- Lower Body --
pelvis = 下半身
leg right thigh = 右足
leg right knee = 右ひざ
leg right ankle = 右足首
leg right toes = 右つま先
leg left thigh = 左足
leg left knee = 左ひざ
leg left ankle = 左足首
leg left toes = 左つま先
-- Upper Body --
spine lower = 上半身
spine lower b = 上半身b
spine upper = 上半身2
spine upper b = 上半身3
head neck lower = 首
head neck upper = 頭
head eyeball right = 右目
head eyeball left = 左目
--- Right Arm ---
arm right shoulder 1 = 右肩
arm right shoulder 2 = 右腕
arm right elbow = 右ひじ
arm right wrist = 右手首
arm right finger 1a = 右親指
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 147 11
[Tutorial] Creating A [Smart]prop With DS4.5 Pro
Requested via note.  This is the method I use.  Not everyone is this thorough, but I firmly maintain that everyone should be.  This will work for regular props as well, just disregard the part about putting them in the character's hand.
I will refer to Genesis, but this will work with any figure in DS4.5 Pro.  Gen 4 and 5 have the same bone names so smartprops for them are interchangeable for the most part.
First, in your modeler:
Model your item flat on the ground.  Yes, I said flat on the ground, not in the hand.  If you've already modeled it in the hand, move it back to the ground and redo the object center.  Trust me, you'll thank me later.  Export it flat like this.  Name the obj ItemNameCTR or ItemNameCenter.
Second, in DS4.5:
Import your new mesh.  
Load an UberEnvironment light and render it from different angles to make sure the normals are correct.  If they are correct it will render white.  If it renders black
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 70 33
alert by NutellaPie alert :iconnutellapie:NutellaPie 75 7 MMD model - Kuroyu-styled Nix ( DL ) by CherryRoseC MMD model - Kuroyu-styled Nix ( DL ) :iconcherryrosec:CherryRoseC 313 98 [MMD] Kuroyu Models Texture Edit + DL by ALLiLReigan [MMD] Kuroyu Models Texture Edit + DL :iconallilreigan:ALLiLReigan 255 66 MOTME Erika by DesertDraggon MOTME Erika :icondesertdraggon:DesertDraggon 674 131 MMD model - Kuroyu-styled Alpha ( DL ) by CherryRoseC MMD model - Kuroyu-styled Alpha ( DL ) :iconcherryrosec:CherryRoseC 124 30 Widowmaker (Nova) by Sticklove Widowmaker (Nova) :iconsticklove:Sticklove 162 16 Toothless Blob plush I How to train your dragon by PinkuArt Toothless Blob plush I How to train your dragon :iconpinkuart:PinkuArt 1,036 49 ME3 Female hair pack (XPS) by SonYume ME3 Female hair pack (XPS) :iconsonyume:SonYume 292 58



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Людмила Хигерович
Artist | Student | Varied
3D-artist, biologist, drawer, student, zoopsychologist.
Artist - 2d, traditional, concept/technical/anatomy, Photoshop, handmade, 3D-modeller.

Love fantasy literature and films, PC games like TES and Souls series, love draw and modelling, love biology and try draw/make creatures as biological laws (include fantastic creatures).

So... I need a job! :)

My other accounts


#DAZ Studio 3D to Xnalara XPS
Createdby MilaHigher and Tokami-Fuko
Genesis8Male;root ground
Genesis8Female;root ground
Genesis3Male;root ground
Genesis3Female;root ground
Dragon;root ground
hip;root hips
lThighBend;leg left thigh
lThigh;leg left thigh
lThighTwist;leg left thightwist
lShin;leg left knee
lFoot;leg left ankle
lMetatarsals;leg left metatarsals
lToe;leg left toe
lSmallToe0;leg left toe 01
lSmallToe0 1;leg left toe 02
lSmallToe0 3;leg left toe 03
lSmallToe4;leg left toe 41
lSmallToe4 2;leg left toe 42
lSmallToe3;leg left toe 31
lSmallToe3 2;leg left toe 32
lSmallToe2;leg left toe 21
lSmallToe2 2;leg left toe 22
lSmallToe1;leg left toe 11
lSmallToe1 2;leg left toe 12
lBigToe;leg left toe 01
lBigToe 2;leg left toe 02
rThighBend;leg right thigh
rThigh;leg right thigh
rThighTwist;leg right thightwist
rShin;leg right knee
rFoot;leg right ankle
rMetatarsals;leg right metatarsals
rToe;leg right toe
rSmallToe0;leg right toe 01
rSmallToe0 2;leg right toe 02
rSmallToe0 3;leg right toe 03
rSmallToe4;leg right toe 41
rSmallToe4 2;leg right toe42
rSmallToe3;leg right toe 31
rSmallToe3 2;leg right toe 32
rSmallToe2;leg right toe 21
rSmallToe2 2;leg right toe 22
rSmallToe1;leg right toe 11
rSmallToe1 2;leg right toe 12
rBigToe;leg right toe01
rBigToe 2;leg right toe 02
abdomenLower;spine lower
abdomenUpper;spine middle
abdomenUpper1;spine middle 1
abdomenUpper2;spine middle 2
abdomen1;spine lower
abdomen2;spine middle
chest;spine chest
chestLower;spine upper
chestUpper;spine chest
chestUpper1;spine chest 1
chestUpper2;spine chest 2
lShldr;arm left shoulder 2
lCollar;arm left shoulder 1
lShldrBend;arm left shoulder 2
lShldrTwist;arm left shoulder twist
lForearmBend;arm left forearm
lForearm;arm left forearm
lForearmTwist;arm left foretwist
lHand;arm left wrist
lThumb1;arm left finger a1
lThumb2;arm left finger a2
lThumb3;arm left finger a3
lCarpal1;arm left finger carpal1
lIndex1;arm left finger b1
lIndex2;arm left finger b2
lIndex3;arm left finger b3
lCarpal2;arm left finger carpal2
lMid1;arm left finger c1
lMid2;arm left finger c2
lMid3;arm left finger c3
lCarpal3;arm left finger carpal3
lRing1;arm left finger d1
lRing2;arm left finger d2
lRing3;arm left finger d3
lCarpal4;arm left finger carpal4
lPinky1;arm left finger e1
lPinky2;arm left finger e2
lPinky3;arm left finger e3
rCollar;arm right shoulder 1
rShldrBend;arm right shoulder 2
rShldr;arm right shoulder 2
rShldrTwist;arm right shoulder twist
rForearmBend;arm right forearm
rForearm;arm right forearm
rForearmTwist;arm right foretwist
rHand;arm right wrist
rThumb1;arm right finger a1
rThumb2;arm right finger a2
rThumb3;arm right finger a3
rCarpal1;arm right finger carpal1
rIndex1;arm right finger b1
rIndex2;arm right finger b2
rIndex3;arm right finger b3
rCarpal2;arm right finger carpal2
rMid1;arm right finger c1
rMid2;arm right finger c2
rMid3;arm right finger c3
rCarpal3;arm right finger carpal3
rRing1;arm right finger d1
rRing2;arm right finger d2
rRing3;arm right finger d3
rCarpal4;arm right finger carpal4
rPinky1;arm right finger e1
rPinky2;arm right finger e2
rPinky3;arm right finger e3
neckLower;head neck lower
Neck;head neck
Neck1;head neck 1
Neck2;head neck 2
Neck3;head neck 3
Neck4;head neck 4
Neck5;head neck 5
Neck6;head neck 6
Neck7;head neck 7
neckUpper;head neck middle
head;head neck upper
upperTeeth;head teeth upper
lowerJaw;head jaw
Jaw;head jaw
lowerTeeth;head teeth lower
tongue01;head tongue 01
tongue02;head tongue 02
tongue03;head tongue 03
tongue04;head tongue 04
tongue1;head tongue 1
tongue2;head tongue 2
tongue3;head tongue 3
tongue4;head tongue 4
tongue5;head tongue 5
tongue6;head tongue 6
tongue7;head tongue 7
tongue8;head tongue 8
tongue9;head tongue 9
lowerFaceRig;head face lower
lNasolabialLower;head nasolabial lower left
rNasolabialLower;head nasolabial lower right
lNasolabialMouthCorner;head checkcorner left
rNasolabialMouthCorner;head checkcorner right
lLipCorner;head lip corner left
lLipLowerOuter;head lip lower2 left
lLipLowerInner;head lip lower left
LipLowerMiddle;head lip lower middle
rLipLowerInner;head lip lower right
rLipLowerOuter;head lip lower2 right
rLipCorner;head lip corner right
LipBelow;head below lip
Chin;head chin
lCheekLower;head cheek lower left
rCheekLower;head cheek lower right
BelowJaw;head below jaw
lJawClench;head jaw clench left
rJawClench;head jaw clench right
upperFaceRig;head face upper
rBrowInner;head brow right a
rBrowMid;head brow right b
rBrowOuter;head brow right c
lBrowInner;head brow left a
lBrowMid;head brow left b
lBrowOuter;head brow left c
CenterBrow;head brows middle
MidNoseBridge;head nose bridge
lEyelidInner;head eyelid inner left
lEyelidUpperInner;head eyelid upper a left
lEyelidUpper;head eyelid upper left
lEyelidUpperOuter;head eyelid upper b left
lEyelidOuter;head eyelid outer left
lEyelidLowerOuter;head eyelid lower a left
lEyelidLower;head eyelid lower left
lEyelidLowerInner;head eyelid lower b left
rEyelidInner;head eyelid inner right
rEyelidUpperInner;head eyelid upper a right
rEyelidUpper;head eyelid upper right
rEyelidUpperOuter;head eyelid upper b right
rEyelidOuter;head eyelid outer right
rEyelidLowerOuter;head eyelid lower a right
rEyelidLower;head eyelid lower right
rEyelidLowerInner;head eyelid lower b right
lSquintInner;head squint inner left
lSquintOuter;head squint outer left
rSquintInner;head squint inner right
rSquintOuter;head squint outer right
lCheekUpper;head cheek upper left
rCheekUpper;head cheek upper right
Nose;head nose tip
lNostril;head nostril left
rNostril;head nostril right
lLipBelowNose;head lipbelow left
rLipBelowNose;head lipbelow right
lLipNasolabialCrease;head crease left
rLipNasolabialCrease;head crease right
lNasolabialUpper;head labial upper left
rNasolabialUpper;head labial upper right
lNasolabialMiddle;head labial middle left
rNasolabialMiddle;head labial middle right
LipUpperMiddle;head lip upper middle
lLipUpperOuter;head lip upper2 left
lLipUpperInner;head lip upper left
rLipUpperInner;head lip upper2 right
rLipUpperOuter;head lip upper right
lEye;head eyeball left
rEye;head eyeball right
lEar;head ear left
rEar;head ear right
lPectoral;pectoral left
rPectoral;pectoral right
ToulouseHR;hair root
Tail0;tail 0
Tail1;tail 1
Tail2;tail 2
Tail3;tail 3
Tail4;tail 4
Tail5;tail 5
Tail6;tail 6
Tail7;tail 7
Tail8;tail 8
Tail9;tail 9
Tail10;tail 10
Tail11;tail 11
Tail12;tail 12
Tail13;tail 13
Tail14;tail 14
Tail15;tail 15
Tail00;tail 0
Tail01;tail 1
Tail02;tail 2
Tail03;tail 3
Tail04;tail 4
Tail05;tail 5
Tail06;tail 6
Tail07;tail 7
Tail08;tail 8
Tail09;tail 9
Tail010;tail 10
Tail011;tail 11
Tail012;tail 12
Tail013;tail 13
Tail014;tail 14
Tail015;tail 15
leg left knee;leg left knee
leg left ankle;leg left ankle
lToeThumb1;leg left toe thumb1
lToeThumb2;leg left toe thumb2
lToeIndex1;leg left toe index1
lToeIndex2;leg left toe index2
lToeMid1;leg left toe mid1
lToeMid2;leg left toe mid2
lToeRing1;leg left toe ring1
lToeRing2;leg left toe ring2
lToePinky1;leg left toe pinky1
lToePinky2;leg left toe pinky2
rToeThumb1;leg right toe thumb1
rToeThumb2;leg right toe thumb2
rToeIndex1;leg right toe index1
rToeIndex2;leg right toe index2
rToeMid1;leg right toe mid1
rToeMid2;leg right toe mid2
rToeRing1;leg right toe ring1
rToeRing2;leg right toe ring2
rToePinky1;leg right toe pinky1
rToePinky2;leg right toe pinky2
rWingCollar;wing right collar
rWingShldr;wing right shldr
rWingForearm;wing right forearm
rWingHand;wing right hand
rWingFinger11;wing right  finger 11
rWingFinger12;wing right  finger 12
rWingFinger21;wing right  finger 21
rWingFinger22;wing right  finger 22
rWingFinger23;wing right  finger 23
rWingFinger31;wing right  finger 31
rWingFinger32;wing right  finger 32
rWingFinger33;wing right  finger 33
rWingFinger41;wing right  finger 41
rWingFinger42;wing right  finger 42
rWingFinger43;wing right  finger 43
lWingCollar;wing left collar
lWingShldr;wing left shldr
lWingForearm;wing left forearm
lWingHand;wing left hand
lWingFinger11;wing left  finger 11
lWingFinger12;wing left  finger 12
lWingFinger21;wing left  finger 21
lWingFinger22;wing left  finger 22
lWingFinger23;wing left  finger 23
lWingFinger31;wing left  finger 31
lWingFinger32;wing left  finger 32
lWingFinger33;wing left  finger 33
lWingFinger41;wing left  finger 41
lWingFinger42;wing left  finger 42
lWingFinger43;wing left  finger 43

Do you want more Dark Fantasy or Detroit? 

3 deviants said No-no-no, Detroit's fanmodels and arts only!
2 deviants said More Dark fantasy, please!
2 deviants said How about SkySouls project news?
2 deviants said DRAGONS!
No deviants said More concept-art of creatures, please
No deviants said Wallpapers
No deviants said Cosmic and cyberpunk
No deviants said Plague doctors


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JavierTheOne Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019
Thank you for the donation man
MilaHigher Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019  Student General Artist
For good deals ;)
Deadlus89 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018
I think I need your assistance.
MilaHigher Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Student General Artist
What I can help you?
Deadlus89 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018
Can you convert and rig these models, but, also add a custom rig for facials?…
Satou-Yuki Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Tokami-Fuko shown me your Link here after i comment on the Connor's art you worked on :)
MilaHigher Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Student General Artist
So, Connor in the process :)
The dept process - I try make him maximally lookslike the original - I try combine game and actors looking. It's so hard :D
Connor WiP2 by MilaHigher
Satou-Yuki Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my goodness, the WIP figure looks awesome, but i do know you still in progress to fix his face. :) his face shape already similar, no need to change the shape. The only need to fix is his eyes. Connor had a slightly melancholy eyes. And his lips is more softer. and his nose should slightly higher than that. in short mean, he had soft type facial :D :D Hug Hug 

YUP! ^_^ I do know it is hard. And it would be very harder for me as i can't make 3D art (yet). Honestly i know the way but i can't practice on it. I had no suitable PC to do it yet. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. 

I am sorry for my critique, but i need you to know if i want you to be succeed finished Connor coz your succees is also my satisfaction :) ^__^ as you must know he is the first male character who become my favourite character (usually only girl characters) LMAO :happybounce: :happybounce: 

P.S : Here is some help (references):
Detroit-become-human-official-connor-trailer Jfrz by Satou-Yuki Connor 12 by Satou-Yuki
Connor618efe91-da6ohrl by Satou-Yuki Bryan Dechart 2 by Satou-Yuki   Bryan Dechart by Satou-Yuki  
MilaHigher Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Student General Artist
So, thanks you!
Yup, I try more fix his eyes, again and again, but still not sure :)
I have feeling that I final North face fastly that him, haha

No worry, I need that critique for more understanding, how I must fixing him. It was not so hard to make a basis for head or suit, but hardest working with making him similarly... 
It need great practice and a lot times :)

Ahah, understand - I have not alot male characters from video games or films that I really love. Connor is almost first (in my heart)

Thank you! I get and use some of this images before, but 2 or 3 I see the first time :)
(and I watch gameplays... So, models for him from the prologue and in final game so different. And have different numbers code)
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jchu9151 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Nice gallery. Check my gallery if you are interested in lineart too
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